15 Best Gifts For Chefs That He Will Absolutely Love (Especially #8 #10)

There are a lot of gifts for chefs that you can get when you try to search online or just walking around the shopping mall.

In this post, I have handpicked 15 gifts ideas for chef that you can get for him. (I really like #8 #10)

The handpicked gifts are all from a men’s perspective so this are the best gift you can get for a male chef.

Let’s keep reading.

1. An everlasting meal is a great gifts for chefs


An Everlasting Mead

This is a gift for a chef who keen to learn more about simplicity cooking. It is a great book that Tamar Adler show how to make good food without fancy ingredients that hard to get.

This book teaches him the basics of cooking start with the chapter of “How to Boil Water” to manage kitchen mistakes. It is the best books for aspiring chefs.

2. HiCoup Oyster Knife


HiCoup Oyster Knife

This gifts idea is for the chef who often prepare oyster in their workplace.

The stainless steel blade is held with three rivets on the handle to provide the durability on the blade.

The wood handle and hand guard is a nice detail for chef safety to protect his finger from oyster in case the knife slipped during shucking.

The wood handle is just so beautiful designed made from parka wood that provides a non-slip grip.

3. Cut Resistance Gloves


NoCry Cut Resistance Gloves

When you have an oyster knife, you never forget a cut resistance glove. This is the best gifts for chefs who always need to shuck an oyster.

This glove is 4 times stronger than a leather and made from the highest cut resistance material on the market.

Shucking hundreds of oyster everyday in a very fast pace is pretty dangerous without a cut resistance glove.

4. Pastry Chef is Going to Love This

gifts for pastry chef

Orka Silicone Oven Mitt

This is a great gift for pastry chefs who often handling hot stuff from the oven. The silicone provide maximum flexibility and protect him from the heat of 480 degrees Fahrenheit.

This mitt is waterproof and you don’t feel the heat even in boiling water. The not slip surface also provide the grip that a chef needs to handle the fast pace environment.

The cotton lining is what I like the most. You can easily remove the lining and wash it. The cotton lining also prevents him from sweaty palm.

5. Presents For Any Level of Chefs


Priority Chef Knife Sharpener

This is a great present for a chef to keep his knife sharp. The diamond coated wheel can easily sharpen his knife and this will make his cutting smoothly.

The chrome and black finish make this easily to compliment any kitchen design.

There are 2 stages of sharpening as well, one for coarse sharpening and the other one for fine honing that give his knife a razor sharp finish.

6. Travel With Him and Experience New Food


Image from Kitchit

This is a great gift for chefs who have everything. Travel with him and try new food in each country. This will give a lot of inspiration for him to come out with new recipes.

Go to Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, India or Malaysia as they have a lot of food that he will definitely love to eat. A trip to Asia will definitely make him a chef up to another level.

7. Shun Classic 8 Inch Chef’s Knife


Shun 8 Inch Classic Chef’s Knife

This is a great gift for a professional chef. Shun is a well known Japanese brand in the US.

It does cost a bit more than the normal kitchen knife as it is made with 32 layers of high carbon stainless steel.

The handle is made from Pakka wood and carved into a D shape to provide a comfort grip for a chef.

One of the reviews that I’ve found is that this chef knife is very light, lighter than the most western knife and very sharp.

8. Unique and Personalise Gifts for Chefs

here we are talking about knife again. If you are looking for a unique personalise gift for a professional chef, then you have to look fro Bob Kramer.

He is one of the 122 certified master blade smith and the only one that specialise in kitchen knife. He even made kitchen knife from meteorite as demonstrated from the above video!

His knife is so sharp that it cut through paper without any effort. Go to Kramer Knifes and get the one and only chef knife for him.

9. Looking for Funny Chef Gifts?


Bacon Shape Adhesive Bandages

If you are looking for funny chef gifts then this bacon bandages is a very useful emergency gifts to cover up a cut wound.

10. Cool Apron For Chef


Tactical Chef Apron

This is the coolest apron you can get for a chef. There are 2 large pouches and 3 smaller pouches for you to store bullet condiments.

There is multiple places for you to hang kitchen utensils as well. Wear this and become a walking kitchen that you can almost get everything you need from the apron.

11. Funny T-Shirt For Chef


I’m a Chef

I think he got the point. Get this one for your friend and have a good laugh. This is a great gift for a culinary student who just graduate as well.

12. Cavarola Pasta Board


Cavarola Pasta Board

This traditional pasta board is carved by hand in Sonoma. It takes two to three hours to make one of this board and each board is numbered.

It is awesome to have people continuing the traditional way of making pasta board. Even he don’t use it, he can hang this on the wall and create a beautiful decoration.

13. Fresh Raw Food

Chef loves to receive fresh raw food. Get a basket and bundle up the freshest ingredient you can get from the market and make a gift basket for him.

You can get anything such as winter truffle, cure meat, cheese, wine, jerky, smoked meat, fish, seafood and just about anything. Plantin is selling a lot of premium raw dry food.

14. Sheep Milk Ice Cream


Alexis Negranti Sheep Milk Ice Cream

Using sheep milk to make ice cream. This perfect treat is making me drooling.

Alexis Negranti carefully selects sheep milk from local farmers to create the perfect ice cream that you have ever taste.

Their ice cream has less than 8% fat, sheep milk has higher protein than other type of milk and sheep milk is lower in saturated fat.

There are quite a lot of health benefits from sheep milk so he can enjoy this treat.

15. Copper Mug



This mug is made of 100% copper. This mug is beautifully handcrafted and suitable for any status of a chef. They can enjoy their favourite cocktail, beer, martini and many more beverages with this mug.

Hopefully, you get the perfect chef gift from what I handpicked here.

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