29 Awesome Gifts For Car Guys (#13 is Beautiful) Updated 2023

You can get a lot of gifts for car guys who love their car more than anything else. My dad is an example of that type of guy. Just one scratch on the car can make him have a sleepless night.

My dad is an example of that type of guy. Just one scratch on the car can make him have a sleepless night.

Out of thousands of gifts, you can find online, I have handpicked 21 for car enthusiast that they will like from a men’s perspective.

He will be thrilled to receive #15.

(This post is updated on 2018)

1. Beautiful car tire necklace

jewelry gifts for car lover

Feraco Jewelry Men’s Necklace

This necklace makes a great gift for any car enthusiasts. Thanks to the 3D tire pattern, the tire looks like a real one. Add to that a nice finish, and this necklace is perfect for men of all age.

It’s made of premium Titanium Steel, hence it won’t corrode easily. On top of all, the necklace is a breeze to clean, thus will always sparkle like new.

2. T-shirt that he will like

t shirt gifts for car guys

Men’s Race It Break It Fix It Repeat T-Shirt

If your man is crazy about cars, then this t-shirt is just the thing he needs. It’s super comfortable, soft, and spacious because it’s made of cotton.

So, he can wear it while repairing cars, racing or just going somewhere with you.

3. He is going to love this socks

socks gifts for car guys

Gas Clutch Socks

If you want to make your friend laugh, buy him these fun socks. They make a great gag gift due to their funny design.

Made of cotton and spandex, socks are comfortable, sweat absorbent and breathable. So, there’s absolutely none reason for why your car lover won’t love these!

4. This car mat as a drink coaster

coaster christmas gifts for car guys

Silicone Drink Coasters

After a long day at work, your hubby could have a drink with you. And these coasters shaped-like-car-mats will remind him of his hobby right away.

Plus, they will protect the table from stains. This is a great gift for a birthday, holidays, or any other day you want to surprise your loved one.

5. Make his car clean and shine with this gift

cleaner gifts for car guys

CarGuys Super Cleaner

Does your favorite car enthusiast spend lots of time cleaning and polishing his little baby? Then this powerful cleaner is just the thing he needs.

Thanks to the special formula, this cleaner easily get rids of stubborn stains such as tree sap, bugs, bird poop. It also works as an engine degreaser. So, the car will shine like new.

6. We might not understand what this poster is about, but he will

poster for car guys birthday

Car Transmission Invention Poster Poster

Every car enthusiast honors Henry Ford. And what better way to do that than with this car transmission Henry Ford poster?

With a beautiful print, and a frame (not included), this poster will be a perfect addition to a car lover’s garage or workshop.

7. He will thank you for this when he needs some rest after a long drive

travel pillow for car guys

Ultimate Travel Pillow

This travel pillow will make trips a whole lot easier and comfortable. And that’s exactly why every car lover needs to have one of these. Providing full lateral support, the pillow allows rest and relaxation.

8. This is such a unique gifts for him

clock christmas gifts for car guys

Retro Style Flip Desk Clock

Isn’t this one of the coolest clocks you’ve ever seen? Well, buy it for your friend who loves cars and he will be touched by this gift. The Retro flip clock design makes this clock attention-grabbing, making it great for an office.

9. Travel coffee mug is a great gift for car guys to enjoy their favorite coffee in the car

car enthusiast gifts

Contigo Travel mug

You know a simple scratch can make a car enthusiast insomnia? Imagine if coffee spilled all over his leather seat.

That will be the day you see him crying for the first time.

The auto seal is the patented design that prevents the coffee from accidently spill out from the mug.

So if he wants to drink the coffee, he needs to push the button and take a sip. It is safe and easy to use. There are more than 20 other color options for you to choose as well.

10. Clean his car with this gift


Lithium Dust Buster

You will realize car lover’s car is always cleaner than their room. Sometimes they don’t allow people to eat or drink in their car on the day that he just cleaned his car.

This vacuum is going to be the best presents for car lovers who love to clean. It can hold up to 18 months with just one charge.

It is small enough to put it in the car and move around. The mouth of this vacuum is small enough to go through tight spaces.

11. Top Gear DVD Collection

car related gifts

Top Gear DVD Season 21

No car lover will miss a single episode of Top Gear. I am not a car enthusiast but I love this show.

The three top gear legendary host is no longer hosting the show and it makes this collection even more valuable.

If you have the budget, get all the season and make it a gift basket. This is the best car related gift for him.

12. Dash Cam


Rexing Dash Cam

This is the best car accessories you can get for him. You know there are people making fake accident so they can claim insurance? This will be

This will be a great accessories to record all the incident that take place.

Besides, this also can be an evidence for any accident that happens to him (touch wood).

It is a great gift for safety purpose. This cam comes with 1920 x 1080 Full-HD resolution so it can capture a very wide angle.

13. Classic Steering

classic car gifts

Classic Wood Steering Wheel

He will love this classic car gifts for sure. This steering wheel is made from hardwood along with chrome horn button.

He can install this to his car or make this as a decoration on the wall. The wood and chrome design make this classic gifts compliment well with almost any home design.

14. Sunglasses

car love gifts

Zero UV Glasses

Car lover love to drive around with his favorite car, they need a UV protection sunglass to prevent them from having skin cancer around their eye.

Besides, it helps him to drive better in the afternoon without worrying about glaring reflection that makes him uncomfortable.

These glasses provide 100% protection against harmful UVA/UVB rays. There is more than 20 colors option to choose as well.

15. Engine Coffee Machine



Have you seen a coffee maker using car engine design? An Italian company that specializes in making coffee machine with engine design has done this with precise engineering.

Look how beautiful this coffee machine is. Not just beauty from the outside, the function from the inside is also a main point to get this coffee machine.

This is the best gifts for car lovers. Each machine is handmade with high tech material and excellence craftsmanship.

16. Race Tickets

This is a great gift for car lover who have everything. What’s better than seeing his favourite racer live in front of him? He can experience the live revving sound from the car and see it live zooming past him.

He will be thrilled to get this ticket. If he is your boyfriend, get one more ticket to go with him and enjoy the vibe. This creates memories for a lifetime.

He can experience the live revving sound from the car and see it live zooming past him. He will be thrilled to get this ticket.

If he is your boyfriend, get one more ticket to go with him and enjoy the vibe. This creates memories for a lifetime.

17. Car Polisher

car gifts for men

WEN Car Polisher

I am sure he love to polish his car and make his baby shine like a diamond. This car polisher will make his life easier to polish up his car.

Not just car, he can use this to clean bathroom, counter top or banisters as well. Waxing car is like a stress release therapy for car lover.

18. Funny T-shirt


Funny T-shirt

I hope he doesn’t get into trouble with cops with this funny gift.

19. Moso Air Purifier


Moso Purifier

Remove weird smell in the car with this air purifier made from bamboo charcoal. This is a great gift to prevent mold and bacteria in the car.

This charcoal can be reused up to two years. Just place this bag under the sunlight for one hour every month to rejuvenate the charcoal absorbent.

If he smokes in the car, this can help him to remove the smell.

20. Driving Experience

He got a dream car but never got a chance to buy one? Why not let him drive one. I am sure there is a place where you can rent a car and race on a track. My dad love doing this.

21. Steering Knob


BL Steering Knob

Does he love to steer the wheel with one hand? He can easily and safely do that with this steering knob. It is easy to install and fits most standard wheels.

Why not make a surprise for him where you install this steering knob on his car instead of wrapping for him as a gift?

22. Racing Games


Need For Speed PS4

This is a great gift to give him something related to speed. Get this for him if they love to racing games. Most car lover loves racing games as they can customize the car they want in the game.

23. Phone Game Controller

gift ideas for car lovers

MOGA Hero Power

Now he can perform better playing his favorite racing game on his mobile with this mobile controller. It is really hard to tilt your phone to play a racing game. Sometimes it makes us look like an idiot in the public.

24. Real Carbon Fiber Money Clip

gift ideas for car guys

Serman Carbon Fiber Clip

This money clip is made from carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is a very light and strong material that most cars installed on their car hood so the car can go faster.

This clip can hold up to 10 credit cards or 15 bills. The slim design doesn’t bulk up easily and this will keep his packet slim.

There are many counterfeits on this one, so make sure you are buying from Serman brand.

25. Magnetic Phone Holder


Magnetic Phone Holder

This is a great present for him to mount his phone on the car so he can answer the call with loudspeaker without holding the phone.

The magnet on this can hold on any phone easily without falling off because of its magnet that makes 10 times stronger than any magnet.

26. Car Bench Seat Cover

car accessory gifts

Waterproof Car Bench Seat Cover

Does he have a dog and love bringing his pet to enjoy the view? This seat cover is going to prevent all the dog fur stuck on the seat.

Besides, this seat cover is waterproof as well. it can protect from scratches, dirt, dander, and spills. Dogs love scratching the seat and I wonder why.

27. Blind Spot Mirror

gifts for a car guy

Blind Spot Mirror

Safety comes first. This mirror can help him so see the blind spot that a normal mirror cannot see. This is a good gift for safety purpose. Get this accessory for him to keep him safe.

28. Fix A Flat


Fix A Flat

I think this is a great under $10 secret Santa gifts for him. It is cheap and very useful. He will thank you when there is an emergency.

29. Seatbelt Cutter/Window Breaker

best car accessories to have

Resqme seatbelt cutter/window breaker

This is one of the accessories that he must have in his car. Just in case the car skidded into the lake or he just trapped in an accident, he can use this to cut the seatbelt and break the window. This accessory can save someone life for sure.

Have you found anything car gifts for him yet? I hope this handpicked car gift for guys is going to help you found the perfect present for him.

Do you have any friends who are looking for car gifts for his boyfriend, friend or husband on this coming Christmas or birthday? Share this gift ideas with them so they can find the perfect gift for

Share this gift ideas with them so they can find the perfect gifts for car guys.

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