15 Best Gifts for Bosses That Won’t Make You Get Fired (Especially #10 and #13)

Are you looking for gifts for bosses on this Christmas, bosses day or birthday?

I will show you what gifts a male boss would love to receive from a men’s perspective. I really like the idea on #10 and #13.

Let’s start with the first one.

1. Refillable leather notebook is an useful gifts for bosses


Refillable Composition Leather Notebook

Get this gifts for your boss birthday. I am sure he will like this. Let him meet his client in a sophisticated style. The leather is made from rustic genuine leather so it can be used for a long time.

2. Earphone


Symphonized Genuine Wood Earphone

Why is this a good present for your boss? Because he can listen to his favourite music and podcast with this noise isolation earphone. The earphone is made from wood so it has a better bass sound and acoustic performance.

3. Water Resistance Laptop Cover


Water Resistance Laptop Cover

This water resistance laptop cover is great gift ideas for a boss. It is extremely thin so it won’t take a lot of spaces in his bag.

This cover is made from PVC leather so it protect the laptop from water, he can even use this to block rain if he is trying to cross the road.

There is a zipper hole at the bottom and the purpose for that is to let him charge his laptop easily without taking out the laptop.

There is built-in pocket as well to store his business card, mobile phone and or other accessories.

4. Cross Fountain Pen

best gifts for bosses

Cross Classic Fountain Pen Collection

A fountain pen is the best gift you can get for your boss. Cross is a company making premium fountain pen in every detail.

This 23k gold plated is just so elegant and sophisticated paired with the black color body.

Besides, it comes with a premium gift box as well. They also provide engrave service where you can engrave your boss name on the pen and make this a personal pen for him.

5. Terrarium



This contemporary art terrarium is going to make his dull desk come alive again. He can replace the plant with small cactus and other small plants that he want to display. It features one side of open glass so it is easier to clean up or water the plant.

6. Tea Gifts Set


Taylors Tea Gifts Set

Make this a holiday gifts for your boss and let him enjoy this tea with a variety of flavours. This tea set is freshly made in the UK and comes with a beautiful gift box.

Let your boss enjoy this variety of tea on this holiday season and I am sure he will love it.

7. Business Card Holder

gift ideas for manager

Business Card Holder

I think every boss need this to stay with him all the time whenever he is meeting a new client. The stainless tell protects the business card from being bend when he put it in his pocket. There are 18 other colors for you to choose from. Get this for him on this Christmas.

8. Portable Scanner


Portable Scanner

Get this for your boss if he is a workaholic. This scanner scans directly to the cloud so he can get instant access to the image or document.

I love this scanner as it is small enough for your boss to carry and travel anywhere. Besides, this scanner is both compatible to Mac and Windows.

9. Motivational Mug

christmas gifts for bosses

Get Shit Done Mug

This mug is going to motivate your boss to strive forward and get things done every morning. This mug also gives a message that your boss is a motivated boss that get things done.

This mug comes is matt finish so it looks different with others ceramic mug. Besides, it is safe to put it into microwave too.

10. Desktop Slingshot


Desktop Slingshot

This is a funny gift for your boss. He can use this slingshot to shoot some paper whenever he is stuck for an idea.

Maybe his desk is piled with scrap paper and he can have some fun to shoot some paper. This slingshot is made with walnut base. I think this is a very unusual decoration on his desk as well.

11. Handmade DIY Baseball Bookend


Follow this tutorial to make one for your boss

I am sure your boss read a lot of books. This is a great handmade gift you can make for your boss. Plus, it is quite easy to make if you have the right tools.

12. Cufflinks


24k Yellow Gold Plated Cufflink

Cufflink is very important to a man, so does to your boss. It shows that he have a great taste of style and fashion. Besides, gold color compliments well with any color of the outfit.

13. Juicing Recipes


Fitlife Juicing Recipes

Get this for your boss retirement. I think this is a thoughtful gift for your boss as he got plenty of time to take care of himself now.

There are 103 delicious juicing recipes in this book that he can easily make a healthy juice every day. I am sure he will like this book as he will have more time to take care of himself and even his wife.

14. Leather Bag


Leather Briefcase Satchel Bag

Why not get your boss a new bag? This bag is handcrafted by a professional artisan with a strong stitching technique that makes this bag last for a long time and looks great with age. It is a great bag for casual and work. There are a lot of space in this bag for his notebook, business card, laptop, pens and even water bottle. Besides, he can remove the shoulder straps if he prefers to us the handle.

15. Leather Pencil Case


Leather Case

Is your boss is a creative person? I am sure he have a lot of pen and pencil in that case. This pencil case is going to help him stay organise with all his tools. This handmade pencil case is going to make him look even more stylish.

I hope all these handpicked gift ideas for your male boss from a men’s perspective is going to help you find the best gifts for him on his birthday, Christmas, bosses day or retirement.

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