The Ultimate List of Every Gift Ideas For Men on The Web

Looking for gifts ideas for men?

What present you should get for his birthday, anniversary, Christmas or father’s day?

This is the questions that most girls ask every time they are looking for gifts for their boyfriend, husband, male colleague or their friends.

There are a lot of items you can get out there on the internet.

But which item is the most suitable for him on a certain occasion? Which one should you get?

This post will give you the answer.

I’ve found so many great gifts ideas that you can get for him from all over the web when I was doing research.

I think it is such a waste to just read and leave the website.

So I’ve decided take all the article that I have read and put it here on one page.

This post is SO MASSIVE (the headlines say 5001, I actually lost count at 5137) and I have categorised each section for your convenience.

Click on the link and it will jump right to the section.

I will keep this page updated if I found good stuff from time to time so don’t forget to bookmark or pin this page on Pinterest.

And one more thing, not to forget the bonus gift ideas at the end of this post.

Lets get started.

Best Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend


For His Birthday
1. Is your boyfriend’s birthday coming soon? Great, This article could help you out if you are looking for inexpensive gifts for him. 30 Best Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

Related Article : 25 Irresistible Birthday Gifts For Him That He Secretly Want But Didn’t Tell You

DIY Gifts
2. I found this article so sweet and I must share it with you. 40 Romantic DIY Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend You Can Make

3.Nicole and Bianca shared 35 cutest DIY Gifts you can make for him on their blog. I just love their passion on DIY stuff.  Check them out if you are into DIY gifts.

Is he an Introvert?
4. Then this gifts is perfect for him : 18 Christmas gifts that are perfect for introverts

For boyfriend age between 15-19
5. Budget is a big problem for a teenage girl to buy a gift. In this post on Seventeen Magazine, readers from age between 14-20 shared their experience on buying gifts for their teenage boyfriend.

Gifts for him when you are tight on Budget
6. I’ve read them and most of them don’t cost a lot of money. Check out their article : 23 Perfect Birthday Gifts for Him!

Sweet Treat, DIY or Gifts Under $20
7. Tara from The Dating Divas just shared 50 Amazing Gifts Ideas you can get for him. As it is a long post so she have categorised the page into gifts under $20, DIY Gift and sweet treat gifts ideas.

If He Loves Surprise as a Gifts
8. I think it is a cute little things you can do for your boyfriend to surprise him on his birthday. 8 Cute Things to Make for Your Boyfriend That Will Surprise Him

For Your Boyfriend on Valentines Day
9. This is probably the sweetest ideas for couples. Check out 25 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Couple from

10. posted the 17 Cutest Things to Do With Your Boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. I am a guy and I like a lot of the ideas over there.

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Gifts Ideas For Your Husband That He Want But Didn’t Tell You


Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Christmas
11. Kristina from Mothers Niche shared experience from her friends, readers and herself on gifts for men in this post  15 ways to Celebrate Your Husband: Birthday, Christmas & Anniversary.

Cheap and Creative Gifts Ideas for Your Husband
12. Fawn Weaver from Happy Wives Club shared an amazing 35 “Just Because” gifts ideas for your husband that gives you a happy marriage.

Valentines Days Ideas for Your Husband
13. There are a lot of cheap ways you can spice up your romance with your husband, check out this post 18 Cheap Ways To Romance Your Husband This Valentine’s Day.

Romantic Gifts Ideas
14. Tara from The Dating Divas has a lot of ideas when it comes to romantic gifts for your husband. Check out one of her post 50 Romantic Gift Ideas for your Husband

Anniversary Gifts for your husband
15. Mique has been married for over 10 years and she shared some interesting anniversary gifts for his husband Josh over the years on her blog. Check out Anniversary Gifts: On the Hour

16. I think Julie from Peanut Butter shared the sweetest DIY 1st-year anniversary gift for his husband. Want to find out what she made for him? Check out One Year Wedding Anniversary Gift

17. You should have a look at this too : 13 Anniversary Gifts For Husband That Makes Him Secretly Crying

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Birthday Gifts Ideas for Your Husband
19. Post Wedding Life shared the most Unique & Romantic birthday gifts for your husband.

20. What about something surprising and fun? Fawn Weaver just shared 20 Fun Ways to Surprise Your Husband on her blog. I am going to use some of her ideas.

Related Gifts Ideas : 117+ Best Retirement Gifts Ideas For Men From 7 Blog Recommendation That You Must See

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Best Gifts for Kids That Will Make Him Smile All Day


21. Your kids are going to love what you get : 51 Birthday Gift Ideas for Kids

22. Check out this 2016’s Most Popular Toys for Kids from Brostick.

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Best Valentines Day Present For Him That He Will Love You Even More


Looking Something Sweet and Romantic Gift for him?
23. These ideas from Huffington post are pretty romantic. Check out their article Romantic Things To Do With Your Partner 

24. If you don’t want to buy anything, these 100 simple gesture are very sweet and romantic.

25. Cosmopolitan have some pretty great romantic ideas : 25 Romantic Ideas (That Won’t Freak Him Out)

26. Here is how you say I love you : 23 Insanely Romantic Ways To Say I Love You

Valentines Ideas on Budget
27. These are something you can try when you are tight on budget. 7 Free Romantic Gift Ideas for Your Spouse

28. This is a great list from Popsugar. 51 Affordable Valentine’s Day Gifts For Any Type of Guy

Answers from Guys on Reddit
29. There is a questions pop out on Reddit asking “Men of Reddit, what would YOU like for Valentine’s Day?” As most of them are trolling around, one of a guy actually have a great answer. You can read it here.

DIY Valentines Gifts
30. Lauren from Thinking Closet shared an amazing 30 Last Minute DIY Gifts for Your Valentine

31. Buzzfeed uploaded some meaty post about DIY Gifts on valentines day. Check out 40 DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts They’ll Actually Want

Valentines Present Ideas
32. Does he have a sweet tooth? Then you have to check out Shari’s Berries . There are tons of berries covered with chocolate that is ready to shipped as gifts.

33. Etsy have some amazing list of valentines gifts you can get for him.

Funny Gifts Ideas on Valentines Day
34. Are you looking for something funny for him? Then don’t missed out this post : 12 Funny Valentine’s Day Gifts For Men That Will Leave Him In Stitches

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Gifts on Fathers Day That Will Make Him Cry Secretly


DIY Gifts For Father’s Day
35. This is everything you need to look at if you are looking for DIY gifts for your father. There are 100 Handmade Gifts for Your Dad you can make for him.

DIY Father’s Day Gift That Kids Can Make
36. Do you have kids? and you are looking for DIY gifts for your kids to make for their father? Then this 20 Fantastic Ideas is going to help you out. I believe you and your kids are going to enjoy this.

37. Martha Stewart have a lot of ideas on making fathers day cards too. Check out Martha Stewart ideas on Father’s Day Quotes and Cards. Get your kids do one of this card.

If Your Dad Love Food, Cook for Him
38. This father’s day recipes from Martha Stewart just make my mouth drooling.

Free Father’s Day Gifts for Kids
39. It doesn’t have to be expensive, memorable gifts can be free. This tips will show you how : 6 Free Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Kids

If You Don’t Want to DIY…
40. Lets see what you can find in this post : 10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Every Dad

41. Lets get some shopping done. There are lots of stuff you can buy for dad from Sharper, and FireBox

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Nobody Can Resist This Christmas Gifts


Best Christmas Gifts for Men
42. I have found some great list from Country Living, check out their post : 29 Inspired Christmas Gift Ideas for Guys

43. Seventeen Magazine have some great list as well for Christmas holiday : 20 Holiday Gifts Dad is Going to Love

44. Brostick have a great Christmas gifts list as well : Top 36 Christmas Gifts for Men This 2015 Holiday Season

45. Heavy have some good taste when it comes to Christmas Gift : Top 20 Best Christmas Gifts for Men: The Heavy Power List

46. Check out this post from Good Housekeeping : 24 Genius Gifts for the Men in Your Life (don’t worry, most of the gifts are not for housekeeping)

47. Bustle have come out a list of Christmas gift for your Dad, boyfriend and brother. There are some expensive and surprising cheap christmas gift you can get from that list : 50 Awesome Holiday Gifts for Men: Your Boyfriend, Dad and Brother Will Thank You

48. I really like these gifts suggestion from Askmen : 25 Awesome Gifts Guys Are Secretly Hoping To Get This Christmas

Looking for Food Gift Basket?
49. I have found an awesome website where they specialise in food gifts for men. Check out

Stocking Stuffer
50. Lulu Belle (not sure about her real name) from The Life of Lulu Belle have a lot of ideas for stocking stuffer : 100+ Stocking Stuffer and Gift Bag Ideas for Men

More Stocking Stuffer Ideas101 Best Small Gifts Ideas For Men in His Stocking Stuffer on This Coming Christmas (Infographics)

Christmas Gifts Under $50
51. Another great article from Brostick where you can find a great gifts for just under $50 : 14 Cheap Christmas Gifts Under $50 for the Last Minute Shopper

Christmas Gifts For Dad and Father in Law
52. Buying gifts for father in law can be a little bit tricky. Luckily I found this article that could help you out : 52 Gifts for Dads and Fathers-in-Law

Personalised Gifts
53. Huffington Post have come out 20 Best Websites For Unique Gifts, Stocking Stuffers And More . You should definitely check them out before you buy a gifts.

Christmas Gifts For Grandparents
54. I don’t agree with everything they listed here but I found some great ideas here : 30 Favorite Gift Ideas That Grandparents Will Actually Love

Recommended Gifts
55. I found this subscription site where they deliver organic vegetable from farm to your table every week. I think this is a great gift for grandparents that want to eat healthy : Check out River Ford

White Elephant Gifts & Secret Santa
56. 21 laugh out loud white elephant gifts : I laugh so hard at #1, #4, and #15

57. These gifts won’t break your bank  : 20 Great White Elephant Gift Ideas For Under $20

58. Another affordable christmas present : 60 Afforadable White Elephant Gifts Ideas

59. Buzzfeed never dissapoint me with their gifts ist : 58 Secret Santa Gifts Under $20 That Everyone Will Want

60. This list from Brit+Co is awesome. Nicholas Cage pillow anyone? : The Ultimate White Elephant Gift Guide: 60 Extremely Unusual Gifts

61. There is some funny gifts I found over here in Sassy Santa. Fart extinguisher anyone? : White Elephant Gift Ideas 2016

62. White elephant gifts people will actually LIKE. Yup, I like 50 shades of chicken.

63. Looking for Secret Santa gifts for your colleague? Then check out this post : 21 Awesome Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Your Work Colleagues

64. If you are on budget try getting one of these : 25 Inexpensive Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Co-Workers

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These are Probably The Best Easter Gifts For Him


65. Hoosier have 30 Themed DIY Easter Gifts Basket  ideas for you on this ocming easter

66. The Life of Lulu Belle have gift suggestion for you : Non – Candy Easter Basket Ideas for Children

67. Jessica Turner have a great list of easter basket ideas for kids : 101 Kids Easter Basket Ideas

Related Post : 33 Best Easter Gift Ideas for Him Ever!

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Easy to Make DIY Gifts For Him in a Few Steps


DIY Gifts for Men
68. I am going to share this article to give my girlfriend a hint : 21 DIY Projects Your Boyfriend Wishes You Would Make

69. I found a lot of ideas that I really like from Suburble. A chess set made from nuts and bolt? Genius : 30 Handmade Gifts Ideas for Men

70. Art of Manliness have some opinion on DIY gifts as well. A tree Branch Coat Hook? Thats really cool : 25 DIY Gifts for Men

71. Desiree from The 36 Avenue have a great list of 21 Handmade Gifts For Men

72. DIY Joy have 40 examples of DIY for Men

Related Gifts Ideas101 DIY Gifts For Boyfriend From Around The Web in One Place

DIY Romantic Valentines Gifts
73. Thats a really sweet list : 20+ Cute Valentine’s Day Ideas

74. Nicole and Bianca from Cute DIY Projects have a unique ideas : 35+ Unique DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts For Men

DIY Gift Basket
75. This is a pretty neat ideas from Curbly : Roundup: 20+ Inexpensive DIY Gift Basket Ideas We Love

76. Brie from Darling Doodles Design have some pretty good ideas : DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets- For Him!

77. Rosemarie from Budgeter have come out gifts basket for every occasion : 20 Gift Basket Ideas For Every Occasion…Thoughtful, Cheap and Awesome!

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Best Gifts For Wine Lover That He Will Use Everyday


Wine Gifts Ideas
78. Check out this list : 19 Gifts For Wine Lovers That They Will Not Forget

Wine Gifts Under $60
79. This is a great list for you who have budget. Bicycle wine rack seems like pretty cool : Check out 30 Gifts For Wine Lover For $60 Or Less

Wine accessories site
80. If you know you are going to buy some wine accessories, then you must check out this website : Wine Enthusiast

Wine Subscription
81. Why not get him a wine subscription where new wine will be delivered to him each month? They actually deliver their wine straight from vineyard to your doorstep. Check out ClubW

Wine Selection
82. There are a lot of wine selection as well in this site : California Wine Club

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Coffee Lover Will Thank You For Buying This for Him


Gifts Ideas for Coffee Lover
83. Check out this coffee gift ideas : 15 Amazing Gifts for Coffee Lovers That He Secretly Want on His Birthday

84. Inspiration Feed list out 20+ Awesome Gifts For Coffee Lovers

85. Hi Consumption also have a great list for coffee lover list : Coffee Connoisseur: 21 Gifts For The Coffee Lover

Are You On Budget?
86. This should give you some ideas : Fresh Gift Ideas For Coffee-Lovers Under $50

Coffee Subscription Box
Get him a coffee subscription box as a gift so he will never run out of coffee again.

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The Best Gifts for Tea Lover


Gifts Ideas for Tea Lover 
96. I am not a tea lover but after seeing all these list from Buzzfeed, I am going to lie to my friends that I am a tea lover. That magical Chinese tea ball that turns into a flower is awesome : Check out 27 Items All Tea Lovers Need In Their Lives

97. There are plenty of stuff to shop for tea lover in Tea Forte

How about buy him a month or two of tea subscription box?

Related Tea Gifts Ideas213+ Best gifts for tea lovers from 7 Web Recommendation That You Have to See

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Yummylicious Gifts for Food Lover That Will Make Him Drool All Over the Floor


Gifts Ideas for food lover
103. Hot Dog toaster anyone? These gifts is everthing for food lover : 36 Clever Gifts For Food Lovers That You’ll Want To Keep For Yourself

104. Food on budget? Check out this 26 Food Gifts Every Single One of Your Foodie Friends Will Beg For

105. Olive have some great gift ideas for food lover : The 62 best christmas gifts for foodies: 2015

106. Check out this post from Bored Panda. They have interesting idea over there : 20+ Brilliant Gift Ideas For Food Lovers

Food subscription
107. Check out these food subscription. Warning, It is hard to pick one : 17 Amazing Food Subscriptions You’ll Wish Someone Would Get You

108. Serious Eats have a serious gift guide here.

Related Post : 237+ Best Food Gifts For Men From 35 Handpicked Website

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Quirky Gifts For Graphic Designer


Gifts Ideas for Graphic Designer
109. One day digital photography course seems like a great gifts for graphic designers : 20 Christmas gift ideas for graphic designers

110. 3D doodler for him? There are most unique gifts here : 25 creative gift ideas for graphic designers this Christmas

111. A brush stylus pen? Thats interesting from Hong Kiat : 20 Cool Gifts Designers Would Love

112. Here is more awesome ideas for graphic designer : 28 Awesome Holiday Gifts for Designers

113. Creative Blog have come out 110 ideas for creatives. Find out what you can get for graphic designer, web developer, web designer, 3D artish, photographers and many more : 110 must-have Christmas gifts for creatives

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Really Expensive Gifts For Him That Will Make You Broke


Some of them cost a fortune. I don’t even know if I can earn that much money in my entire life.

114. Truly Experience offer really unique gifts. One of the service that caught my attention is that you can bring him near outer space. I am not kidding, head over to Truly Experience to see it yourself.

115. The Billionaire Shop offer luxury gifts that you cannot imagine. From mansion, jet, motorcycles, watches, yachts and many more. Check out The Billionaire Shop

116. This list offer some great ideas as well : 17 Unusual Luxury Gifts For Men Who Have Everything

Related Article : 5 Simple Gifts For The Man Who Has Everything and Wants Nothing

1 Simple and Unique Gifts for Him That Will Change The World

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Musician is Going to Make a Song For You If Buy These Gifts For Him


Gifts for Music Lover
117. Does he love music? Then you should check out these ideas : 15 Gifts For Music Lovers That He Secretly Want on His Birthday

Gifts for Piano Lovers
118. I think he will prefer useful gifts like these : 9 Dull Gifts For Piano Players That He Will Actually Use

Gifts for Guitar Player
119. One guitar pick is never enough : 17 Useful Gifts For Guitar Players That You Can Never Get Wrong

Gifts for Vinyl Lover
120. This gifts are so precious : Birthday Gifts for Vinyl Lovers : 7 Beautiful Vinyl Player Under $100

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Amazing Gifts for Photographer That Will Make Him Take Better Picture


121. Photodoto list out 130 Amazing Gifts for Photographers Handpicked from All Over the Web. Thats a lot to look at.

122. Photography blogger also have a big list of ideas : 61 Great Gifts For Photographers

Gifts for Photographer under $50
123. Under $50 ? : 20 Great Gifts for Photographers, All Under $50

124. Are you looking for under gifts under $25? : Top 11 Last Minute Gifts for Photographers Under $25

125. How about under $20? : 10 Great Gifts For Photographers Under $20

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Best Gifts For Entrepreneur That Will Help Him to Be Successful


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Geeky Gifts That Will Make Him Hate Go Outside The House


Related Post

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Gamers Will Love This Gifts


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Affordable Gifts For Him That Won’t Break Your Bank…


Under $50

Related article : 105 Awesome but Affordable Gifts For Men

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Best Online Shop to Buy Weird and Unique Gifts


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The Best Subscription Site For Him as Gift

  • 154. Birchbox – This is a great place to get him a monthly beauty products such as haircare, shaver, oral care and many more.
  • 155. Rubber Club – Condom subscription site. So he don’t have to awkwardly run to the convenience store(half naked) while having a boner after a roleplay just to get a condom.
  • 156. Cassanova Box – It is almost the same subscription site like Rubber Club but this one is base in UK.
  • 157. Mantry – Artisan food from top American food makers delivered to your house
  • 158. Mancrates – There are a lot of manly gifts such as beer ,jerky and tools that package into wooden crates (crowbar included), ammo cans, and many more. It is like a gifts basket but for men.
  • 159. Cure and Simple – Who doesn’t like bacon? Get bacon delivered once a month (or once a week for bacon fanatic) to his door.
  • 160. Fresh Patch – I think this is a great gifts for him who have dog. It is an indoor real grass disposable potty. They will deliver a patch of real grass to your house weekly or one time purchase so his dog have a place to do their “business”
  • 161. Vinyl me Please – Is he a vinyl lover? They deliver vinyl monthly so he will discover new songs every month.
  • 162. Riverfood – This is a great subscription site for your grandparents as they offer organic vegetable delivered to their house weekly.
  • 163. Treatsie – Artisan Sweet straight to his door.
  • 164. Japan Crate – They deliver Japanese candy monthly to his door.

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Bonus Related Gifts Ideas

Do you have any friends who lis looking for gifts for men? Share this amazing gifts ideas to them.