32 Best Gift Ideas for Coworkers (Updated 2023)

There are a lot of gifts ideas for coworkers you can find on the internet and I have handpicked 20 gifts ideas for your male coworker from a men’s perspective and hopefully, you will find the right gifts for him.

I have to say that I really like the gifts ideas on #5 and #10

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1. For him to unleashed the Mike Tyson in him

birthday gifts for coworker punching bag

Desktop Punching Speed Bag

Leaving out stress from our life would be impossible. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t be prepared for stressful situations. And this punching speed bag is just the perfect way of releasing stress at work. So, buy it for your favourite co-worker, so that stress stop running his/her day.

2. Some funny gifts for him

small gifts for coworker paper clip

Mustard Magnetic Paper Clip Holder

Everyone who works in the office knows how easily mess is created. And all that mess can be avoided if a person has the right tools to keep accessories in one place. For example, this awesome paper clip holder will allow your co-worker to keep paper clips organized while giving Einstein a funny hairstyle.

3. Let’s have some fun in the office with this mini arcade

mini arcade gifts for coworker

My Arcade Retro Arcade Machine

This Retro Arcade machine is a great way to take a break at work. It contains 200 games that bring back the fun and joy from your childhood.

Add to that Authentic game sounds, LCD screen and joystick and this machine is a must-have for any company.

4. This letter board is awesome

letter board for coworker birthday

Changeable Letter Board

When working in a small firm, announcing some events, changes, or writing inspirational messages doesn’t have to be done via email. Why not do it in a creative way, with this letter board? It comes with 580 letters, symbols, and numbers and can be hanged on the wall.

5. No more messy table with this gift

pencil cup holder cool gifts for coworker

Victorian Trading Co. Hemingway Pencil Cup

The Typewriter themed design awakens the spirit of the old time, boosting inspiration and creativity. Whether your co-worker is a writer or a teacher, he/she will adore this beautiful pencil cup.

6. Get this beautiful and functional gifts for coworker

table lights gifts for coworker

iEGrow Flexible USB Touch LED Desk Lamp

This lovely lamp doesn’t only look stylish, but it’s also practical.

With 3-Level adjustable brightness, touch sensor and eye-friendly LED light, this lamp is just what your co-worker needs so that he can work late at night.

He can adjust the lamp just the way he wants since it is flexible. It looks like a plant, and will surely add a unique touch to his office.

7. This feet hammock is such a unique gifts

feet hammock gifts for coworker

Yofit Hammock for Feet

This Hammock is just the thing your coworker needs. He can install it under the desk and relax his feet in it. That’s a great way to relieve some pressure on his legs and for blood to circulate.

8. Let him have more space with this stand

desktop stand for coworker birthday

Satechi Universal Monitor Stand

The Satechi Monitor Stand fits different devices, such as monitors, printers, and laptops. Additional storage beneath the stand can fit a keyboard, freeing workspace.

The stand is made of aluminum, thus compliments any desk and office.

9. This is a great gift to display his business card

business card holder gifts for coworker

Segarty Business Card Holder

This elegant business card holder will help your colleague express his professionalism. Made of real wood, this beautiful piece is a modern addition to any desk. Thanks to its elegance, this gift is ideal for any occasion.

10. Another laptop stand that prevents bad posture

laptop table stand for coworker birthday gift ideas

Eelago L4 Laptop Stand

The L4 Laptop Stand is such a thoughtful gift, and your co-worker will surely find it very useful.

This laptop stand will prevent neck pain because a person won’t have to look up and down all the time anymore. In addition, it prevents overheating and maximises desk space.

11. Ge them this beautiful ceramic mug

travel mug christmas gifts for coworker

Ello Ceramic Travel Mug

No matter what his profession is, your favourite co-worker surely drinks many cups of coffee. So, why not make things easier for him? This simple and elegant ceramic travel mug will keep his coffee hot for longer, allowing him to take a break from his work every time he takes a sip of coffee.

12. This folding keyboard is going to bring convenient for them everywhere they go

foldable keyboard for coworker

Folding Bluetooth Keyboard

The Folding Bluetooth Keyboard makes a great gift for your co-worker who travels often. He can easily pack this lightweight keyboard in his suitcase, without worrying if it will break. It can’t because it’s foldable and made of aircraft grade. It’s easy to use and comes with a rechargeable battery.

13. Charging dock is a nice gift idea for coworkers that keep his gadget in place


Bamboo Charging Station

This is a great gift for a coworker who have a lot of devices that needs to be charged. Especially graphic designer and web developer.

This charging station is made from bamboo and can hold up to 4 smartphones and 2 laptops or tablet. This makes his desk clean and uncluttered with wires and devices.

14. Tea Infuser so they can enjoy their favorite tea every morning


Pipe Tea Infuser

This is a nice small inexpensive Christmas gifts for coworkers. It is made from food safe silicone rubber so he can use this everyday.

The handle is made of a hook so the pipe won’t drown into his tea. Get this for your colleague who love tea than his girlfriend. I am sure they will have fun with this gift.

15. Flowering Teas that is too beautiful to pass


Flowering Tea

Speaking of tea again, this flowering tea is a great gift for colleagues. The ball of tea will forms a mesmerizing flower as soon as he pours in hot water.

16. Grass Blade Leaf Ballpoint Pen. That’s something creative that will brigthen up his workspace


Grass Blade Leaf Ballpoint Pen

This is a cheap and unique gift for coworkers. When the pen is not in use, just put it back to the pot so it will look like a pot of grass.

Besides, it is a great gift for decoration as well since office can be really dull, this can lighten up his desk.

17. Let your colleague have a comfortable grip on their mouse

gift for coworkers microsoft arc mouse

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

He can tap, flick, scroll and control this mouse at ease. Besides, the flexible design allow your colleague to comfortably hold the mouse and can be flatten out to save space in the bag.

18. This beautiful paperweight


Crystal Paperweight

This paperweight is a nice small gift for coworkers. The colour of this pyramid changed depending on the angle of view.

If his is exhausted of working, he can take a few minutes time to enjoy this beautiful view of the pyramid.

19. Wrist Rest Mouse Pad that will ease the pain on his wrist


Belkin Gel Wrist Rest Mouse Pad

Who doesn’t need a comfortable mouse pad? This mouse pad comes with a wrist pad that removes stress, provide proper hand and wrist movement.

I think this is the best gifts for coworkers on his birthday and Christmas.

20. Treat Him His Favourite Drinks to Thank Him


Image From Starbucks

If you want to thank your colleague, why not treat them with drinks or any food that they like. You can never go wrong with food and drinks.

Another suggestion is to subscribe them a few month of food subscription. Food and drinks are the best thank you gifts for male coworkers.

21. Going Away Gift For Coworker


(If this image is yours, please contact us for image credit)

What’s more creative than this? It is a nice gift for a colleague who is leaving to another job. Besides, you can easily handmade this as well.

Check out more this post of gift ideas for your coworkers who is leaving for another job.

22. Another paperweight that is too beautiful to pass

gifts for coworker beautiful paperweight

Gemstone Globe Paperweight

Not just paperweight, I think it is a beautiful desk decor as well. Get this for him and I am sure he will love it.

23. Travel Pillow that he will find useful during business trip


Travel Pillow

This is a great Christmas gifts for coworkers who always travel around to work or he just love travelling during his free time.

This pillow can easily inflate in just a few breath. Besides it is very handy and list as well so it won’t take a lot of space in his luggage.

The big padded design is to give him a proper support on his neck and head from swaying side to side so he can sleep better even on a bumpy road.

24. Homemade Moustache Cup Sleeve that won’t burn his hand


Follow Tutorial at Very Shannon

This is a great homemade gift for coworkers. With this sleeve, he can hold a hot coffee comfortably without getting burned.

25. Touch Screen Gloves for him to swipe his phone while waiting for bus/train during winter


Touch Screen Gloves

This is a great secret Santa gift ideas for coworkers as it is inexpensive and very useful during the cold weather. 

He will definitely thank you for this gift. This glove is made from elastic material so it will fit for most people. 

26. Cube Perpetual Calender


Cube Perpetual Calender

Get this as a birthday gift for your coworker. The bright colour can easily make him recognise the date, days and month. Besides, it is a great table decoration as well.

27. Funny Office Gifts that will make him get creative


Funny Office Board

Get this if you are looking for funny gifts for coworkers under $10. This is a great gift to spice up the humor side in the office.

This blank actually comes with an erasable marker so you can change the message as often as you like.

He can use this to tell people he will be back in 5 minutes, free doughnuts in the kitchen, draw something and much more.

28. Retirement mug for him that he will use after leaving the office


Retirement Mug

This is a funny retirement gift ideas for a coworker. Let him have a good laugh just before he retired.

This mug is made from high-quality ceramic so he can safely wash this mug in a dishwasher or put it in the microwave.

29. Whisky Stones that won’t dilute his Whisky


Whisky Stones Gift Set + Whiskey Glass

Let’s get this for your coworker on this holiday. This gifts set comes with 6 whiskey stones and a whiskey glass.

Besides, it comes with a wooden box as well so you can easily wrap this gift. This whiskey rock is made from pure marble so it won’t easily crack and last for a long time.

30. Head Massager that will make him relax and carry on working


Scalp Head Massager

It is an inexpensive and functional gift for your colleague to reduce some stress at work.This head massager helps blood circulation and provide deep relaxation. The best this is it is small enough for him to take it anywhere.

31. Electronic Massager that will ease his stiff shoulder and neck


Mini Massager

I think a mini massager is a great gift for your colleague. It helps them to relax and ease their stiff shoulder. This massager comes in mini size too so he can bring this anywhere he want.

32. Leather PadFolio that looks good when he met client


Gibson Padfolio

This is a safe gift for your colleague even your boss. The leather will make him much more presentable when he met his client.

Since it is leather made, it lasts for a long time as well. This padfolio includes business card holder, storage pocket and pen loop.

Do you have any friends who are looking for gifts ideas for coworkers? Share this gifts ideas with them so they can get some ideas from men’s perspective on what to buy for their colleague.

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