22 Best Gift Boxes for Men That Ship to UK, US or Australia

Have you ever wonder what are the best gift boxes for men? I have been through around the web there are so many awesome gifts boxes for him you can subscribe.

I have categorised the subscription that ship to US, UK and Australia.

Keep on reading.

Best Gift Boxes For Men That Ship To The US

1. Trunk Club  (Ship to the US)


They deliver clothes in a trunk according to his preference. He is allowed to try the new clothes for 10 days and he can ship back the one that doesn’t like. The best thing is the shipping fee is free both way.

2. Carnivore Club (Ship to the US, Canada, UK, Australia and Europe)


Meat lover is going to love this. Their handpicked artisan cured meat from around the world is definitely going satisfied his inner carnivore.

3. Me Undies (Free shipping to the US and Canada)


You can subscribe him a monthly underwear so that he can throw away all his undies with holes. You know buying undies is not men priorities so they might drag for a few months to get a new undies to replace the one with holes.

4. Mantry (Ship to the US)


They deliver 6 made in US artisan food every two months to his doorstep. They also include recipes that any guy can master in their boxes.

5. Canna Box  (Ship to the United States, Puerto Rico , Canada and the U.K)


Monthly accessories and clothing related to “smokers” lifestyle delivered to his door. This is a really cool and badass gift boxes for him.

6. Dollar Shave Club (Ship to the US, Australia)


I am sure you heard this before. They provide quality blade for a few dollars per month so he can shave with sharp blade  that run smoothly.

7. Mancrates (International Shipping)


They deliver their gifts boxes in a wooden crate that include beer, jerky and other manly stuff.

Best Gift Boxes For Men That Ship To The UK

8. The Willoughby Book Club (Ship to the UK)


Is he an avid reader? A monthly book is definitely going to satisfied his reading crave. Besides, for every subscription you buy, they will donate a book to Book Aid.

9. Cure and Simple (ship to the UK)


Handmade bacon delivered once a week or once a month to his door.

10. Close Shave Society (Ship to the UK)


Subscribe this and get a new blade every month so he will never run out of shaving blade anymore.

11. Pact Coffee – (Ship to the UK)


They get their coffee beans directly from their dedicated farmers so you can always get the freshest coffee delivered to your door.

12. Not Another Bill  (Ship to the UK/International)


If you don’t know what to get for him then I would suggest you to subscribe this box for him so he can get a surprise present each month.

13. Loot Crate – (International Shipping)


Is he a geek? Let Loot Crate get him a monthly geeky and gaming gear for him.

14. Sip and Learn (Ship to the UK)


Sip and Learn let you learn more about wine by deliver a monthly box that include wine and education booklet.

15. Buddy Box (Ship to the UK)


This is a great subscription box for him that have a very stressful life. Each item in the box is carefully selected to counter the stressful modern life.

16. Graze (Ship to the UK and US)


There are over 100 snacks in Graze. They will deliver 4 inspired snack and put it in a box and ship it to him monthly, weekly or every two weeks.

17. Flowbox (Ship to the UK and US)


Let him enjoy natural, vegan and gluten free food every month.

Best Gift Boxes For Men That Ship To The Australia

18. Bella Box  (Ship to Australia)


Bellow Box provide grooming product for both men and women.

19. Knobby (Ship to Australia)


Subscribe this for him so he can get a new pair of undies every month.

20. Beer Days (Ship to Australia)


The best Australian craft beer can be found here. Just not too much to make him drunk.

21. Soxy Beast (Ship to Australia)


I like the company name so much. Soxy Beast deliver fresh socks for him every month so he don’t have to wear the socks with a lot of cheese hole anymore.

22. Man Box (Ship to Australia)


Man Box is similar to Mancrates where you will get all the manly stuff in a crate.

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