13 NSFW Gag Gifts For Men That Will Make Them Laugh So Hard

If you’re looking for the best gag gifts for men, then this is the place for you.

Here you’ll find all the wackiest gags for your partner, dad, friends or even your boss.

No doubt that each of these hilarious gifts will make their day brighter.

1. This is probably the best gag gifts for men

gag gifts for men mouth guard party game

Mouthguard Party Game

Let your family have a lot of laughter with this extraordinary mouthguard party game.

With 143 family-safe phrases, all of you will get a chance to try to interpret the phrases.

Wearing the cheek retractor and speaking at the same time is both hilarious and challenging.

Speak out the best you can!

2. This belt that hold soda can

gag gifts for men soda belt

EZ Drinker Can Holster Belt

With this amazing Beer & Soda can holster belt, he’ll definitely be the star of the party.

Moreover, he’ll share his favorite beer with others in such a charming way.

The design of the belt is very stylish so your man will look cool.

The belt provides space for 6 beverages and is easy for carrying. Cheers!

3. You never know toilet bowl can be a mug

gag gifts for men toilet bowl mug

The Original Toilet Bowl Mug

Looking for a great gag gift for your boss? How about this amazing toilet coffee mug?

You must admit that your boss will be quite surprised with the coffee served from the toilet mug.

But then again, I’m sure that he’ll have a good laugh every time he sees this unique coffee mug.

The mug can hold even 12 ounces of his favourite beverage.

4. Emergency pants that every men should have

gag gifts for men emergency pants

Uh Oh Emergency Pants

It’s always good to have an extra pair of underpants since you never know when you might need them.

That’s why this present would be a great gift for your friend. Although this present will bring a lot of laughs, it will also be useful.

Made of polyester material, the pants are secure and sanitary. Moreover, the size is universal so need to worry about the fit.

5. Does he love tea?

gag gifts for men tea infuser

Funny Tea Infuser

What better way to enjoy his favorite tea than with this hilarious balls infuser? Your guy will certainly have a good laugh each time he takes a sip.

This amazing present is a sure way to bring laugh and humor into his every day, especially when he’s going through some tough times.

6. This coin is such….

gag gifts for men sexy coin

Sexy Flipping Coin

What better way to make a choice than flipping a nude girl coin? Whether you’re shopping for your dad, partner, or boss, this entertaining coin is just the perfect present.

The coin is durable and has a lovely antique bronze finish.

Best of all, the coin will fit perfectly into his pocket so he can always carry it with him.

7. Does he love eating pasta?

gag gifts for men weenie pasta

Macaweenie Cheese Pasta

Let him discover a hilarious way of making pasta with this amazing present. No doubt that this extraordinary penis shaped pasta will impress your friend.

Moreover, he can also make a meal for his girlfriend and him, so they have a memorable lunch.

8. Are you looking a funny gift for your boyfriend?

gag gifts for men undies for two

Undies For Two

Your boyfriend and you are going to the Halloween party? Then why not be the stars wearing the entertaining undies for two?

No doubt that you will create a stronger bond by being so close to each other. The undies are made of cotton, thus will give you a comfortable fit.

9. You can make this sack of shit a gift basket

gag gifts for men sack of shit

A Sack Of Shit

If your friend thinks that his life is shit, then brighten up his day with this amazing sack of shit.

Not only will he have a lot of laughs, but he’ll also realize to appreciate life more. Who would say that the sack of shit can actually be an inspiration, huh?

10. This will be the best beer can holder he will ever received

gag gifts for men boobies can holder

Boobies Can Holder

Want more great gag gifts ideas for your boyfriend? How about boobs? Well, not real boobs, of course.

I’m talking about this amazing beer holder that looks like boobs. You must admit that this is certainly an interesting way to hold his favorite beer can.

No doubt that he’ll love this present!

11. For the guy with soft voice

gag gifts for men voice enhancer

Manual Voice Enhancer

Do you have a hard hearing family member? Then this present is just the perfect for him.

Not only he’ll have a great time using the hearing aid, but he’ll also make a good use of it.

It’s definitely a must-have for birthday parties.

12. Let him learn how to swear around the world with this book

gag gifts for men swearing coloring book

Swear Word Coloring Book

If your dad loves to travel, then this hilarious coloring book is just the thing he needs.

Thanks to this swear word coloring book, he’ll learn to say those two charming words in 50 different languages.

No doubt that his language will be waaaay too colorful, but who cares? Let the man express his inventive level of swearing!

13. Making a cake for him? Make it with this cake mold

gag gifts for men cake mold

Funny Cake Mold

What better way to say “I love you” than with great gag gifts for husbands? One of those gifts is certainly the charming penis cake mold.

Make his favorite cake in an artistic way, so he cannot resist its magic. No doubt that this cake will be perfect to make his birthday even more special.

So what are you getting him?

So there you have it. 13 hilarious ways to fill his day with laugh and humor.

Laugh is the best medicine for our worries and troubles, so take the advantage of it.

Don’t hesitate to share these witty gag gifts for men with others who might be also looking for a good laugh.