19 Best Funny Gifts For Men That Will Laugh His Tears Out

Are you looking for funny gifts for men?

You will find a lot of ideas if you try to search it.

Out of thousands of funny gifts present, I have handpicked a few that I think is the funniest gifts you can get for them. (especially #4, #12, #16)

Let’s look at the first one.

1. Unicorn Meat – This is a great funny gifts for men


Radiant Farms Unicorn Meat

Guess what’s inside? A fluffy toy. This is the best gifts for him when he is hungry and end up disappointment when he thought this gift is some kind of weird food. What’s even worse is the fluffy toy is actually dismembered. The best thing about this gift is you don’t need a can opener to open this.

2. Poop Spray


Poop Spray

This is the greatest gifts for self-defense. Weird people are everywhere, not only women get molest, a guy can get molested too. Such as getting a slap on the but, get a cat call from out of nowhere,   This is when poop spray comes to action.

Just a few squirt on the molester and scream out loud “he just poops and it smells”. I am sure he can get away safely. The greatest self-defense invention of all time.

3. How to Poo at Work


How to Poo at Work (paperback)

This is the best gift to save him from getting fired. Poo etiquette is so important at work. If you do it right, you will definitely get a promotion within months.

I once bought this for my female colleague or her Secret Santa and guess what, she get promoted before new year! She promoted me as her assistance afterward. Nothing comes easy!

4. Donald Trump Toilet Paper


Trump Toilet Paper Roll

Donald Trump wrote a book, “Midas Touch” that educate people to become financial independence. This toilet roll is the ultimate additional free gifts that need to be included in the book.

This 3 ply toilet paper is a golden opportunity to get rich. The kiss “touch” from Trump is going to make his dream come true.

Fun Fact : This is the cheapest product of Trump history

5. Beer Helmet


Beer Helmet

This is what happen to my buddy when he is drunk.

  1. Keep asking for more beer and saying he is not drunk.
  2. Accidently get his head shoved into an elephant a**.

This is the greatest invention to save people live who want to drink and stay safe at the same time. This helmet is made for prevention and protection. This helmet is one size fits all, available in yellow, red and blue, and can hold up to 2 cans of beer.

6. Bacon Adhesive Bandages


Bacon Adhesive

Do you know any guys who love to act like it doesn’t hurt when it obviously hurt like hell? This is the best deception that you can get for him especially for your father, boyfriend or husband.

They can tell to their colleague “oh, my daughter made me wear this”. In fact, he just cut his hand with  a nail cutter and cry in the toilet.

7. I Just Pooped T-shirt


I Just Pooped T-Shirt

You know, there will be a moment where it is awkward to mention something that is very personal. And you have to use things, or an act to tell them indirectly.

This gift is a great way to tell the world that you just pooped. “But did you pooped smoothly?” someone will ask that questions as a first conversation and that is when he met his future wife. This present is life changing.

8. Emergency Underpants


Emergency Underpants

You see, men like us shit our pants when we fart too hard, tried too hard and laugh too hard. You know there are guys took a bath once a week? It is not because they want to clean up their body, they just shit their pants. You know what happen when guys shit their pants?

  1. They got nervous so they shit more on their pants
  2. And they got a heart attack because they don’t know what to do.

Get this for him, and save his life.

9. Adult Coloring Book


Adult Coloring Book

Sometimes we need to relief stress from hectic city life. Forget about Secret Garden Coloring book, this book is what we need. I am sure your dad would love to have this on Christmas so he can start his new year tension free and had a great year ahead.

10. Quotable A**hole


Quotable A**hole

This is the book for him to learn how to kill a jerk with words. Men who know how to defense himself with words are the men with a lot of wisdom. I am sure he met a lot of jerk in the office and this will come to handy.

11. Weener Cleaner


BigMouth Inc

I really hope he doesn’t use this on all over his body. One size fits all is the best feature on this gift so you don’t have to worry about getting the wrong size for him.

12. Smack Relieve Sack


Smack a Sack

Does he have a bad temper and need to relieve that tension? This sack is going to relieve all his stress. Besides, he can use this as self-defense too where they can shove this sack into their mouth.

Smack a sack is a great invention in modern days to relief stress. Want to beat up your boss without hurting him? Smack him with smack a sack.

13. Fake Poop


Fake Poop

This is a great gift to prank your friends or family. You can put it on a dining table, toilet seats, besides his alarm clock, kitchen, inside his beer, on his phone or ask a baby to hold this.

14. Nothing



Seriously, this is a fun gifts for the men who have everything. You know what’s inside this box? NOTHING. Excerpt from the packaging says “This is the ultimate minimalism. Less is more, more or less.

Nothing is precious, nothing is simple, nothing is sacred. Open the pack and be enthralled when nothing happens. Allow nothing to flow through your mind and calm your soul. Saviour the moment, soon you will discover”

15. Butt and Face Towel


Westminster Towel

Yes, he needs to know which side of the towel to wipe his face and butt. You will realise some guys smells like but in the face when you get near him, that’s because he have been using the towel wrong. They need this towel to get it right.

16. Boogey Tin


Boogey Bin

Don’t flick it, bin it! It is very easy to use this.

  1. Dig out booger with your right hand
  2. Remove the lid with your left hand
  3. place booger in the bin
  4. Wipe the remaining boogey on the side of the bin
  5. close lid and keep it safe from children

You will soon realise his car carpet, under the table, ceiling and wall become much cleaner as time goes on. Boogey bin is indeed a great gift to keep the house clean.

17. Hillary Clinton Nut Cracker


Hillary Nutcracker

I actually couldn’t hold myself from laughing in a library while I am writing this. “No more nuts in the White House”. The best feature in this product is the stainless steel in between the leg. She is a trusted nutcracker that cracks any nuts with a satisfaction guarantee. Feel the power in your hand.

18. Funny Slippers


Funny Slipper

This slipper plays an important part during Christmas because it will keep his feet warm. You have to get this for him for this coming holiday. You don’t want his feet to have a frostbite and get his feet amputated don’t you?

19. Inflatable Toupee


Inflatable Toupee 

Is your father or husband are having a hard time to grow their hair? Good news for you, I mean for them. This inflatable toupee is going to make them handsome again.

The strong strap is going to make the toupee stay there even he try to shake his head like some sort of metal band. He doesn’t have to worry about strong wind too.

Plus bonus that this toupee looks like real hair, from 1 mile away. Confident Increase Guarantee within minutes wearing.

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