13 Funny Gifts For Guys That Will Make Them Laugh So Hard

Funny gifts for guys – is it that difficult to come up with one gift that your man will like?

You know, something funny and kind of childish for the „comedian“ in your life? Let’s be honest here, all guys are the same.

The veteran cop, the philosophy student, the college freshmen, the office clerk and the lumberjack, guys have the same kind of endearing sense of humor.

Just read on and you’ll find the perfect gift for the man in your life- your husband, or your son, or your brother or father or friend, or whomever he might be.

1. This unicorn fart is made from majestic magic. I think this is a great funny gifts for men

funny gifts for guys unicorn fart

Bag of Unicorn Fart

Of all the funny gifts for men, this just may be one of the stranger ones. What is it you ask? Why, it says right there in the title- a bag, filled with farts. Unicorn farts.

But also strawberry flavored candy. But the unicorn farts are what seal the deal.

2. This is a great office gifts for him, hopefully he won’t get fired!

funny gifts for guys pen holderDump a Trump Pen Holder

Ok, this one maaaay get him in trouble. But probably not.

Here you can find many funny birthday gifts for him, but how many act as a political protest, and as a useful and practical item?

Even the gloomiest Monday won’t be able to stop this thing from cheering anybody up as soon as you get to work.

3. Brew coffee while he is bathing?

funny gifts for guys soap dispenser

Prank Pack Bath &  Brew

This is more of a practical joke than actual fun gifts for boyfriend. It’s a simple gift, or rather, a simple box in which you put the gift you want to give him.

The outside of the box shows a stupid and senseless gift, and, after he is disappointed, he will probably open the box and find his real gift inside.

4. Let everyone know he have bronze balls with this door knocker

funny gifts for guys door knocker

Bronzed Door Knocker

How about some fun Christmas gifts? Or rather, gifts for any holiday, time, festival, event, etc.

This bronze door Knocker depicts a bronze man, with huge testicles serving as door knockers.

It will definitely delight anyone who walks up to your door and wants to knock.

5. This is another level of eating a cock! Funny gifts for him who loves cooking

funny gifts for guys recipe book

50 Ways to Eat a Cock

All our fun gifts for men are quite wholesome, don’t you think?

Why, what’s so strange about this? It’s just a book, describing 50 ways to prepare, season and serves rooster.

It would be perfect for the man who just loves spending time in the kitchen.

6. Awesome socks!

funny gifts for guys socks

Shitting Rainbows Socks

Wanna show the whole world what a great day you’re having? Wanna keep it all in the open?

Does your man feel the same way? Then get yourself a pair (or two) of the “shiting rainbows kind of day” socks!

7. He will never unleash his cursing potential until he read this

funny gifts for guys creative cursing

Mix & Match Creative Cursing

For the, ahem, creative and literature-oriented man in your life. Most gag gifts for men don’t dabble in linguistics and improving your vocabulary.

This little thing, however, will make him as eloquent as Shakespeare, as charming as Groucho Marx and as cultured as Goerge Carlin.

He can just open this little book and acquire a wealth of knowledge.

8. Oh it’s a food gift, why not? Every mens love food

funny gifts for guys spotted dick sponge

Premium Spotted Dick Sponge

No, no, it’s not what you think it is. It’s just regular old British pudding. It’s dotted with sultanas and has cloves, nutmeg, ginger, and cinnamon.

It’s delicious with warm custard sauce. While delicious and simple to make, it has an added benefit.

You can say that, when giving him this on his birthday, that he ate a spotted dick. His friends will never let it down.

9. It takes practice to do the stunt

funny gifts for guys cookie sutra

The Cookie Sutra

Ahhh, the Kama Sutra, the ancient practice, and tradition of lovemaking.

An ancient script, popular among the Hindu people for generations!

And now, there is a cookie version. Part love making, part baking, all pleasure, both of you will be certain to test out and experiment with this book in the kitchen, but also in the bedroom.

10. I think this is a great Christmas gifts for him

funny gifts for guys sexy ornament

Ripped Merman Ornament

A fabulous, buff merman. Wearing a police officers (ripped) uniform, this little ornament can serve as a constant and consistent reminder for him to get his but to the gym.

As an added bonus, it’s a nice looking little ornament, quite nice to keep and look at.

11. This is going to make him concentrate on his work

funny gifts for guys decals of old women

Senior Women With Asthma Inhaler Decal

Aye, the judgy eyes of old age and frailty. Looking at him constantly, reminding him to workout, to keep clean, to spare up some money for his retirement fund.

Plus, the decals are so lifelike that it will certainly give him quite a fright! Just put them anywhere, and enjoy his freak out and reaction.

Heck, you can get more than one and really trip him out by posting them all over the house or apartment.

12. What are you doing Kim?

funny gifts for guys kim kadarshian t shirt

Rage On Kim Kardashian Human Centipede

Yup, a Kim Kardashian Human Centipede T-shirt, they thought of it all. Combining the notorious celebrity, with the notorious movie, both in T-Shirt form.

What else could one ask for? Just don’t let him wear this to work (you know he wants to).

13. I think this will be this coming year fashion trend

funny gifts for guys ugly pants

Goosh Pants

This can serve as a joke for either your man or for other people, depending on his temperament.

He may freak out and ask why you bought him urine and excrement stained pants (and white at that), or he may be of the crazy sort and wear it everywhere he goes.

Goes well with the Kim Kardashian T-Shirt.

Have you found what funny gift you should get for him?

A bag of unicorn farts, soiled pants, and a Kim Kardashian Human Centipede T-Shirt- this article truly has it all.

Whatever his sense of humor is like, you will certainly find at least one product that he will enjoy.

If his birthday is coming up, or you simply want to surprise him, then don’t wait, just get one of these wonderful gifts and watch him smile.

Heck, honestly, get one of these for yourself, you know you want to.

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