12 Funny Birthday Gifts For Him That He Will Definitely Have Fun With

You’ve been checking out a lot of funny birthday gifts for him, him being your boyfriend, friend, father, brother or son or whatever important male figure in your life.

And yet, you can’t think of anything, you can’t find anything good. Well, look no further, for this list has everything you need.

Just read on, and pick one gift that’s definitely going to be perfect!

1. Let’s learn a handful ways to poop

funny birthday gifts for him karma pootra

Karma Pootra – 52 Mind Blowing Ways to Poop

Out of all the funny birthday gifts for boyfriend a person can get, this may be one of the vulgar, and funnier ones.

A book combining the ancient art of moving your body in many ways with going number two.

Going to the bathroom has never been so funny! Just get him a book, and watch him laugh.

2. I am definitely sure he is going to release a lot of stress with this coloring book

funny birthday gifts for him adult coloring book

Memos to Shitty People

We all have those annoying people in our lives.

Shitty people like coworkers or clients, or just annoying friends can know exactly what you think of them when you send them a memo.

This book gives you both the opportunity to be artistic and original, while also helping you or the man in your life with speaking his mind in a unique, and honestly, vulgar and funny way.

3. He is going to find this t-shirt awesome

funny birthday gifts for him awesome t shirt

Fck it T-Shirt

So, if you’re thinking of some other funny birthday gifts for boyfriend, this can be a good choice.

A high-quality material black t-shirt signaling exactly what your boyfriend thinks.

It’s not just the sign that’s funny, but the stick figure interacting with the words that give it a nice touch. As all things, it’s the little things that count.

4. This thing fart every time you put in a coin

funny birthday gifts for him coin bank

Funny Farting Bank

While most funny birthday gifts for boyfriend are simply funny, this one is practical too.

Especially if your boyfriend has a lot of pennies and coins lying around.

It does require batteries (which are sold separately), but that’s not that big of a hassle for such a funny and original gift.

Every time you put a coin into this bank, it lets out a funny fart sound-now how funny is that?!

5. Get him an unicorn pajama

funny birthday gifts for him unicorn pajama

Unisex Unicorn Pajama

How about some funny birthday gifts for husband? Not that easy, I know, but these PJ-s might just be the thing you need.

I mean, honestly now, who doesn’t love unicorns-they’re awesome! This maroon blue outfit will surely get a laugh out of your man.

It can also be fun for some roleplaying-wink wink, nudge nudge.

Especially since they’re unisex, so you can get one for yourself too.

6. Let’s flip the bird ….

funny birthday gifts for him swearing middle finger

Motion Activated – Swearing Middle Finder

Now this one is really special, and a personal favorite. On the surface, it just looks like a plastic fist.

However, when you put in the batteries and turn it on, that’s when the magic happens.

It’s motion activated, so when turned on, whenever someone passes by it, it gives them the finger.

It gets even better. It has 13 cuss phrases, so, besides the flipping the bird thing, it also swears at people who come near it. Hilarious for ages!

7. There is more about flip the bird

funny birthday gifts for him book

101 Ways To Flip The Bird

Now this one is educational. Honestly, expressing one’s feelings is very important.

Keeping them bottled up is always a bad idea. And so is there anything more concise and clear than flipping someone off?

That’s where the educational part kicks in- a book that teaches you over one hundred ways (ok, one hundred and one) on how to flip the bird.

They don’t teach you that in school, now do they? Any man will love this.

8. This is the last gifts ideas about “bird flipping”

funny birthday gifts for him funny mug

Funny High Quality Bird Flipping Mug

How about giving your man a nice surprise? Just get this cup, pour a cup of coffee or some other dark liquid, and watch as he gets a nice surprise after taking a few sips.

This gift is especially good for men who are practical jokesters.

Any would-be comedian would love to keep a few of these in his home and offer a drink to his friends, and then watch their reactions.

9. At least it’s going to keep his head warm during winter time

funny birthday gifts for him funny hat

Funny Turkey Hat

This cookie hat will definitely make any man smile. Great for all occasions, especially funny on thanksgiving.

Would be even funnier if your man goes to work or some formal event wearing this (and then offering someone a cup of coffee using the number 8 entry above).

10. He is going to find this ring older very useful

funny birthday gifts for him ring holder

Pipik Jewelry Organizer

Now this is classy. A ring holder, with the rings held by the man of your dreams. Can be used for key chains or anything else, really. As long as it doesn’t make him a bit jealous, your man will love this gift.

11. This girlfriend pillow is a great giftt for the guy who is single

funny birthday gifts for him girlfriend pillow

Girlfriend Pillow With Arm

It’s difficult to always be there for your man. That’s why giving him this gift can be seen as quite a nice sign of affection.

Just get him this pillow, and he will be lonely no more. Also good for those male friends who constantly complain about not getting a girl.

12. This offensive humor t-shirt

funny birthday gifts for him funny t shirt

Unisex Funny T-Shirt

Perfect for the man who is confident in his masculinity and sexuality, while still having a sense of humor.

Wonderful for those guys who have a condescending sense of humor, and can take a joke at their expense.

Plus, the T-shirt is quite nice in and of itself, being quite comfortable and durable.

Have you decided which gift to get for him?

All your gift needs must surely be met. If your man is a guy with a sense of humor, he will definitely like all of these gifts.

Just choose one gift based on his personality, and watch him laugh and laugh. Do share this funny list with others who would also love it.

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