16 Fun Gifts For Him That He Will Enjoy (#14 Looks Really Fun)

Looking for fun gifts for him?

If you’re reading this article, it’s probably because you have troubles with finding fun birthday gifts for men and you really need some help.

Lucky for you, I’ve made this list of various interesting gifts, so you can easily find the best one for your loved one.

Whether you’re looking for an anniversary, a birthday or Christmas gift, I’m sure you’ll find what you need to make his day memorable.

1. This kinetic sculpture is mesmerizing. It is one of the best fun gifts for him. Watch this awesome video

Get Helicone Here

Christmas time is getting close and you still don’t know where to find fun Christmas gifts for him?

No need to stress about it anymore, because what I have here will be the best Christmas gift that you could ever imagine to buy him.

This fascinating helicone is just a perfect way to entertain him over and over again.

It’s a real piece of art, and the way wooden pieces swings around will just hypnotize him.

2. This game is going to make him passed out so fast

fun gifts for him spin the shot

Barbuzzo Spin The Shot

Spin-the-shot is a perfect gift for your boyfriend if he wants to have a great time with his friends.

Believe me, with this little gift there is no joking around.

Although it seems totally harmless, I assure you that a hangover is guaranteed.

One thing is certain, drinking has never been more challenging than now!

3. Magnetic sand timer

fun gifts for him magnetic sand timer

Westminster Magnetic Sand Timer

Who doesn’t love playing with a sand timer?

If your loved one enjoys living in the now, this magnetic sand timer will remind him to appreciate the present moment.

Whether he’s at work or at home, this is definitely a perfect gift for taking a break and having some fun.

Its unique yet simple look will add an elegant touch to his office or home.

4. This puzzle is a brain teaser

fun gifts for him puzzle game

3 in 1 Wooden Puzzle Game

Among best fun Christmas gifts for men is this set of handcrafted 3D puzzles that will keep your loved one and you occupied for a whole day.

Why not have some fun and see how much can you be creative? You’ll certainly enjoy creating a masterpiece together.

5. It is a brain game that makes people drunk

fun gifts for him tic tac toe shot glass

KOVOT Tic Tac Toe Shot Glass

What better combination than playing a game and drinking his favourite Vodka?

Tic Tac Toe is just a perfect game to have a great time.

He’ll definitely love this gift, whether he wants to play this game only with you or with his friends.

We recommend hand washing it, otherwise, he can say goodbye to this game (and that would be such a pity).

6. For him who don’t give a F***

fun gifts for him funny mug

I Do What I Want Funny Cat Mug

If he loves drinking coffee, then this gift is just what he needs.

Drinking coffee from his new favourite coffee mug is a sure way to have a great day.

The mug is microwave safe and holds 11 ounces of his favourite beverage.

But, the best part is that it can be washed in the dishwasher, without worrying if it will be damaged.

7. It is going to be a fun party with this board game

fun gifts for him board game

Drink A Palooza Board Game

Does he love playing drinking games? Then there is no better gift for his birthday then this awesome drinking board game.

It combines some of the best drinking games into one! I’d say that if your boyfriend wants to have the best drinking party ever, this gift is just a must-have.

It will bring so much fun to the party that people will talk how the party was great for months.

8. He is going to have a lot of fun on the beach or backyard

fun gifts for him spike ball


What better way to spend the day than playing Spikeball at the beach? This game is played 2 on 2, so it’s an ideal activity if you enjoy spending a day with your man.

Since it’s a combination of volleyball and foursquare it will keep your energy on a high-level and you’ll have a lot of fun. The question is: who will be a winner?

9. They say it is the worst game ever made

fun gifts for him disturbing card

Disturbed Friends Party Game

If you thought that there is no such a thing as a game that you wish you never played, you were wrong.

Here you have Disturbed friends- a game that is only played by those who can handle disturbing questions and don’t have a problem with being offended.

So, is your boyfriend one of those people?

10. This electric game that won’t fry your hand

fun gifts for him lightning reaction

Lightning Reaction Reloaded

Among fun birthday gifts for him is definitely this Shocking game.

With this gift, his party will be a great success (and painful a little bit).

Playing this shocking game, he’ll realize what is a real definition of “fun”.

The key to winning is that he has to be really fast and careful, otherwise he’ll get zapped.

11. For him and his stupid friends

fun gifts for him stupid game card

Drunk, Stoned or Stupid

Have you ever been to a party that was a complete failure?

Then you understand the importance of having a great game that everyone at the party will love.

That’s why with this game the fun is guaranteed.

So, if your loved one is throwing a birthday party, you’d better hurry up and buy him this amazing game.

The best part is that anyone can play it, it’s not like you need to be some sort of a genius.

12. This game is going to let you know more about his darkest secret

fun gifts for him never have I ever

Never Have I Ever

This game is just perfect for him if he wants to share some of the most embarrassing moments of his life.

Whether the two of you wants to play it or you want to invite some friends, this game will help you to get to know him (and your friends)better.

I’m sure that you’ll enjoy finding out veeery interesting things about your loved one. How much can you take?

13. Thia is an air bazooka

fun gifts for him air bazooka


Do you want to blow him away? Well, this gift will literally do that. But, no need to worry if your loved one will be hurt, because this ball is totally harmless.

It’s just something fun to try and something that will bring a lot of laughter.

14. Guess what I am saying…haki erthei!

fun gifts for him guess what I am saying

Watch Ya Mouth

A Funny gift for him that will turn every day into hilarious one is this authentic mouth guard party game.

If he loves games, this one will be his favourite.

There is nothing more interesting than trying to figure out what he said while wearing cheek retractors.

Speaking has never been more interesting!

15. Only age above 30 can play this?

fun gifts for him exploding kitten

Exploding Kitten

Among funny gifts for him, you’ll find this weird game.

If he loves weird games and he’s into exploding kittens and other similar things, this gift will make him laugh like never before.

Just keep in mind that this game is only for adults, so make sure your kids don’t see it otherwise they will have nightmares.

16. Marshmallow barbecue stick

fun gifts for him marshmellow barbeque stick

Marshmallow Roasting Stick

Why not make his birthday memorable and buy him this gift?

This cooking skewer is just perfect for fast and even roasting.

Moreover, it’s super sturdy so no need to worry if it will break.

What better way to enjoy the night than sitting by the fire, roasting marshmallows and talking with your dearest one?

Have you decided which gift to get for him?

Now that you’ve gone through this list, you’re more than ready for shopping!

With a perfect funny gift, not only that you’ll make his day memorable but he’ll have a lot of fun too.

If you found this list helpful, feel free to share it with your friends so they can the get best fun gifts for him.

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