10 Best Food Related Gift Ideas For Him Who Loves Food More Than Porn

Food gifts ideas for men are among the best for since you can find hundreds of brilliant gifts for them that are sure to put a smile on his faces.

If you are shopping for a gift for a man who loves food – whether it is your father, your brother, your best guy friend, or the man of your life – then this list of food-themed gifts can help you.

These gifts are perfect for a man who loves to spend time in the kitchen or is a self-confessed food addict.

So without further ado, here are some gifts that you can choose for them.

1. Make ice cream in an instant with this ice cream maker. This is a great food gift ideas for him

Zoku Ice Cream Maker

This gifts will surely amaze your loved one since it allows him to prepare his very own ice cream in as little as 10 minutes.

All it takes is to add the preferred base into the pre-chilled bowl, stir it, then watch the machine work its magic by freezing the mixture.

It is also a great gift for someone who loves ice cream while still ensuring that he does not overindulge since it is perfect only for small portions. Electricity is also unnecessary in operating it.

2. Learn new recipes with this book


Heritage by Sean Brock

A man who loves food and cooking on his own is impressive, so giving Heritage, a book from Sean Brock, to someone who has the mentioned quality will surely amaze him.

The book contains lots of mouthwatering and unique recipes from the writer who is also the chef behind the famous restaurants McCrady’s and Husk.

The good thing about most of the recipes mentioned in this book is that they are easy to prepare.

The man whom you are giving this book to will surely thank you since he can prepare the recipes fast using the basic equipment in his home and some easy to find ingredients.

3. Let’s cook something with Big Green Egg

birthday gifts for food lover

Big Green Egg

Big Green Egg is one of your best choices if you are searching for the best smoker for a man who loves to cook.

This kitchen gifts refers to a kamado-type grill, which is capable of smoking, searing and cooking foods. It is made of ceramic shell, which can hold heat properly and cook foods evenly.

It also has an excellent ventilation feature, making it possible for you to control heat. Its glazed interior also promotes ease in cleaning it.

4. Cook pasta with this pot that comes along with strainer



Bialetti Pasta Pot

Put a smile in the face of one of the most important men in your life with this pasta pot from Bialetti.

If he loves to cook, then he can further express his passion with the help of this kitchen item. It features an oval design, making it capable of accommodating lasagna noodles and spaghetti without the risk of breaking the strands.

Made from aluminum, it also guarantees even and quick heating. It also features a built-in strainer and a twist and lock lid.

5. This Kombucha kit is going to make his day


Komnucha Home Brew Kit

Are you planning to gift a man who loves brewed kombucha? Then the Kombucha Brewing Kit is perfect for him.

With this gift, he can start brewing his very own Kombucha right at the comforts of his own home.

It comes with a brew jar made of glass, so he doesn’t have to deal with the hassle of looking for a cotton cover and a vessel for brewing.

Made from glass, the jar can also be expected to last. The kit also comes with all the needed ingredients to begin brewing.

6. He can light up fire this coming barbecue party easily


Weber Chimney Starter

This chimney starter is a perfect gift for men because it works effectively in starting charcoal within just a few minutes.

All it takes is to prepare its extra-large canister, fill it up with coals, allow a crinkled paper or fire starter to release the flame and place the canister on top.

Within just a few minutes, it can produce hot coals. The item is mainly constructed out of aluminum steel.

7. No food lover can resist this beef jerky


Biltong Grass Fed Dried Beef

This popular food gift for men can be defined as an all-natural steak bite packed in a bag, which they can take as snack or meal after a workout.

The good thing about this product is that it is rich in protein and low in fat.

It is also known for being an all-natural snack because it does not contain gluten, nitrate, and MSG.

You can give this to someone who is into CrossFit training or in a Paleo diet.

8. Bacon Chemistry T-shirt


The Chemistry of Bacon

This men’s t-shirt from Crazy Dog T-shirt has an exclusive, fun and unique design, making it possible to amaze anyone whom you gift this item to.

The manufacturer of the shirt used high-grade plasticol ink and advanced equipment to keep it durable and make its vibrant colors last long.

It is made of ultra-soft cotton and is known to be light in weight, making it very comfortable to wear.

9. Hungry in the middle of the night? This will save his life


Wise Company – Grab & Go Food Kit

This food kit from Wise Company is the ultimate solution for men who love food items that they can easily grab wherever they are.

The foods are placed in a sturdy bag and you can expect them to be cooked right in there.

You just need to open the top, remove the oxygen absorber, then pour the recommended quantity of hot water.

You can close the bag again then shake it before you can enjoy the food.

10. New York times best seller – A love story with food


Food : A Love Story by Jim Gaffigan

Written by Jim Gaffigan, a comedian and actor, Food: A Love Story is definitely a delight to read, making it a perfect gift for men. Through his book, Gaffigan tells its readers everything they want to know about the way he views food. The catch?

He does so in a humorous way. Almost any dish in the book comes with their own nickname.

If you are planning to give a gift to a man who has a strong sense of humor and loves interesting stuff and foods, then this is the perfect reading material for him.


So there you have it, ten of the best food gifts for men that you can give to a man who seems to have everything and has a strong love for food.

The good thing about these gift items is that they are perfect for almost all occasions – so whether you are giving any of these for Christmas, birthday, wedding anniversary, or any other occasion, he will surely love it.

Send this list over to your friend who is looking for food gifts. It might help them to find the best food gifts for him.

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