18 Useful Fitness Gifts For Men That He Will Ever Need

Are you having trouble looking for fitness gifts for men?

Then this 18 gifts will spark some ideas for you.

Most of them are boring, but they are extremely useful for guy who love to keep fit.

Keep on reading.

1. This fitness gifts for men will let him achieve his genetic potential


The 4 Hour body by Tim Ferris

This book actually contains a lot of useful tips to hack your body. It is a great gift for anyone who want to take care of their body.

2. Get him an adjustable dumbbell


Bowflex Adjustable Dumbell

Is he a busy man and prefer to workout at home? Then this adjustable dumbbell is definitely an useful gift for him. This is the best workout gift for him.

3. Let him carve his abs out with this toy


Perfect Fitness Abs Carver Pro

I think it is a great gift for both men and women. The wide wheel stabilize your movement so beginner can use this safely.

4. Get him an automatic protein shaker


Promixx Vortex Mixer

Now he can have his protein mix up evenly with a press of a button.

5. Want him to keep up with his fitness and nutrition plan easier?


Fitlosophy Fitbook

This 12-week planning page is definitely going to help him achieve his fitness goal.

6. Make healthy smoothies the easier way


Oster Blender With Travel Sport Bottle

He can now make healthy smoothies the easy way. After finish blending, just detached the bottle and he can have his post workout smoothies while on its way to the gym.

7. Let him monitor his daily activities


Fitbit Wireless Activity Wrist Band

He can now track his sleep, put on alarm, track calories and many more. This way he will know if he need to walk more or sleep more.

8. Let him workout at home


EA Sport Ative 2

Is there any awkward movement that he felt uncomfortable to do it outside his comfort zone? Then get this for him so he can go crazy at home.

9. He can now prepare his food much more healthier with this low fat multi cooker


T-Fal Low Fat Multi Cooker

He can now prepare his healthy food easily. Risotto, meat, seafood, rice can be cook in this cooker.

10. Is he a yoga guy?


Manduka Yoga Mat

Probably the most durable yoga mat that ever made.

11. Did he love running?


Pioneer Earphone For Runner

His earphone won’t slipped out anymore while running with this Pioneer earphone that built for performance. Besides it is waterproof as well.

12. Get him an organised gym bag


Glo Gym Locker Organizer Backpack

This gym bag organiser is quite spacious as it fits in a size 12 shoes. Besides, the ventilation on the shoe compartment keep away the show smell.

There are many other compartment in this bag as so he can put all his wallet, comb, wax in here.

13. Get this for a gym rat if you really don’t know what to get


Optimum Nutrition

You can never go wrong with a 10 pound of whey protein. It is a boring but very useful gift.

14. Get him a Pea Protein if he is a vegetarian


Naked Pea Vegetarian Protein

Is he a vegetarian? Then get this protein powder made from raw yellow peas.

15. What about this after workout 100% whole grains snack?


Kodiak Cakes Flapjack

No added fat, cholesterol or sugar. Why not?

16. Get this if every calories count for him


Multifunctional Kitchen Food Scale

This way he can get the right amount of food everyday.

17. A water bottle with secret compartment


Contigo Autoseal Water Bottle

If he is going to the park for a pull up or going to a nearby gym, then this gift is definitely for him.

18. Is he having trouble looking for jeans that fit his big thigh?


Barbell Apparel

Barbell Apparel have made a jeans specifically for men and women with big thigh (who squat). No more baggy jeans for him. Probably the best gifts for gym rats who have big thigh.

Is any of your friend are looking for fitness gifts for men? Why not share this to them so they can find the best fitness gifts for them.

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