14 Amazing Expensive Gifts For Men (Especially #9 and #12)

Expensive gifts for men aren’t easy to find, but I did our best to make a list of such gifts so you can surprise your special one with that jaw-dropping gift.

So, take your time and enjoy going through this carefully written list.

Let’s keep reading.

1. This is a useful expensive gifts for men. Watch this futuristic robotic vacuum cleaner in action

Dyson 360 Robotic Eye Vacuum

Cleaning the house can really be annoying, but it’s something that we simply have to do. To make that part of his life easier, you’re probably in a search for useful expensive gifts for men.

It’s your lucky day because we have a perfect gift- Eye Robot Vacuum. Due to its amazing features, every room will be cleaned meticulously.

2. Do you know what is this? It is a home speaker

expensive gifts for men home speaker

Bang & Olufsen Wireless Home Speaker

Is he one of those people who enjoys throwing parties? Then he’s going to need this powerful home speaker that will definitely spice up that party with its amazing sound.

Not only this speaker has a great quality, but it will also look stylish in the living room.

3. The most expensive and rare coffee

expensive gifts for men coffee bean

Luwak Star Gourmet Coffee

On our list of expensive birthday gifts for men is the Gourmet Coffee, made from all hand-picked and manually sorted beans that bring coffee-time to whole new level.

This makes it a perfect gift for coffee lovers, because of its perfect taste that makes every morning special and beautiful.

4. There are a lot of great review on Amazon about this headphone


Sennheiser Closed Back Headphones

Does he enjoy watching movies? Then we have a gift that is a must-have for him! With these headphones, he will certainly enjoy watching movies due to its high attenuation of background noise and the ability to handle very high sound pressure level.

5. Patek Philippe watch

expensive gift for men patek philippe watch

Patek Philippe Watch

Are you ready to buy him a gift that will make his head spin? With its beautiful and elegant design, this watch is on top of expensive gifts for his birthday.

Also, it comes in a very stylish box, where the watch will be safe and sound. There is no doubt that this gift will make his birthday special.

6. Take awesome picture with Leica

expensive gifts for men leica camera

Leica Camera

This year you want to make holidays memorable for him? Then we have a perfect expensive Christmas gift for him that will make every second count.

With this high-quality Camera, the two of you standing in the front of wonderful Christmas Tree will be the best picture ever.

7. This beautiful decanter


Ravenscroft Crystal Beveled Blade Decanter

Finding expensive gifts for boyfriend have never been more interesting! This attention-grabbing Decanter is definitely a perfect way to show him how much you love him.

The Decanter is a perfect combination of functionality and sophistication that will certainly add a lovely touch to his living room.

It comes in a wonderful box and the second he opens it he will fall in love with this present.

8. Inflatable outdoor camp

expensive gifts for men camping set

Inflatable Bubble Tent

Why not forget everything else and just go on camping with your special man? It will certainly spice up your relationship and you will be ready for new moments.

This amazing gift is among the best expensive gifts for a husband for a reason- it’s perfect for those lazy summer days when you want to relax with him and simply do what feels good.

It’s time the two of you enjoy the morning coffee while looking wonderful scenery before you.

9. Wearable bass system? You got to watch this video

SubPac Wearable Bass

Is he a party animal and always ready for enjoying the life? Then this Bass System is all he needs in order to make the people dance wherever he goes.

Without a doubt, he will bring a lot of positive energy and the people will be thrilled with his way of enjoying the music.

10. Huge backyard entertainment with family and friends

expensive gifts for menbackyard projector

Backyard Theatre System

Having a great time with your friends and family is something that we all want but due to our busy lives, we don’t get a lot of chance.

So, here we a gift just perfect for those reunions that guarantees entertainment. It’s time for outdoor movies and lots of laughs that will result in stronger relationships.

11. Electric skateboard

expensive gift foe men boosted board

Boosted Board

If his mantra is “Variety is the spice of life” here we have a gift that will certainly challenge his way of life.

Electric Skateboard is a tool that will enable him to enjoy the fresh air while heading to his work or simply riding through the city and looking the world from the new perspective.

12. This helmet is awesome!

expensive gifts for men helmet

Kustom Air Brushing Fiber Optic Helmet

If your special one is into collecting super cool helmets, here we have a perfect one that will be such a refreshing addition to his collection. Because of its special features such as three lasers and six fiber optic dreadlocks, this one will be his favorite helmet.

13. Glass toaster

expensive gift for men glass toaster

Russell Hobbs Glass Toaster

Does your husband enjoy in making you breakfast? Then we have a perfect gift that will make him even more eager to show you love.

Thanks to its practicality and very modern design that makes every kitchen looks so vivid, it isn’t surprising why this Glass Toaster can be found on our awesome-expensive-gifts-for-men list.

13. High quality turntable

expensive gifts for men turntable

Marantz Turntable With Cartridge

Your dad’s birthday is getting closer and you’re looking for expensive gifts for dad? No need to worry because you can opt for this stunning Turntable that will take his breath away.

It’s time for him to bring old memories to life and enjoy his favorite music with you.

14. This ultra wide monitor

LG Ultra Wide Monitor

I know that surprising him can sometimes be scary because you aren’t sure if he will like the present. However, what is a better way to surprise him than to get him Curved, Ultra Wide Monitor?

Can you imagine the joy on his face when the two of you sit on the couch and enjoy the movie? So, hurry up and make his day.


Now that you have our list of best expensive gifts for men, it’s time to make his special day count.

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