10 Meaningful Donation As A Gift For Him That Saves Innocent Life

Have you been thinking of donation as gift for him?

With all that money to spend on materialistic things and with all those people needing help, why not be a philanthropist this upcoming season and give a gift to the world by donating money to charity?

I’ve thought about this for a while and have decided to be humane as well.

Here are some organizations that I thought were best for donating to.

1. Charity Water : You can buy their merchandise and that money will go as donation. This is a great donation as a gift for a good cause

donation as a gift charity water

Charity Water Merchandise Store

This particular charity offers buying their merchandise as a way of giving back to the world.

This way he gets a reminder that he helped and his money didn’t go to waste since someone who needs it has got a hold of it.

You can find a lot of interesting and useful items on their site including bicycles, shirts, and candles.

The money goes towards making water cleaner, hence the name of the charity

2. Unicef

donation as a gift world vision


Unicef is a worldwide charity that helps children living in poor environments.

All you have to do is select a gift from a list they have provided, dedicate it to anyone you want and have the gift delivered to a child in need.

This is one of the best donations gifts because you’re not going to buy something useless, these gifts will actually save young lives

3. World Vision

donation as a gift world vision

World Vision

This is a charity similar to Unicef. It helps families and individuals who need it most.

Giving donations as a gift has been made easy and accessible as you only need to follow instructions on their official site and after a few clicks, you will be helping to make the world a better place.

After all, not everyone is as fortunate as you are.

The children are the least responsible ones (if they are responsible at all) for the predicament the world is in, and donation gifts are a great way to ameliorate this issue.

4. MyCause

donation as a gift mycause


Charity donations as a gift for any occasion have been made possible thanks to this charity.

Their system says that you can choose an e-card or a voucher for any occasion: be it Christmas, Easter, Mother’s day, or anything in between.

You’re completely in control of what you give and how much, and all of the money you give goes towards charity

5. Global Giving

donation as a gift global giving

Global Giving

This is one of the largest charities out there. It connects countries all over the world and brings them closer to the same goal: improving the quality of the world.

You can donate your money to one of their many projects and thereby join their marvelous team that never stops fighting for a better future.

6. Does he loves animal? Then you can support RSPA merchandise

donation as a gift RSPCAdonation as a gift RSPCA

Check Out RSPCA Merchandise Store

RSPCA actually stands for: “Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals”. Yes, that’s right, people aren’t the only ones that need help.

Animals are also endangered and abandoned.

Hence why this organization allows giving donations as gifts in the form of purchasing some of their merchandise.

The charity’s goal is to help animals find a home and live a happier life, as well as to get them out of harm’s way by moving them from areas and families that are dangerous for them.

7. What about sell something with him online or offline and donate the money to Red Nose Day?

donation as a gift red nose day

Red Nose Day

One of gift donations ideas is this particular charity because it raises awareness through entertainment and that makes it a tad different from other charities.

All the money you donate goes towards improving lives of people in the poorest parts of the USA and the world.

Donating has never seemed to be more fun since this charity makes you laugh as well as making you feel appreciated for helping

8. Do you know you can adopt Slow Loris through WWF?

donation as a gift wwf

Adopt Slow Loris Through WWF

Another animal-caring foundation, but here, as a donation gifts, you can adopt a slow Loris! Haven’t you always wanted to have one?

Your Loris will be taken care of by professionals, and your only job is to purchase the adoption kit which contains a few slow Loris related goodies, as well as your adoption certificate.

9. There are a lot of donation that you can support on Alternative Gifts International

donation as a gift alternative gifts

Alternative Gifts

Charity donation gifts have been made better with this charity because it allows you to choose what you donate to.

There are a number of problems you can help solve and they’re all conveniently listed.

They fight for Hunger relief, Gender equality, education, health and well-being, environmental sustainability, AGI projects, and Global Partnership.

You can give a gift as well as send a greeting or gift card. This might be a good choice for a donations Christmas gifts.

10. What about save the money that you plan to get him a gift and buy lunch for the homeless at his local area?

donation as a gift homeless lunch

If you’re more of a hands-on approach instead of just clicking a few buttons and not knowing what happens with your money further, a good idea might be to save the money you were going to spend on a gift for him and instead visit a homeless area in your city and treat a homeless person to lunch.

Not only will it make you feel good, but I’m sure that the person’s reaction will inspire you to donate more money to charity or to feed more homeless people, at least for a day.


…that making the world a better place is a long and troublesome process but it’s worth it in the end.

Also remember that your children will be living in the world you shape today. Donating money benefits both the person you’re helping and yourself.

I know that I wouldn’t give up the warm and fuzzy feeling I get from helping another human in need.

Good luck with donating this and any season, and encourage your friends to be altruistic as well!

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