60 Awesome DIY Gifts For Boyfriend That He Secretly Want

Looking for DIY gifts for boyfriend?

If you’re creative and you want to give him a gift that will mean the world to him, then it’s time to use your talent and to actually make him one.

DIY gifts for boyfriend that I found are certainly much more interesting gifts than those you buy.

Let’s see how creative you are!

1. Whiskey crate is an unique diy gifts for boyfriend

whiskey crate diy gifts for boyfriend

Follow this tutorial at Man Made DIY

Don’t you think that a bottle of spirits makes for an excellent gift? If your loved one appreciates a remarkable taste of his favorite Whiskey, then a Whiskey crate would be just a perfect gift for him.

Thanks to the crate, his favorite bottle will be safe and sound.

It’s time to make your very first whiskey crate! Don’t worry, because this gift crate project is really simple and it won’t take you much time to assemble the whole thing.

I’m sure that your loved one be amazed with what you made.

2. DIY custom heavy duty tool roll

heavy duty roll diy gifts for boyfriend

Via Man Made DIY

Looking for DIY boyfriend gifts that will organize his tools? Then this one is just what you need to make him smile.

As you probably already know, a tool box is an old-fashioned way to keep his tools in one place. Moreover, it’s time wasting.

There is nothing more irritating for him than searching over and over again for the items that he needs.

Spare him all that trouble and make him this remarkable Heavy Duty Tool Roll. Not only that his tools will always be arranged neatly, but he can also carry them wherever he wants.

3. Lipstick art

lipstick art diy gifts for boyfriend

Via A Beautiful Mess

The Valentine’s Day is getting close and you want to surprise him? What better way to do that than to make this picture?

Since you’re making a gift for Valentine’s day you’re allowed to be as sappy as you want.

Use your favorite lipsticks and kiss the paper. It may sound like a simple gift, but the result will be terrific.

You’ll get a remarkable kiss print in a lovely frame.

Moreover, personalize it and write him a romantic note on the back.

4. Bottle Stopper

bottle stopper diy gifts for boyfriend

Bottle Stopper tutorial at A Beautiful Mess

If he has a bar and he’s proud of his collection of spirits, then this gift is just a perfect one for him.

Make a remarkable collection of wooden bottle stoppers to add an authentic and stylish touch to his bar.

He’ll be more than happy to see these creative bottle stoppers on top of his favorite bottles. One is for sure these creative pieces will forever change the look of his bar.

5. Handmade Keychain

keychain diy gifts for boyfriend

Learn how to make this at A Beautiful Mess

You probably had those days when your boyfriend and you were going somewhere and he’d spend a half an hour searching for his keys all over the house.

So, if you don’t know what would be the perfect gift for his birthday, I’d definitely suggest you to make him this awesome leather keychain.

It has a simple design plus it’s big enough so he can easily find it.

Moreover, he’ll love the fact that you alone made this gift, so it’ll make his birthday even more special.

6. Leather Mason Jar Sleeves

mug sleeve diy birthday gifts for boyfriend

Follow this tutorial at A Beautiful Mess

Had he already had a sippin’ jar? If you aren’t sure what it is, let me explain you.

It’s the jar where he can pour tea, beer, or whatever he wants, and make drinking more creative and fun.

So, instead of drinking his favorite beverage from a mundane glass, make him this super cool Leather Mason Jar Sleeve.

It’s a perfect gift for Christmas, so he can enjoy the flavorful taste of hot chocolate served from this jar.

7. Grow a crystal with him

crystal diy gifts for boyfriend

Learn how to make this at A Beautiful Mess

If he loves sciency-craft projects and you want to have some fun with your loved one, why not try this one?

The two of you will enjoy spending some time together, plus you’ll enjoy making something new and different.

This project is all about crystals, so be prepared for dazzling moments. If you thought that it’s not possible to grow your own crystals, this project will definitely prove you wrong.

The best part is that these crystals can be used in many ways, so it’s up to you to discover for what you want to use them.

8. Make this mouth watering homemade cookie butter

cookie butter homemade gifts for him

Follow this tutorial at A Beautiful Mess

If your loved one can’t imagine his life without finger-licking Oreo, then you just have to make him this cookie butter that will make his life even sweeter.

The best part about this cookie butter is that it can be used with any cookie, not only Oreo.

Assuming that you know what he’d love the most, (besides Oreo), mix all the ingredients and make him a flavorful gift.

9. Mineral wine stopper

wine stopper diy gifts for boyfriend birthday

Learn how to make this at A Beautiful Mess

You might want to make this for your love one if he is a wine lovers.

I think this is a great stocking stuffer too.

10. Gold cheese label

gold cheese handmade gifts for husband

Learn how to make this at A Beautiful Mess

Does he loves cheese? Then he will absolutely love this one.

11. Last minute DIY Christmas gifts for your boyfriend

christmas handmade gifts for boyfriend

Learn how to make this last minute Christmas gifts at A Beautiful Mess

Don’t worry, you will make it in time.

12. Camera strap

camera strap diy gifts for boyfriend birthday

Via Modcloth

Is he a photographer? Then he is going to love this one and only camera strap that you made for him.

13. Necktie zipper

necktie pouch diy gifts for boyfriend

Via Polka Dot Chair

There may be a number of great DIY Christmas gift ideas for boyfriend, but only a few are as interesting as this one.

I promise that you’re going to love this project, especially because it’s so simple. Save his old neckties that he wants to throw away and turn them into a creative gift.

Just follow these instructions and make him necktie zip pouches that he can use to keep his personal things in one place.

14. Make this beautiful cement desk organiser for your boyfriend

cement desk organiser diy gifts for boyfriend

Learn how to make this at A Pair & A Spare

Like most of us, your man probably needs some help with organization. So, don’t waste your time on buying him various organizers but rather make him one.

With this amazing gift, his desk (and life) will be neatly organized, plus this set will add a nice, unique touch to his desk.

This project might seem complicated but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Steps are carefully explained, so making this gift will be a piece of cake!

15. Leather Hanging Shelf

Learn how to make this shelf at A Pair & A Spare

So, your boyfriend needs a new shelf and you choose to actually make him one, but how to do that? Fast and easy, but you have to follow these instructions carefully.

A simple and sophisticated design of this shelf is just perfect for any setting, so need to worry if this shelf will fit with the colors in his man cave.

16. Satchel inspired Macbook cover

macbook cover diy gifts for boyfriend

Tutorial at Crafty Gentleman

Want more unique handmade gifts for men? How about this one? For a man who appreciates both stylish and practical things.

Whether you want to make a cover for a tablet or a laptop, you’ll love this project because it’s simple and fun way to make him smile.

Besides that, his laptop will be safe and sound, and he can easily carry it with himself.

17. Travel toiletries

toiletries diy gifts for boyfriend

Tutorial at Crafty Gentleman

If you’re creative and you just love trying new projects, you can make some homemade gifts for boyfriend birthday.

This travel toiletry bag is a perfect gift for him if he loves travelling.

It looks great (you can choose whichever fabric he loves the most), it’s functional and it’s an interesting way to show him how much you care about his needs.

18. Marbled bookmark

bookmark diy gifts for boyfriend birthday

Tutorial at Crafty Gentleman

If he’s a bookworm and he’s reading day and night then he’s going to need these creative handmade gifts for boyfriend that will help him to bookmark the page.

Inspired by Shakespeare, this is the project that will bring some colors and wise words into his world.

The best part is that you can make him as many bookmarks as you want!

19. Leather and denim apron

apron diy gifts for boyfriend

Tutorial at Crafty Gentleman

What better way to look cool in the kitchen than wearing this quirky apron?

The unusual combination of leather and denim will make his apron attention-grabbing so it’s not surprising that he’ll wear it with a smile on his face.

But he isn’t the only one to smile, because you’ll enjoy every single second of this super cool project!

20. Copper desk organizer

copper desk organiser diy gifts for him

Tutorial at Crafty Gentleman

In case you’re looking for handmade gift ideas for him, I have the perfect one for you.

This project might not be as simple as others, but just imagine the look on his face when you give him this gift.

He’ll love the practicality of this copper desk organizer, but what he’ll love even more is the unique metallic color that will forever change the look of his desk.

21. Beer flavoured roasted nuts

beer roasted handmade gifts for boyfriend

Tutorial at Crafty Gentleman

What better combination than his favorite beer and the most delicious roasted nuts that he’d ever tried? This project is simple so no need to worry if you can do it.

Just make sure that you follow the instructions otherwise you might ruin the gift.

This is one of the best DIY birthday gifts for men and the second your boyfriend and you try this roasted nuts, you’ll see why is that so.

22. DIY tweed patchwork

pillow diy gifts for boyfriend

Tutorial at Crafty Gentleman

If you’re looking for DIY Christmas gifts for your boyfriend, you’ll love this one.

This décor project is a perfect way to express your creativity and to make use of all offcuts that you no longer want to collect.

Make him a fancy tweed cushion that will complement a nice Christmas atmosphere in his home.

23. Leather tweed document holder

document holder diy gifts for boyfriend

Tutorial at Crafty Gentleman

If he’s one of those people who just adore tweed, this gift is a must-have.

Use leather and tweed to make him this quite handy holder where his documents will be safe and sound.

He’ll carry it everywhere! This project isn’t an easy one, but I promise that you’ll be proud when you finish it.

24. Concrete Star Wars push pin

push pin diy gifts for boyfriend birthday

Via The Domestic Heart

If he’s a fan of Star Wars, this gift makes a great handmade present for boyfriend.

These magnets and push pins would be a great addition to his office, so hurry up and make them.

Whether you’re looking for a Christmas gift or a birthday gift, this one will certainly make his day.

25. Branch Coaster

branch coaster diy gifts for boyfriend

Via Garden Therapy

Getting tired of thinking up some great homemade gifts for guys? How about these coasters that will keep his table spotless?

Moreover, they will make his coffee table more beautiful due to their uniqueness.

This project is simple but if you want to turn these branches into real art, you have to be patient and meticulous.

26. Slippers at home

slipper diy gifts for boyfriend

Via Wonderful DIY

Who wouldn’t love to have a homemade pair of slippers?

The great thing about this project is that the possibilities are infinite, so you’d better start choosing the color and material you fancy the most.

It’s time to finally use your sewing machine!

27. Wallet

wallet diy gifts for boyfriend

Tutorial at Noodle Head

One of the best christmas gifts for him that you’ll find is this awesome wallet.

Why be satisfied with a classic wallet when he can have this one?

Follow these instructions to make him a wallet that he’ll carry for a long time.

28. Glow in the dark flask

flask diy gifts for boyfriend

Via Hands Occupied

Looking for really unique DIY gift ideas for boyfriend birthday? This might be just what you need.

This awesome project is a fun way to make a fabric-covered flask that glows in the dark.

He’ll never again have to search his flask in his bag because this glowing beauty is easy to notice!

29. BBQ Apron

apron diy gifts for boyfriend

Via Lia Griffith

If he loves cooking a great dinner, this is just a perfect way to make him proud of his cooking skills.

The white print of beer bottle and BBQ tools is easy to cut and you can either use a cutting machine or you can cut by hand.

This project is so simple and yet it will make him so happy.

30. Unraveling letter

unraveling letter diy gifts for boyfriend

Via Paper & Stitch

If you want to make him happy and to send him a message of love, this gift is a perfect way to do that.

You’ll definitely enjoy every second of this easy-to-do project, but what’s even better you’ll enjoy the smile on his face when he gets this authentic unravelling letter.

Without a doubt, this makes one of the best DIY gifts for boyfriend for anniversary.

31. Popcorn invitation

movie invitation diy gifts for boyfriend

Via Eat Drink Chic

The Valentine’s Day is just a perfect excuse to do something romantic and different, so why not make this popcorn invitation?

This project is an inexpensive and simple way to make him smile.

Just imagine the romantic atmosphere and the two of you watching movie and cuddling. Ah, those perfect moments!

32. Industrial watch holder

watch holder diy gifts fro boyfriend

Via Love Create Celebrate

This Industrial Watch Holder is one of the best handmade gifts for men since it’s so practical.

I know that this project might not be as interesting and easy to make as others, but your loved one will definitely appreciate this gift.

Just relax and give your best!

33. Beef Jerky


What’s better than a homemade jerky? Besides, it is quite easy to make as well. Learn how to make the best beef jerky in the world.

34. Leather lunch tote

lunch tote diy gifts for boyfriend

Via Design Sponge

If he’s one of those people who carefully prepare their lunch, then he’ll be more than happy to have this handmade lunch bag.

So, get all the material and tools that you’ll need and start making this cool-looking gift for your loved one. Fun is guaranteed!

35. Handmade Sheath


If your boyfriend love hunting or outdoor activities, make a leather knife sheath for him. It seems hard to make but trust me, this tutorial made everything easier.

36. Handmade Wallet


You never think of this one don’t you? Follow this step by step tutorial to make the one and only wallet for your boyfriend.

37. DIY Baseball Bracelet


If he loves wearing bracelets and you’re in a search for the one that is as special as your loved one, you’re at the right place.

With this project, you’ll make him a remarkable baseball bracelet that will fit perfectly with any outfit.

This bracelet is easy to make with this tutorial.

38. A Book With all the reasons you love him



Learn how to make one here

This gift is so easy to make. Besides, this is a very romantic and meaningful gifts as well.

39. Magnetic bottle opener

bottle opener diy gifts for boyriend

Via Instructables

This magnetic bottle opener is a wall art. Make this one for him and say no more to bottle cap scatter around the house.

40. Cute Hand Warmer


Everytime he use this he is going to remember you. This is a sweet DIY Christmas gifts for him during the cold weather. You can make another one for yourself too so both of you can have a sweet couple hand Warmer. Follow this tutorial on Repeat After Me to make one for him.

41. Guinness BBQ Sauce


Is your boyfriend birthday around summer time? Throw him a BBQ party and complement this gifts for him. Stick a note on the jar and write “ingredient : 100% love”. Follow this recipe to make this sauce.

42. Shoe shine box

shoe shine box diy gifts for him

Via Art of Manliness

If you have the tools for woodworking, why don’t try make a shoe shine box for him? Every guy need one of this to keep their shoes clean and shiny.

43. Digital device sleeve

sleeve digital device diy gifts for boyfriend

Via Sew for Home

He will be so pleased to receive this where he can keep his digital device and bring it anywhere he go.

44. Make a bottle bag for him

bottle cover diy gifts for boyfriend

Tutorial at Georgina Giles

This is a great sleeve to make for him if you are buying a bottle of wine for him.

45. A cute tweed coat for his dog

dog clothes diy gifts for boyfriend

Tutorial at Makezine

It is a great Christmas gift for his dog to keep it warm. Your boyfriend will love you even more when he say you make this cute thing for him.

46. Picture frame that hide a gun

frame gun diy gifts for boyfriend

via DIY Ready

Not just gun, he can hide his important stuff as well.

47. Mouth drooling nachos

nachos diy gifts for boyfriend

via ManMade

Food! I can never resist food.

48. Waterless snow globe

snow globe diy gifts for boyfriend

Via Consumer Crafts

If you are looking for a craft to occupy you on your day off that is appropriate for all ages and lets you be as creative as you’d like, I have just a perfect fit for you.

I know that you have at least a couple of empty jars, and by following the instructions, you can turn them into beautiful snow globes.

Not only that you’ll have so much fun creating these, but you can later use them as great gifts in the spirit of the holiday season!

49. Delicious bacon salt

bacon salt diy gifts for boyfriend

Via Honestly Yum

If your boyfriend doesn’t have a sweet tooth, but more of a bacon tooth, this will be right up his alley.

I’m pretty sure that you already have all the ingredients you need – salt, black pepper, and bacon.

Just that, I am not joking, so put on an apron and start making this exquisite treat that will instantly make your every meal fabulous!

And you can thank me later after your special somebody starts drooling over your present telling how much they love you.

50. A list of love song

songs diy gifts for boyfriend

Via Seen The Life I’ve Had

The power of music is great, and there are certain things in life that can only be expressed by music.

We all have certain songs that can evoke the deepest feelings from our hearts.

Considering this, I think that you can’t go wrong with this present, and especially if your loved one listens to music often.

Make a compilation of your favorite songs, remind him of your first dance or the song that was playing when you met, how romantic is that?

51. Kiss mark with lovely note at the back


Via Wedbook

Rare are the things in life that you can always apply “the more, the merrier“ saying to, but they’re great! Kisses are the perfect example of such.

Make this cute homemade gifts for boyfriend and let him have your kisses whenever he needs them, and not only when you are around.

So ladies, bring out the big guns in the form of all the shades of lipstick that you have! Write the reasons you love him for on the back of the paper and get ready to enlighten his every day!

52. Shoes with message on the box

shoes diy gifts for boyfriend

Via Powerful Mothering

If you are still thinking about what to get your boyfriend for Valentine’s day and don’t really have time for doing some complicated arts and crafts but you still want your present to be personalized and just perfect for him, I have just the right idea for you!

Supposing you know his style, order some great shoes from Amazon and spend just the time that you have decorating the inside of the box, so when he gets the present while opening it, he will realize that there is one more coming.

53. Concrete beverage cooler

beverage cooler diy gifts for boyfriend

Via Dwelling in Happiness

Talking about manly! Concrete, beverages, the title itself shows that this is a perfect gift or DIY project for every man.

It is a bit more complicated than regular arts and crafts projects, but which man doesn’t like a challenge I ask you? So guys, roll up your sleeves and get to work!

With these perfectly detailed instructions, it will be relatively easy to treat yourself with a new, homemade beverage cooler.

Just imagine the taste of the first sip of beer cooled in it, to the perfect temperature and after hours of working on it. There is the motivation you needed.

54. Open when letter

open up letter diy boyfriend gifts for him

Via Frugal Maine

This will be the sweetest DIY gift you can make for him.If you are in a long distance relationship, this will be a perfect gift where he will miss you everytime he read one of these letter.

If you are in a long distance relationship, this will be a perfect gift where he will miss you everytime he read one of these letter.

55. Pop up photo box

pop up box diy gifts for boyfriend

Via Brit + Co

In the era of smartphones and tablets that we live in, I’m pretty sure that you have a lot of precious moments captured on the mentioned devices.

Pick your perfect smiles and favorite silly photos and make a collection, all wrapped into a beautiful wooden box.

Carve or paint anything you like on it, decorate it with a ribbon or even write your favorite love poem on it, the choice is yours.

Make this unique homemade gift for boyfriend and you will actually give him your own little time-machine and what is more romantic than all of your best memories in one place?

56. Date idea arrow

date arrow diy gifts for boyfriend

Via Sugar & Cloth

If you are tired of Valentine’s day being the only properly romantic date for your love life, you can always spice it up with one of the cool handmade gifts for guys, which will at the same time ensure you at least a couple of perfect dates on what was supposed to be a regular evening and save you from another night of watching Netflix on your couch.

Grab those scissors and glue, patch those arrows and go wildly creative with your date ideas!

57. Felt fortune cookies

fortune cookies diy gifts for him on christmas

Via Martha Stewart

If your guy is a fan of Chinese food, you can make some cute homemade gifts for boyfriend that will definitely make him smile.

Sometimes you don’t like the message on the fortune cookies that you get? So why don’t you make your own?

There is no better way to share a personalized message and, perhaps, some candy with your loved ones.

You’ll find great and easy to follow instructions here but the best part is, you can get creative as much as you’d like!

Make it truly unique, you can choose everything from colors of fabric to the message.

58. Leather Tablet Case

ipad case diy gifts for boyfriend

Via Brit & Co

Which man doesn’t enjoy the smell of real leather? I’d say no man. If you are thinking that this ought to be a very expensive craft, I can only say, well, think again!

This DIY project is, I promise, both simpler and cheaper than you think.

You will need just a few things and maybe a couple of hours and, voila, this amazing leather tablet case will be in your hands, ready for you to wrap it nicely and be amazed by the looks on his face while he opens it.

Such a cool handmade gift for guys!

59. Message in a bottle

message in a bottle diy gifts for boyfriend birthday

Via Consumer Crafts

Valentine’s day is coming, and if you have decided to be really creative and romantic this year, I have picked just the most special homemade gifts for boyfriend.

The result of this craft will definitely put a smile on his face, and what can say more than a message in a bottle?

Pour your heart on that paper, tell him you love him, or list the things you love about him.

Besides that, if you’re a shy type, this is a perfect way to tell how you really feel about him, without actually telling him.

60. Industrial Pipe Clock

clock diy gifts for boyfriend

Via Dwelling in Happiness

If you’re wondering what is a perfect gift for a man who is always in a hurry, I’ve found this classy clock, one of the special homemade gifts for boyfriend that require wood and copper.

Very manly materials, right? And not to even mention the result, this simple, yet sophisticated clock which will remind your man that is always “thinking of you“ o’clock.

It is not as simple DIY project as some others, but nothing worthy in life comes without putting a lot of effort, am I right?

So get to work and just follow the instructions and soon you’ll have this unique homemade gift for boyfriend.

Have you decide what to make for him?

So ladies there you have it- a wide variety of DIY gifts that will make him smile.

Don’t forget that you need to be patient with some of these projects and that nothing worth having comes easy.

So, choose the perfect gift for him and use all your talent and creativity to make his day. Feel free to share these ideas with your artistic friends who is looking for DIY gifts for boyfriend.