13 Best Dad Christmas Gift That He Secretly Want But You Don’t Know

So what are you planning to get for your dad Christmas gift?

“What can I buy for my dad for Christmas?” I am sure this questions will float around your head when Christmas are coming.

There are lots of gifts out there you can get for your father on this Christmas but which one you should get for him?

Don’t worry, I will show you what he will like from a men’s perspective. I have handpicked 13 Christmas gifts ideas for your dad and listed on this page.

Let’s get started with the first one.

1. ThinOptic is a great dad Christmas gifts


Some people’s vision just gets blurrier when they get older and that’s when he need ThinOptic. It is a very thin reading glasses that is convenient to bring it anywhere you want.

It is a very thin reading glasses that is convenient to bring it anywhere you want.

The thickness of the glasses is so thin. The Universal Pod Case is so thin, probably as thin as a credit card that can be stick anywhere he like such as phone case, employee ID or car dashboard.

I suggest him to stick it at the back of his phone so he will never forget to bring out his reading glasses again.

Besides, it is easy and comfortable to use as well. The grip strength on the glasses is comfortable enough to clip on his nose.

2. Grill his favourite ribs this Christmas


FreshJack Handcrafted Spices

Good spices are one of a men’s best friend. Who doesn’t like their ribs covered with great spices?

These spices are made in Florida and it is made from pure organic ingredients, MSG-free, naturally gluten-free, sugar and sweetener free ingredient.

It is a healthy spice for your dad to maintain his weight too.

3. Protect his hand while doing DIY


Kibaron Cut Resistance Gloves

It is dangerous for dad to use a sharp object without a proper safety glove. This glove provides a level 5 protection so it can protect your dad hand from getting hurt from the sharp blade.

This glove is perfect for shucking oyster as well. This glove is made from a lightweight breathable fiber construction so it is safe and comfortable for your dad to wear.

4. Let him grow some funky vegetable


Funky Veg Kit

Does he love gardening? Then get this unique gifts for him on this coming Christmas. It contains 5 funky vegetables in one box including stripy tomatoes, purple carrot, yellow zucchini & multicoloured swiss chard, red brussells sprouts.I never

I never saw purple carrots before and I think it is fun to grow this vegetable at the back of his garden. This is a great gift for your father if he is a vegan.

5. Let your dad seduce your mom with this cologne


Cuba For Men

This is not a cigar. Let me repeat, this is NOT a CIGAR. It is a cologne that received a lot fo great reviews. There are 4 cigars in this box including Cuba red, gold, blue and orange.

From the information from the reviewer I have read the gold smells like Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier, the orange gives a citrus scent and very long lasting, and the red gives a winter scent.

6. Let your father have a clean beard



Forget about electric shaver, they are expensive and doesn’t last very long. The blade of this shaver can be changed easily and it won’t break your father bank. Each razor can use up to 10 days of shaving.The handle on this shaver

The handle on this shaver have a weight that heavy enough to provide a smooth control while your father is shaving.

This shaving kit includes 1 shaver, 5 platinum razor blades (60 days supply), 1 leather blade cover, and 1 polishing towel.

7. A proper goatee everyday


Goatee Saver

Does your dad keep a goatee? Then this goatee template is going to help him to get the perfect and well-balanced goatee every-day.

This template gives him a precise shape that he need every day. Besides, this template can be easily adjusted to suits his preference. I wonder which genius invented this.

8. Nice curve on his beard


Beard Bro Beard Shaping Tool

Does he have a hard time to get a proper curve on his beard? This comb is going to help him to get a well symmetrical beard everyday.

This a great tool for him to get a clean neck line and top line. It can be used on both long and short beard as well. He will love this tool.

9. Everything he need in one place before he go out


Palmetto Wood Shop

I think this is a great gifts for him to put all the must have before going out in one place. This station is handcrafted in the USA. Besides, you can personalized this gifts as well.

10. The world strongest coffee


Death Wish Ground Coffee

Sometimes it is just so hard to keep yourself awake in the morning. This coffee is going to give him the kick to keep him awake through out the morning.

This coffee contains 2 times the caffeine than the normal coffee. This coffee is smooth with a subtle taste of cherry and chocolate. This is the world strongest coffee.

11. Shred the meat


Grill Beast Meat Shredder

Does he love to smoke meat? This meat shredder is a great Christmas gift for your dad to make a shredded meat in a second without burning his hands. He can also self-defense if there is a robbery at home (just kidding).

The handle are properly designed for any hand size so your mom can use this as well.

This claw is the coolest gift your dad will ever received on this coming Christmas.

I think it is a great stocking stuffer as well.

12. Cleaner air for him everyday


URPower Humidifier

A good humidifier can relieve cold, flu symptoms, dryness and alleviate energies. I think this is a great gift for your father to have a healthy environment. There are 7 colors to choose from as well to suits his mood and the environment.

Add a few drop of aromatherapy essential oil to make him relax. Get one for his room is definitely going to let him have a good sleep.

13. Gifts in a crates


Man Crates

Have you heard of this company called Man Crates? It is a company that selling gifts for men in a crates or ammo can. How awesome is that. You can get drinking, grilling, food or outdoor stuff for your father and package it into a crate.

You definitely want to check out this company and I think this is the best gifts for your dad. Lots of cool stuff you can get for him.

Do you have any friend who is looking for dad Christmas gift? Share this gift ideas with them so they can find the best gift for their father.

Share this gift ideas with them so they can find the best dad Christmas gift.

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