12 Cute Gifts For Boyfriend That Will Melt His Heart Like Ice Cream

Are you looking for cute gifts for boyfriend on this coming Christmas, Valentines day or birthday?

It can be confusing sometimes that you care not sure if that present is cute from a men’s perspective.

But don’t worry, I will show you 10 cutest gifts from a guy’s perspective you can get for him.

Let’s keep reading.

1. Donut Mug is a cute gifts for boyfriend


The Donut Mug

This donut mug is very creative cute gifts ideas for boyfriend. I will definitely use this cute present every day to drink a cup of coffee every morning.

Besides, this mug can hold up to 12oz of liquid. That’s about 350ml of liquid and it should be enough for him to make a coffee that keep him awake in the morning.

This mug is microwave safe so the “doughnut” won’t get burn. It comes with an attractive gift box as well so you can easily wrap this present.

2. Basketweave Cup


If you have time to make a cute gift for your boyfriend, why not make him a coffee sleeve? He will be thinking of you every time he use this sleeve.

I love handmade gifts from my girlfriend. I am still using the pillow he made for me 4 years ago. Follow this tutorial from ChiWei from One Dog Woof to make one for him.

3. This casual t-shirt that state a fact

best birthday gift for boyfriend awesome t shirt

Best Boyfriend Ever T-Shirt

Is he the best boyfriend? Tell him with this t-shirt.

I am sure he will be posting this on social media and let their friend jealous about it.

4. 52 Things I Love About You


I am pretty sure this gift is the easiest you can make him. Since you are so in love with him, coming out 52 things that you love about him should be an easy task.

Besides, this cute valentines gift is so easy to make. Nicole from Visual Heart will show you how to make this cute present for your boyfriend.

5. This cute Pusheen t-shirt

cute gifts for boyfriend pusheen t-shirt

Pusheen DJ T-Shirt

How about this cute t-shirt? I think he will have a great laugh at this t-shirt.

6. 12 Months of Love Letter


I think this is a great random gifts for him just to surprise him. I think he is going to secretly open up all the letter and read it in one night.

Make sure you seal it tight so you will know if he had open up the letter.

Check this out if you don’t have time to make this yourself.

7. Love Pillow


This is a cute gift for your boyfriend he can hug every day while watching television or during sleep. He would definitely think of you everyday with this gifts.

Besides, it is easy to make as well. Steph from Simon Says Stamp will teach you how to make one.

8. Couple Keychain

cute gift ideas for boyfriends birthday

I Love You Key Chain

This is a cute gift to compliment with DIY gift that I show you above. It is made from stainless steel so this will last for a long time just like the love you have for him.

It is the most direct way to show your love to him.

9. Our Q & A

cute birthday gifts for boyfriend

Our Q&A

This is a very fun gift. You can write him a question every time you see him. After a long time, you will have a collection of memories to keep.

You can ask him questions such as what is your partner laugh sounds like? How your partner walk the first time in high heels? and many more.

Be creative on the questions I am sure this is a cute and sweet gift that both of you can treasure together.

10. Shoes With Message


Write something on their shoes. I think this is a cute idea for him on his birthday, valentines, anniversary or Christmas.

You don’t have to write the same thing on the image above, you can come out with something related that start with “you walked into my life and …..”.

I am sure you can come out with something sweet and romantic.

This is what I come out “you walked into my life and I realize you walk really fast”. (I got  a lousy sense of humour)

11. Sweets With Message

cute presents for boyfriends

I love this idea. It is easy to make, the hard part is that you need to come out with creative message on the jar.

Get a small bottle and fill up with all the sweets you can find. I have a suggestion, what about “you are sweeter than all this sweet combined”.

12. Things That You Don’t Know About Me


The Dating Divas

Do you want your boyfriend to know more about you? Then make this gift for him and limit him to only read one each day.

Day by day he will know you more.

You can include the things you love and hate, your weird hobby, how you felt the first time you met him, when did you fall in love with him and many more.

I hope the above cute gift ideas help you out to find the best present for your boyfriend.

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