10 Best Creative Handmade Gifts for Boyfriend That He Will Use Everyday

So, you are the creative type and you just enjoy making wonderful things for the most important man in your life.

But, you have a lack of inspiration and you need some ideas. So you ask yourself where to find those ideas?

In this article, of course. I’ve collected the most interesting ideas so you’ll surely find the one that you love.

Creative handmade gifts for your boyfriend that you’ll find in here are the ideal way to say him “I love you”.

1. This chocolate ornament is one of best creative handmade gift for your boyfriend

creative handmade gifts for boyfriend ornament chocolate

Sprinkle Some Fun

Let him feel the magic of Christmas with this wonderful, chocolate gift. I bet you never used chocolate to make an ornament, but it’s never too late to try something new.

Hot cocoa, sprinkles, mallow bits and chocolates – is a there yummier ornament to make?

You can even add something else, as long as the gift tastes great!

He’ll enjoy the taste and you’ll enjoy the simple process of making this gift.

2. This marbled mug is beautiful

creative handmade gifts for boyfriend mug

The Sweet Occasion

DIY Marble dipped mugs is a simple and inexpensive project that you’re going to love. It includes one of your favorite beauty accessories – nail polish.

You’ll certainly love all those bright and vivid colors that will make mugs happy.

You can follow the instructions or you can mix colors and make your mugs truly unique.

No doubt that the two of you will enjoy drinking coffee served from these colorful mugs.

3. He is going to love this bracelet

creative handmade gifts for boyfriend bracelet

Happy Hour Projects

I promise you’ll have so much fun doing this stamping project.

The result would be just amazing – a charming bracelet that will inspire him every time he looks at it.

The most important part of this project is actually the words that you’re going to stamp.

So, make sure to choose those that will instantly improve his mood.

4. You can never get wrong with this mason jar

creative handmade gifts for boyfriend mason jar

Something Turquoise

Want more crafty gift ideas for your boyfriend? How about this one? For a guy who loves the combination of art and spirits.

This mason jar cocktail gift will be perfect for his birthday as he’ll have the opportunity to make a creative toast.

5. This is a beautiful coaster that he will definitely love

creative handmade gifts for boyfriend coaster

Lisa Loves Jones

I am such a fan of all kinds of coasters, so I simply had to share these DIY wood-burned coasters with you.

The project isn’t hard to do, but still you have to be patient. However, when you see the final result you’ll be amazed at how unique and beautiful your coasters are!

Choose the design that you want and make a nice, personal gift for your loved one.

6. You can stamp important date or even his name on this leather bracelet

creative handmade gifts for boyfriend leather bracelet

Sometimes Homemade

What could be manlier than nice brown leather? Well, this nice brown leather bracelet!

He’ll love the simplicity of this gift, because he can wear the bracelet all the time, regardless of his outfit.

Hammer, pliers, a wire cutter – get all the tools you’ll need, and use all your creativity. Trust me, every single second that you put in this project will show him your love.

7. Write him a message every morning with this DIY chalkboard

creative handmade gifts for boyfriend chalkboard

Lisa Loves Jones

Looking for cute homemade gifts for a boyfriend? Then look no further! This DIY slate chalkboard will make his every day romantic.

They say that actions are more important than words, but that’s not the case with this gift.

In fact, this chalkboard is all about finding the right words for your loved one. So, be as sappy as you like!

8. Make him a necklace with his name on it

creative handmade gifts for boyfriend necklace

My Altered State

Is there a better way to remind him of your love and to give him strength when hard times come than with this lovely necklace?

The project is simple and easy, so you don’t have to be very handy.

You can engrave your name, or you can go with something such as “Believe”, “Love”, “Faith”, “Fortitude”. He’ll love those encouraging words.

9. This wine rack is a beautiful piece of home decor


Pretty Nice

What would be one of the good handmade gifts for a boyfriend? This practical and beautiful wine rack of course!

Not only will it hold his favorite bottles of wine, but it’ll also add a nice, elegant touch to his kitchen. So, sweep him off his feet with your creativity and skills and make this amazing gift.

10. Post messages, notes or to do list on this burlap message board


Girl in the Garage

This clever board is an interesting way for the two of you to inspire each other. You can print all the places you’re planning to visit, as well as his favorite poems.

As far as his creativity is concerned, I’m sure that he’ll find something just perfect to inspire you every day.

Have you decided which one to make for him?

So, what are you waiting for? Buy the material and make him a truly meaningful and unique gift.

He’ll be more than happy because you put an effort and your time to make him smile.

If your friends are also creative and they need some inspiration, share this list with them who is looking for creative handmade gifts for their boyfriend.

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