15 Amazing Creative Gifts For Boyfriend That Will Make Him WOW!

Searching for creative gifts for boyfriend can be easy. With just a few keywords on Google and you can find thousand of creative and unique gift ideas for your boyfriend.

However, here comes the problem : Which unique gifts should you get for him?

This is where I will show you 14 creative gifts that he will like from a men’s perspective.

Let’s see the first one.

1. Print Your Photo From Your Camera. This is very creative gifts for boyfriend

Prynt Case

Now he can print photo straight from his phone using this case. One thing I really like is that this case doesn’t need any ink to print the photo.

The Prynt ZINK paper contains everything you need to make a perfect print.

Besides, it also allows the printed photo to come alive from your phone.

Watch Therapy Unbox from the video above for more details.

2. The Thinnest Glasses I Have Ever Seen


I think this is a great creative boyfriend gift ideas if he is wearing glasses.

These reading glasses are so thin that it can be fit in the case of a size smaller than your phone.

All he need to do is clip on the glasses on the nose and it will fit perfectly on him. The lenses are shatterproof so he doesn’t have to worry about broken glass.

Besides, these glasses weigh less than a nickel.

The case is so thin, probably as thin as your credit card so he won’t have this weird big bulk when he keeps it in his pocket. Watch the guy makes the review about this glasses.

3. Is your boyfriend the best?

best birthday gift for boyfriend awesome t shirt

Best Boyfriend Ever T-Shirt

Tell him how awesome he is with this T-shirt. I think he will be so happy for the rest of the year.

4. Easy to Carry Key Knife


SOG Key Knife

This folding knife is uniquely hidden in a key shape handle so he can clip this folding knife along with his house or car keys.

People often get rob when they try to get into their house and if that happen he can quickly turn this key into a knife and protect himself.

5. Wooden Watch That Match Most Of His Outfit

creative gift ideas for your boyfriend

CUCOL Bamboo Wooden Watch

I like this wooden watch very much. The color of this watch compliment well with any color of his outfit.

This watch is made from bamboo so it gives a natural finish look along with the leather strap. Besides, it comes with a wooden box as well so you can easily wrap this as a present.

6. For Your Adventurous Boyfriend

Gerber Bear Grylls Fire Starter

This fire starter seems like a very interesting gifts for your boyfriend. This compact fire starter can be easily used in any situation.

This tool will come in handy if the love camping and outdoor activities. Besides, it comes with an emergency whistle as well so he can easily get attention from people.

Also, there is a waterproof compartment for him to keep the tinder dry and functional. Watch Bear Grylls try this product in the video above.

7. Fix Anything With This Plastic Welder

creative presents for boyfriend

Bondic Platic Welder

This is a very useful tools for guys to fix things up. He can save a lot of money without throwing up stuff that he need and all he need to do is fix it with this plastic welder.

He can fix a broken wire, broken glasses, fix some toys and much more. Besides, the plastic is toxic free as well so he can fix kids toys with this welder.

8. Iron His Collar in Seconds

creative gifts for boyfriend birthday

Collar Perfect Travel Iron

Does he love to look the best all the time? This collar iron is going to quickly fix his color is seconds.

The 6 heat settings is a great function for every type of material of shirt he is wearing. This iron is quite small, he can bring this along with him while traveling.

9. Let Him Have a Drink With This Beauty


Handmade Liquor Decanter

See that boat inside the decanter? Do you know how it’s made? It is hand blown by the skilled artisan.

Don’t you think this is more like an awesome piece of art? Everything here is handcrafted from the glass to the wooden base.

This decanter can hold up to 1150ml of liquor, that’s enough to make him drunk.

10. Drink Like a Viking



Don’t worry, no animal is harm during the process of making this drinking horn. This drinking horn is handcrafted to give a texture of natural horn.

He can drink a pint of beverage with this horn. A brass rim touch is added to give  beautiful finishes.

11. See His “Verticle Stick” in The Dark

creative gifts ideas for boyfriend

Glow in the Dark Condom

I don’t have to tell you how to use this. Have some fun with him. These condoms are made from non-toxic pigment so you both of you don’t have to worry about getting allergy reaction.

The description says “Premium comfort for gliding comfort”. I found this very cheeky.

12. Light Up Cigarette Even in Strong Wind


Tesla Coil Lighter

Does he smoke? Then he is going to definitely need this windproof lighter. A full charge of this can use up to 200 – 300 uses.

He can easily light up his cigarette with just a click of a button. It is safe and easy to use.

13. Let Him Talk To You Hands-Free While Driving

creative birthday gifts for your boyfriend

Wiz Gear Magnetic Car Mount

I think this is a very creative and easy to use car mount holder for Smartphone that can help them to go hands-free while driving.

The magnet is strong enough to hold a mini tablet so people at the back of the car can enjoy music videos or watch a film.

14. Organise His Gadget Easily

creative boyfriend gifts

Grid it Organiser

This organiser can help him easily organise his gadget and put it in his bag. This is a great organiser for travelling too.

This organise is so versatile that he can arrange his gadget in various position. There is other color option to choose from as well such as blue, red and grey.

15. Charge His Phone Under The Sun

creative birthday gift for boyfriend

iBeek Solar Charger

This is a great creative gift you can get for your boyfriend if he is more of an outdoor person. He can charge his phone while camping or hiking with this solar charger.

There is also an LED flashlight built in this solar charger so he can find his way during a camping.

I hope these suggestions from above will help you to find the best creative gifts for your boyfriend.

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