13 Creative Birthday Gifts For Him (#8 is Awesome)

Are you looking for creative birthday gifts for him?

Shopping for a guy who loves creativity is certainly a challenge for you.

But, no need to worry if you’ll find the perfect one for him because this article is all about that kind of gifts.

Below you’ll find 13 creative birthday gifts for men, that will make his birthday more imaginative than ever before.

It’s time to spark his creativity!

1. Magic cup that will not spill. This is such a creative birthday gifts for him. (Watch this funny guy demonstrate the magic of this mug : skip to 1.25)

View Mighty Mug Details

Shopping for a guy who travels a lot? Then this Mug will be a perfect companion on his trips.

Thanks to the Smart grip technology, his coffee won’t spill or leak while it will fit perfectly in his car.

The classic look makes this mug simple and elegant which means it’s a perfect gift for a birthday.

2. Believe it or not, this is a clock. Not a decoration

creative birthday gifts for him clock

KABB Modern Digital Radio Flip Clock

Why not have a creative watch instead of classic one? There is no doubt that he will be amazed at the look of this watch.

It’s easy to set the time and the watch functions on D-cell battery.

The beautiful design will add an authentic note to his table while the perfect size of this gift won’t take up a lot of space. Due to the stainless steel, the watch will last for many years.

3. For him where his beard grow at the back

creative birthday gifts for him back shaver

BakBlades Back Shaver

Looking for creative birthday gifts for a husband? You’re at the right place because here we have the perfect gift that will make his life easier.

There is nothing worse than the hair on his back right? But with this gift, the hair will be gone and you will enjoy looking at the muscles on his back.

The ergonomic design allows for safe shaving even without shaving cream.

4. This beautiful watch can track his sleep and daily activity

creative birthday gifts for men activity tracker watch

Withings Activite Sapphire Watch

What better way to track his activities than with this elegant watch? It will look pretty stylish while the color will be perfectly combined with his casual clothes.

The watch is water resistant so he can even swim with it. The accuracy and durability are guaranteed. One thing is for sure, this is more than just a watch.

5. This gift is going to make his goatee consistent everyday

creative birthday gifts for him goatee template

The Goatee Shaving Template

Does he always get upset when he needs to form his goatee? Then you just have to buy him this handy gift that will save his time and his sanity.

The adjustable shaving template allows for precise and accurate shaping and forming. Maintaining a perfect shape of his goatee has never been easier than with this template.

6. Need a place to keep his knife? This magnetic wall mount should help

creative birthday gifts for husband magnetic knife mount

Eva Wall Mount Knife Magnets

Shopping for a man who likes cooking? What better way to keep his favorite knives than with these Knife magnets?

He can place them on the wall in the kitchen and watch how magnets add a nice touch to it. They are easy to clean and they can be hand washed.

No need to worry if they will hold up because they are strong.

7. This gift is going to keep his pills safe and easy to bring it everywhere he go


Cielo Pill Holder Keychain

Don’t you just hate when you really need an aspirin and you don’t have one? Well, this gift is just a perfect way so your boyfriend doesn’t run out of aspirin ever again.

This keychain can hold 9 aspirin and he won’t even notice they are there until he needs them. The keychain is easy to open so he will have a quick access to the aspirin.

8. He don’t keep a goatee? Then this tool should help him

creative birthday gifts for him shaping tool for beard

The Beard Bro : Beard Shaping Tool

Buying a gift for a perfectionist is certainly a tough task but as always, we’re here to help you. This tool is just perfect for him, to keep his beard in a perfect shape.

Whether he has a short or long beard, he will enjoy using this handy tool. It will save him a lot of time while the result will be great- a perfect symmetry and perfect lines.

9. He is going to love this beautiful magnetic hourglass

creative birthday gifts for men magnetic hourglass

Zicome Hand Blown Magnetic Hourglass

One of most common creative birthday gifts for boyfriend is surely this Magnetic Hourglass.

There is something relaxing in watching how the sand goes down and he will have a feeling that the time has stopped.

How awesome is that? There is no doubt that he will enjoy this remarkable gift.

10. This is how you drink beer

creative birthday gfits for boyfriend beverage dispenser

Dual Beverage Dispenser Backpack

Enjoying the beer has never been more interesting than with this Double Beverage Dispenser.

Having this on his back means that he will never be thirsty again. Who needs a bottle when you can have this remarkable Beverage Dispenser?

11. He can put his phones, rings, watch or jewelry on this hook

creative birthday gifts for boyfriend unique hook

Areaware Grab Hand Hook

Want even more creative birthday gifts ideas for him? We believe that you’re going to like this one.

A Hand hook is definitely a prolific place to put his jacket. The white color will look sophisticated on the wall. This gift is just perfect for creative men.

12. Haven seen such beautiful flask in a while

creative birthday gifts for him flask

Areaware Liquid Body Flask

Having a flask with himself can be of crucial importance when he is upset and he just needs to chill out. That’s why we have this gift, to help him enjoy life in a creative way.

The Flask has the 6-ounce capacity for his favorite alcohol. Whether he’s on the party or he just wants to enjoy the taste of scotch, this gift is perfect for that.

13. This weight scale that sync to his fitness apps such as fit bit, apple healthy, Google Fit and many more

creative birthday gifts for him weight scale

Greater Goods Digital Weight Scale

If he loves a healthy lifestyle and staying in a shape is important to him, then we have the perfect solution for his needs.

One of the best creative tech gifts for him is definitely this one due to its practicality and accuracy.

This body fat scale will help him to stay healthy and to sync his data with his favorite fitness app. The scale shows full results and keeps them on safe.


Whether he loves drinking coffee, shaping his beard or watching how the time passes by, choosing the perfect gift on our list would be fun for you.

We hope you enjoyed our list of creative birthday gifts for him and that you will share it with others so they can enjoy in choosing the best creative gifts for men.

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