Top 11 Cool Gifts For Guys That Will Geek Them Out Especially #4

The other day I was looking for cool gifts for guys and found out there are many unique stuff out there that I never seen before.

It really makes me feel like want to break my bank and go broke just to get those awesome stuff.

Let me show you the coolest gift you can get for him on this coming birthday, valentines day or Christmas. I am sure he will totally geek out if you get one of these for him.

1. Wireless levitating speaker is such a cool gifts for guys

cool gifts for men

ICE Wireless Levitating Speaker $149.90

This speaker actually floats and spin 360 degrees on the magnetic base. How cool is that for him to put this on the table.

I am sure he is going to draw a lot of attention if he brings this to the office. The special sound guide is built to increase the 3D surround effect.

Besides, he can bring the orb around without the magnetic base.

The base comes with a USB cable and he can use it to charge his phone while listening to his favourite music.

I think it is a great gift for men to put in his room and listen to his favourite music.

2. Coca-Cola Slush Maker

cool stuff for guys

Limited Edition Coca Cola Slush Maker $52.49

What’s better than making a perfect slush beverage at home? This cool stuff is a great piece of kitchen must have for the guy who loves cold drinks.

Not just Coca-Cola, you can put any beverage in there and I just wonder how it is going to taste like if you make a slush beer?

The tank can hold up to 32 ounces of water and it is easy to detach for cleaning.

3. Iphone Printer Case

Prynt iPhone Printer Case $149.90

Awesome? Checked
Amazing? Checked
What the hell is that? Checked

It is an iPhone printer that prints your photo straight from your phone. He can print any photo anywhere with his smartphone.

This cool idea also let you save a video inside each photo and the apps from Prynt helps to replay the video inside your photo through your phone.

The best thing is you don’t need any ink cartridges, the special made Prynt ZINK paper contains everything that you ned to print out the photo.

I accidently found this awesome stuff on Youtube and I thought it is a unique gift you can get for him.

4. Ammo Box Speaker Thodio

Thodio Ammo Box Speaker

This will be the coolest present for guys who love weapon. He can stream any music that he love from this wireless speaker.

The app on this speaker also allows him to connect Spotify and listen to his favourite list. The speaker is fully handmade in Amsterdam so this speaker is customizable.

The battery can last for 17 hours per charge however you can upgrade it to 40 to 70 hours per charge. From the reaction you saw from the above video, that’s how your boyfriend or husband is going to feel like.

Check out Thodio for more information.

5. 3D Pen

Soyan 3D Pen $39.90

This is a very cool stuff for men who love art and craft. He can go beyond his imagination and make a 3D artwork.

I think it is a fun gift for kids as well for them to play around with their father. Try to draw a Doraemon with this pen.

If he is pro enough, he can even build a mock building with this pen.

I have seen people make a horse sculpture with this pen out of thin air. A lot of geometric abstract art can be formed with this pen.

6. Personal Water Filter


Life Straw $19.90

This is cool Christmas gifts for guys who plan to go for an adventure on this coming Christmas.

This emergency straw is perfect for the guy who love hiking, fishing, camping and any outdoor activities that hard to find clean water.

This award winning straw has been used by millions of people around the globe since 2005. It can remove 99.9999% of bacteria and even surpasses EPA standards for water filters.

I have heard this straw save a lot of life in Africa. Each of this straw can filter up to 1000 litres of water. If he is drinking 2 litres of water a day, that means he can use this for 500 days!

7. Phone Portable Projector

cool birthday gifts for guys

Portable Mini Projector $90.00

He can bring this portable mini projector anywhere that he love. He can watch any movies he like on a camping trip.

I think this is a cool gift for a college student as well since most student doesn’t have a tv in their room, they can watch their favourite drama with their friends anywhere as long as there is a white wall for them to project the show.

He can connect his phone, tablet, laptop or PC to this projector . It is convenient for entertainment and business presentation purpose.

8. Log Liquor Dispenser


Log Liquor Dispenser $98.00

This log dispenser is actually handmade in the USA using Ohio hardwood trees. As this is natural made product, each log dispenser will look different.

Each log is about 8 inches tall, 4 -7 inches diameter and weight about 6 lb so each log dispenser can safely hold a large bottle liquor.

It’s is easy to unload the liquor as well even you haven’t finished the liquor yet. Besides, this log is a great for decoration as well.

9. Glow in the Dark Hair Gel

cool birthday presents for guys

Glow in the Dark Paint $13.90

If you worry about him to get lost at night.

Let him wear this so you can see him from far away and never lost sight of him again in the pub.

I think it is a great invention for safety purpose if he loves to run at night,  love to go for a walk at night, walk his dog at night, or go cycling at night. This product can be washed off easily with water.

10. Instant Coffee Cubes

cool gifts for husband

Jiva Coffee Cubes $17.90

Is anyone love coffee here? Just drop this into a hot milk or water and stir for 30 seconds and his coffee is ready.

If he doesn’t have a coffee maker, this coffee cube is going to help him to make a perfect and well-balanced coffee.

This coffee cube comes with lightly sweetened unrefined cane sugar. This is a great gift for your husband who loves coffee.

11. Wifi Dog Dispenser

cool gift for guys

Petzi Dog Wi-Fi Treat Dispenser

This dog dispenser is awesome. Does he have a dog? Then he is going to love this wifi dog treat dispenser.

This dispenser allows him to treat his dog with food even he is not at home.

The apps and camera on this dispenser allow him to see if the dog is nearby.

Besides, you can take a picture with the apps and share it and also the built in speaker on this dispenser allow him to talk to his dogs. How cool is that?

Have you decided what cool gifts you should get for him?

Ig you have any friend is are looking for cool gifts for guys, share this gift ideas with them so they can get the coolest gift for him.

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