16 Cool Gifts For Guys Under 30 That He Will Guarantee Love

Finding a cool gifts for guys under $30 for your significant other definitely isn’t easy, especially when your budget is limited.

But, no need to worry about that anymore because I’m here to help you.

Cool gifts for him under $30 that you’ll find below are just perfect for surprising him.

Whether you’re buying him a Christmas gift or a birthday gift, you’ll surely find what you need.

1. A money clip with hidden knife inside. This is such a cool gifts for guys under 30

cool gifts for guys under 30 money clip with knife

Gerber Money Clip With Knife

If he doesn’t like carrying a bulky wallet, then he will just love this gift.

This handy Money clip is strong and reliable so no need to worry if his credit cards and money will be on safe.

Since this tool comes with a small knife, he will be prepared for those unexpected situations, for example, when he needs to open a letter.

2. This beer hanger that will save a lot of space in the fridge

cool gifts for guys under 30 beer hanger

Bottle Loft : Magnetic Beer Hanger

One of best gift ideas for him under $30 is a Magnetic bottle hanger.

This is a perfect solution if his refrigerator doesn’t have a lot of space because he can hang bottles to the ceiling.

It’s easy to install, he just needs to peel it and stick to the refrigerator.

3. This mouse that brings comfort on his wrist

cool gifts for guys under 30 ergonomic mouse

Anker Verticle Ergonomic Wireless Mouse

Among great gift ideas for men under $30 is this mouse. It’s an ideal gift if your loved one spends a lot of time on the computer.

Due to its ergonomic design, his wrist and arm will be in a healthy position so his hands won’t hurt after all those hours of work.

Comparing to standard ones, this mouse provides more sensibility so he can use it on many different surfaces.

4. Interesting bottle opener

cool gifts for guys under 30 magnetic bottle opener

Bruntmor : Magnetic Bottle Opener

One of the great ideas for him under $30 is this Beer opener and cap catcher. Due to a strong magnet, he can put it on the wall and have a quick access to it.

It can hold over 50 beer caps, so it’s a perfect gift for family reunions and anniversaries.

5. You will never knock your head when you get drunk

cool gifts for guys under 30 beer helmet

Drinker Beer and Soda Helmet

This gift is just a must-have for his birthday party. Not only he’ll have a lot of fun but he’ll also enjoy his favorite beverages.

Red, yellow or blue- you can pick his favorite color and make his day even more interesting.

One is for sure, with this drinker beer helmet, his birthday will be great.

6. This hanger that saves a lot of space in the kitchen

cool gifts for guys under 30 utensils hanger

Plumeet Multifunction Aluminium Wall Kitchen Rack

If he spends a lot of time in the kitchen and he loves when everything is organized, this gift is just perfect for him.

This multifunctional kitchen rack is a perfect way to keep all those things that he uses every day in an easy reach.

Moreover, he will easily organize them since there is a plenty of space to store cans, jars, spices, and cups.

Thanks to its polished appearance, it will add a nice touch to his kitchen.

7. Probably the best windproof umbrella

cool gifts for guys under 30 windproof umbrella

EEZ-Y Windproof Umbrella

From now on, he will be fearless whenever it rains, because this umbrella provides an extra protection.

It’s sturdy and durable, so no need to worry if it will protect him from wind and rain. The best part is that the umbrella is lightweight, so he can easily carry it with himself.

8. This cooler that say beer is the best cure for everything

cool gifts for guys under 30 beer cooler

Perscription Style Drink Cooler

Looking for a gag gift that will make his day? Stop searching right now, because I have a great gift for your man.

Drink cooler is just perfect for keeping his favorite beverage cans icy cold so he can fully enjoy the taste. Because of its simple yet practical design, it’s perfect for parties.

9. This  figurine is so cool

cool gifts for guys under 30 skull figurine

Celtic Lion Skull Figurine

What better gift for a guy who has a collection of skulls than this one?

He will definitely love the amazing colors of this hand-painted skull.

Thanks to perfect dimensions, he can place it on his desk or on his favorite shelf.

There is no doubt that this cool-looking Skull will be a perfect addition to his ever-growing collection.

10. Best gifts for him who loves strong bass music

cool gifts for guys under 30 earphone

Billy Heavy Bass Earphone

Among best gift ideas for him under $30 is definitely this gift.

Whether he loves jogging or walking, these headphones will stay in a place.

He will enjoy listening to his favorite music like never before, due to a deep bass and an amazing sound.

Moreover, he can wear them for hours, and his ears won’t get tired, because of their unique design.

11. I think every guy in the early 20 need to read this

cool gifts for guys under 30guide book

The Manual To Manhood

The Manual to Manhood by Jonathan Catheman is quite a handy book for any man who wants to be confident and successful.

Catherman gives us a remarkable collection of 100 step-by-step instructions on every area in our lives.

It’s time for acquiring new skills such as how to tie a tie, how to manage money, how to talk to a girl and many others.

Not only he will enjoy reading this book but he will also enjoy practicing these steps.

12. Or this one for the guy who wants to become a modern gentlemen

cool gifts for guys under 30 manners book

Classic Skills and Manners For Modern Man

Nothing can sweep a woman off her feet better than a man with excellent manners.

The Art of Manliness by Brett and Kate McKay is a practical book that will help him to be his best version.

From learning how to be a perfect houseguest to learning how to propose a woman, in this book, he’ll find valuable information how to be a real man.

13. Adjustable collar stay that make his collar POP!

cool gifts for guys under 30 collar stay

Clever Fit Adjustable Collar Stay

If he loves wearing shirts, this gift is just what he needs.

These adjustable collar stays will become his favorite accessory, especially because he can take them with himself wherever he goes.

They’re just perfect for travel, so his shirts will always look neat.

The best part is the adjustability of these handy things.

No need to worry which size he will need or which shirts he can bring, because they’re designed to fit most shirts.

14. This shot glass with real bullet inside

cool gifts for guys under 30 shot glass

Ben Shot : Shot Glass With Real Bullet

If you’re looking for a gift that he will really love, with this hand-sculpted shot glass you just can’t be mistaken.

This isn’t just an ordinary shot glass but rather a breathtaking piece of art because it comes with a real bullet.

However, there is another side that I love about this gift and that is- sturdiness.

Due to high-quality, heavy glass, he will use this glass for a long time.

15. This shot glass is awesome too

cool gifts for guys under 30 party glasses

Friday The 13th Shot Glass

Why not throw him a surprise horror themed party and make his birthday really memorable?

This gift is just a perfect one for anyone who loves horror movies and Jason Voorhees.

He will definitely enjoy drinking his favorite drink from this creepy-looking shot glass.

Moreover, he will love the high quality of this set, as he will use it for many years. Cheers!

16. This waterproof speaker that can be carry to bathroom for a sing along session

cool gifts for guys under 30 waterproof speaker

Oontz Waterproof Speaker

If you want more awesome gift ideas for him under $30, you’re going to love this one. This gift is just what he needs to relax and enjoy his life.

Bluetooth speaker will fulfill his home with a crystal clear sound and an extraordinary bass due to acoustic drivers.

Since it’s perfect for carrying around, he can place it in bathroom, kitchen, in his room or in his car and listen to his favorite music whenever he wants to.

Have you devide which one to get for him? 

Now that you have this list of cool gifts, it’s time to pick the best one for your guy.

Since this list contains every type of gifts- practical ones, cool-looking ones and useful ones, I’m sure that you won’t have a problem finding the one that he will love the most.

Feel free to share this article with your friends who is looking for cool gifts for guys under $30.

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