17 Cool Birthday Gifts For Guys That They Won’t Throw Away

Cool birthday gifts for guys are easy to find with this gift that I listed below.

Whether you’re looking for practical items or the ones that will make his day more interesting, you’re at the right place.

1. This basketball shot tracker will definitely improve his free throw. This is such a cool birthday gifts for guys. Watch this awesome video on how it works

Basketball Shot Tracker

This Shot Tracker is a handy thing for every basketball player, since it enables tracking shot misses, makes, and attempts.

Your boyfriend will be able to track his progress in order to improve his game.

The Shot Tracker includes a net sensor, a wristband, a wrist sensor, and a charging unit.

2. He will never lose his keys again with this Bluetooth tracker

cool birthday gifts for guys bluetooth tracker

Tile Gen 2 Bluetooth Tracker

Losing keys and wallet every day is simply exhausting, isn’t it?

There is no doubt that every man should have one of these, so if your boyfriend’s birthday is getting closer now you know what to buy him.

This powerful Item finder will definitely make his life easier and he will be thankful to you for the rest of his life.

3. Wallet comb + bottle opener : This is a great everyday carry for him

cool birthday gifts for guys comb

Go-Comb Wallet Comb + Bottle Opener

What better way to be prepared for a party than to always carry this useful comb and bottle opener with himself?

Being so thin, this gift will fit perfectly in his wallet and he won’t even notice it’s there until he needs it.

Furthermore, this Comb will last for a long time due to the stainless steel.

4. What about this handmade shot glass with real bullet?

cool birthday gifts for guys shot glass with bullet

Handmade Shot Glass With Real Bullet

Some of coolest birthday gifts for him is definitely this stunning Shot Glass with a real bullet. How awesome is that?

What is so cool about this glass is that is hand-sculpted and made of high-quality glass.

Your special one will be thrilled with this gift and he will enjoy drinking his favorite Scotch from it.

5. He can enjoy espresso anywhere he go

cool birthday gifts for guys mini espresso


If he is a coffee lover, this gift will literally make his life more beautiful.

With Espresso Maker the two of you will enjoy coffee whether you’re on a picnic, in the park or you’re just relaxing by the river.

Thanks to its compact design, the Espresso Maker is easy to carry around while the espresso tastes just great.

Making espresso has never been faster and easier than with this machine!

6. This is will the most comfortable mouse he will ever use

cool birthday gifts for guys verticle mouse

Verticle Ergonomic Optical Mouse

If he spends a lot of time on his computer, this Optical Mouse is just what he needs to work without distractions.

Due to the ergonomic design, his hand will be in a more natural and relaxed position so he won’t feel any pain after the whole day on the computer.

With precise tracking, convenient button, and the right size, this Mouse makes amazing birthday gift for boyfriend.

7. He can grow herbs indoor with this smart invention. Watch this amazing video on how it works

Click and Grow Smart Indoor Herb Garden

If he is interested in herbs, it’s time for him to grow fresh ones in the comfort of home. There is no need to go to the store when preparing lunch because he will have fresh herbs every day.

This Indoor Garden will bring the life to his home and he will have a lot of fun watching his favorite herbs growing.

8. This horn shape mug is really cool

cool birthday gifts for him horn mug

GOAT Horn Mug

It’s time to make drinking coffee a little more exciting, and this horn-shaped coffee mug will certainly do that.

This Mug is special because it has 2 straps that make carrying coffee safe and easy, so no need to worry if it will spill. If you’re looking for cool birthday gifts for boyfriend, this creative Mug will do the trick.

9. This plastic welder that fix almost everything

cool birthday gifts for guys bondic

Bondic Plastic Welder

Every man needs one of these in his home. What we love about this gift is that is perfect for various uses from fixing kids’ toys to metal items. Believe it or not, your man will be eager to repair things all over the house.

Believe it or not, your man will be eager to repair things all over the house.

10. This smart organiser will keep ll his gadget in place


Grid it Gadget Organiser

My life was so hard before this remarkable product. It literally changed my lifestyle because I am now organized and I always know where my things are.

If you want to get your boyfriend a gift that will be practical and simple this one is just perfect.

With this Organizer, his things will be in one place all the time.

11. This is the best gift to monitor his sleep


If he always struggles to fall asleep and he is constantly tired, we have a perfect gift for him. It monitors sleep and helps in having a quality sleep so he can wake up full of energy every day.

12. Does he love cooking? Then he will love this beautiful ceramic spice grinder

cool birthday gifts for guys grinder

Bottle Ceramic Grinder

Does he enjoy spending time in the kitchen, trying out various dishes? Then this Bottle Grinder would be the perfect gift for his birthday.

It’s small and powerful thus it will fit on every shelf in the kitchen. Moreover, while preparing the food he will be able to use it easily and without spilling all over the kitchen.

13. This beautiful decanter is hand blown by artist

birthday gifts for boyfriend decanter

Globe Whisky Decanter

Looking for something special and unique that will make his birthday memorable? This Decanter will definitely serve the purpose.

Created in such a meticulous way it will add a nice touch to his living room and he will enjoy his favorite whiskey like never before.

With its authentic look, it’s not a surprise why this gift is among the best cool birthday gifts for husband.

14. Smart radio alarm clock that successfully raise $136,054 in Kickstarter


Smart Radio Alarm Clock Speaker

If he loves waking up restful and with a smile on his face, this gift is a must-have for him.

BEDDI will be his best friend and it will take care of his sleep every night.

With this amazing device, he will wake up easily thanks to sunrise stimulating light.

15. Light up his cigarette no matter how strong the wind is

cool birthday gifts for guys lighter

Tesla Coil Lighters

Among awesome birthday gifts for boyfriend, we have this Lighter that is just perfect for his pocket. The best part is that he can light a cigarette even when the wind is so strong due to the convenient button.

16. This is everything he need in his wallet

cool birthday gifts for guys wallet tool

18 in 1 Ninja Wallet

What will make his life a lot easier is definitely this amazing multi-purpose tool that is designed to fit any wallet. Whether he needs a bottle opener, a screwdriver or a ruler, this powerful tool will give him that and even more.

17. This beautiful speaker is too beautiful to pass

cool birthday gifts for guys speaker

Bang & Olufsen Portable Bluetooth Speaker

If he loves listening to his favorite music after work, this Bluetooth Speaker is just the thing that he needs.

This gift will fill his home with a powerful sound plus he can move it wherever he wants.


Buying a cool gift for your special one has never been more interesting than with our list of various gifts.

From organizer to wallet, you’re sure to find the perfect one for him. Don’t hesitate to share this article with others who is looking for cool birthday gifts for guys.

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