6 College Graduation Gifts for Him That Parents Should Get To Help Him Find a Job

Are you looking for college graduation gifts for him to get ready for his working stage of life?

It is getting harder to find a job nowadays, people are working on minimum wage to survive.

But don’t worry, I have list out this graduation gift idea for your son that will help him prepare to face the challenge of working life.

1. Well-fitted suits is an useful college graduation gifts for him

graduation gift ideas for son

Your son is going to need this right after they graduate. This is a great graduation gift for your son.


Because you don’t want your son to wear t-shirt and jeans to an interview. It is not a good outfit that gives a good first impression.

Do you think a suit is going to give a good first impression? Maybe. Why maybe?

A beautiful suit is not enough, he needs well fitted suits. Well-fitted suits can make a cheap suit looks like expensive suits and that hopefully will impress the interviewer.

Aaron Mourinho from I am Alpha M have a great guide to how a suit should fit. Take a look at the video below.

2. Professional Resume Writing Services

college graduation gift ideas for him

What should he write on his resume? Which category should come first? Education or Experience? Should I include waiter as job experience?

If you search around online, you can get tons of advice on writing the best resume. However if you are still unsure about it, you can always get a professional resume writing services to help him out.  This resume tips from Business Insider should help him out.

Check out Novoresume to get a free or paid resume template.

3. A Charity Trip That Widen His View About Current Issue


This will make your son a much more interesting man to talk with in an interview. This trip is going to help your son to widen up his perspective on this society.

It is a great conversation to mention in an interview and show that your son is trying to fill up his time with meaningful work.

Besides, he can get to know more people on this trip. You never know he might meet his future employer.

I once went to Nepal for a charity trip and I never expect to meet so many awesome people over there.

There are chefs that help to cook for the village, architect that help them to build a new school, doctors, to give them free treatment and millionaires cleaning the floor.

Yup, you heard that millionaires get their hand dirty doing housework for the people in need.

I have a few chat with them and realise they are all business owner that trying to fill up their time with meaningful work.

I then introduce one of my friends and luckily he got a graphic design job and work with one of them know.

4. Job Seeker Online Course

best graduation gifts for son

An interview can be tricky, his qualification is all written on the resume. They already know most of his background so what is the main purpose of a job interview?

Some interviewer wants to find out personalities, some of them want to know if your goal is aligning with what their company seeks out, some even just want to see how you cope with tricky questions.

A job seeking online course is going to help him get prepared for the interview. Here is one I found that I think is going to help him out.

5. How to Win Friends & Influence People


This book is probably the best book I have ever read in my life. After your son finishes reading, I think you should borrow from him and read it yourself too.

Dale Carnegie has written this best selling book in 1998 and it is still relevant today.

This book contains fundamental that help him in handling people, easy ways to make people like him, ways to win people to his thinking and change people without arousing resentment.

All these skills are very important for everyone. I am sure this graduation gift is going to help him a lot on finding a job.

6. Business Card

college graduation gifts for guys

That’s the last thing you want your son to give out to his interviewer so they can contact him later. MOO offer a great selection of business card  that is going to help him to get a perfect card for his upcoming interview.

Do you have any friends where their son is getting graduated soon from college? Share this article with them so they can get an useful graduation gifts for him.

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