129 Best Christmas Gifts For Men in 2017 From a Men’s Perspective

Looking for Christmas gifts for men?

With Christmas fast approaching, you may already be on the stage of searching for the best gifts for your loved ones and colleagues.

The problem is that not all of them are easy to find gifts to. You may even find it really challenging to find the best Christmas gifts for him.

The good news is that this comprehensive list of the best Christmas presents for men is now around to help you.

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1. This unspillable cup is an unique Christmas gifts for men

Mighty Mug Unspillable Cup

This travel thermos mug is one of the top Christmas gifts for men that he will definitely love to receive. It has a 16-ounce capacity and comes in color red.

With the use of Smartgrip technology, it is capable of gripping any flat, solid and smooth surface. This can prevent potential accidents and spills.

Whenever this travel mug is lifted, you can expect its pressure to normalize instantly, making it possible for its airlock to release and lift the mug naturally.

2. Now he can always cook the right amount of spaghetti

spaghetti measure christmas gifts for men

I Could Eat a Horse Spaghetti Measurer

This is one of the most unique Christmas gifts for him. It is useful in determining the exact amount of spaghetti needed by a man, woman, kid, and even a horse.

It has 65g, 100g, 130g and 400g measurements for kids, women, men and for a group of 4 people respectively. One advantage of this measuring tool is that he can easily use it without needing any complicated equipment or measuring scales.

Its sturdiness is also guaranteed because it is made of high quality, thick plastic.

3. Lamp, shelf and a bookmark in one solution

Lililite Book Shelf

This smart product, which also makes one of the best Christmas presents for him, is a combination of a bookmark, bookshelf and reading light in one.

He will definitely love this, especially if he is a reader. With this multifunctional product, he can conveniently read in bed.

The lamp automatically turns on once he pulls his book from the peak due to the sensor installed in it. It is capable of illuminating his reading material from the best angle.

4. 360 Rotating Sockets

rotating socket christmas gifts for men

KEBE 360 Rotating Socket or 360 Rotating Adapter

This multicolor, rotating socket is one gift that will definitely capture his interest because of its many features. It is a socket, which he can conveniently rotate.

With the use of concentric shaft technology, it can rotate in between its removable plug modules. It also features an overload circuit, which prevents potential danger once disconnected.

It also protects the safety circuit with its ability to get rid of all forms of unstable power supply or power surge.

5. Citrus Spritzer

citrus spritzer christmas gifts for men

Utopia Kitchen Citrus Sprayer

Thinking of what to buy a guy for Christmas will no longer be a hassle with this spray. This gift has one piece each of small and large sprayer, as well as a base holder, so users will have an easier time using it.

The large-sized sprayer is capable of directly screwing into citrus fruits, such as oranges and lemons. The smaller one, on the other hand, works perfectly for tangerines and limes.

Mess can be prevented when squeezing and slicing fruits through this sprayer. He can also use it in preserving fruit juices for future use.

6. Cutting pizza the easy way

pizza cutter christmas gifts for him

Kitchen Maestro Pizza Scissor

With this gift, he no longer needs to worry about the possibility of dragging off pizza toppings while he tries to slice pizza unsuccessfully.

All he has to do is slide the tip of the spatula beneath the pizza. This will allow him to quickly and efficiently cut it without the toppings falling off.

It has a blade made of top quality stainless steel, which makes it easier to slice pizza even if it is his first try. It also features a handle, which he can grip comfortably.

7. This turntable with horn i going to make his room much more elegant


Pyle Home Classical Horn Turntable

With this classical horn turntable from Pyle, it is possible to retain the classical look of a phonograph with all the features and technologies that the modern world can provide.

One remarkable thing about this gift is that it is appealing to the eyes, making it a nice centerpiece in any room.

It has a working metal horn and two built-in speakers, thereby allowing him to enjoy high quality sounds without the need for any more hardware. Its classic and elegant look is also one of its best qualities.

8. Wooden arm rest

arm rest christmas gifts for him

Speakaboo Flexible Wooden Arm Rest

This is one of the most ideal Christmas gifts for boyfriend or any other important man in your life. Made of natural and eco-friendly bamboo, which also features a brown finish, this gift can offer his sofa or couch an even more unique style.

The bamboo strips used in creating this sofa arm tray are kept securely and tight together with the help of a netted textile backing, making it splash-proof.

It is also light in weight, making it easier to move when needed. He can also allow his laptop to rest there, thereby preventing it from overheating.

9. Bluetooth shower/outdoor speaker

waterproof speaker christmas gifts for him

Elivebuy Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

With this Bluetooth speaker featuring a 5-watt audio driver, he can listen to full high definition sounds and bass. Aside from having a unique appearance, it is also waterproof. It is capable of pairing with any devices enabled by Bluetooth.

It also features a suction cup secured speaker, making it possible for him to sing along with his favorite band while he is in the shower, or listen to his favorite songs while relaxing.

10. Take a shower with the right temperature

water tempreature christmas gifts for men

4 Moms Spout Cover

This is one of the nicest Christmas gifts for dad. This spout cover is useful in keeping a child comfortable and safe during his bath time.

It features a color-coded and integrated digital thermometer, so the user can easily set the right temperature, which is safe for the sensitive skin of the child.

The spout cover is also constructed out of foam, so there is no need to worry about bruises and bumps in case it hits the faucet. It can resist mildew while also capable of fitting most faucets.

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11. Listen to radio, charge your phone and switch on the lights with this hand crank charger

hand crank christmas gifts for men

Hand Crank Charger

With this gift, he can get a hold of a compact and lightweight device, which features not only a 3-band radio, but also a 3-LED flashlight.

This will prepare him for whatever emergency situation he will be in. He can also use it as a radio, which he can bring with him when camping or traveling.

It also features a charger, which can power up his mobile phones. It is compact, and is guaranteed to last for a long time.

12. Take a shower anywhere on the beach

pocket shower christmas gifts for men

Sea to Summit Pocket Shower

This is one of the most unique Christmas gifts, which will let him take a hold of a pocket shower made of waterproof fabric.

Its base also features a built-in compact showerhead, which works just by using its on and off twist mechanism.

He can also make adjustments on the water flow just by using its twist spout. It is multifunctional since it works as a regular dry sack designed for transporting clothes. It serves as a sleeping bag, too.

13. Let him sleep better in the plane

travel pillow christmas gifts for him


This is a Christmas gift that you should not fail to give him, especially if you want to make him feel comfortable anywhere he goes.

This travel pillow can conveniently and efficiently support his neck, chin and head. With this comfortable pillow, he can comfortably sleep, even when he is in crowded transportation vehicles, such as cars, buses, trains and planes.

He can also use it to relax comfortably at home.

14. Connect his phone with this security camera

security camera christmas gifts for him

Amcrest Security Camera

With this gift, staying in touch with the things that he is passionate about, wherever he is, is possible. It requires a fast yet efficient mobile setup process, making it possible for him to access the camera’s video stream securely.

It can deliver videos with up to 1080p quality. With this, he no longer have to strain his eyes or lean too close since everything is in full and rich detail. A 4-hour free cloud storage can also be expected from this security camera.

15. Charge his gadget on the go

solar backpack christmas gifts for him

Sun Labz Solar Backpack

With this solar panel backpack, which is also travel-friendly due to its light weight, he no longer needs to worry about dealing with drained battery.

There is no need to worry about getting stranded without battery left because of this solar panel.

The solar panel, which is also scratch resistant, is enclosed in a durable and lightweight PVC fabric Aside from being a solar battery charger, which allows him to stay connected, it also works as a durable bladder backpack featuring several compartments and pockets, as well as a hydration pack with 1.8-liter capacity.

16. Pack all his book in one place

kindle present for guys who love traveling

Kindle Paperwhite

Available in black and white, making it possible for you to pick one which perfectly fits him, this Kindle e-reader, boasts of its high resolution display. This allows it to deliver laser quality, rich and crisp text.

Due to its no-glare capability even when used in bright sunlight, the user will feel like he is reading on paper. It is light in weight, so he can comfortably read even with just one hand. An adjustable light is also featured in the device.

17. Never have an overweight anymore


Digital Luggage Scale

If you are searching for the best Christmas gifts for him who travels a lot, then this digital hanging luggage scale from Etekcity will definitely work for him.

It is capable of reading heavy baggage accurately, so he no longer needs to worry about paying for extra charges. It is portable, making it easier for him to store in his suitcase or at home.

It is also heavy-duty and durable. It features a thermometer temperature sensor, which lets him know whether his luggage is stored in the ideal climate.

18. Keep his clothes dry on the beach

dry bag christmas gifts for him

Earth Pak Dry Bag

One thing that makes this among the cool Christmas gifts for guys is its ability to last for years. The dry bag also works perfectly even for rugged users, considering its high level of waterproof protection.

It can keep his valuables dry and fully protected no matter where he decides to go. It also features padded and adjustable shoulder straps for the user’s added comfort and convenience.

19. Organise his gadget with this

grid it christmas gift for boyfriend

Cocoon Grit it Organiser

This organizer case is guaranteed to come with endless configurations for all his digital devices. It also makes use of the GRID-IT system, which is considered as the most flexible organization system available today.

The woven elastic retention system provides limitless configurations to organize his gadgets and hold them securely in place.

This gift boasts of a smart and functional design, making you really feel proud once you offer this to him as a Christmas gift.

20. Have his phone charge up anywhere with this holder

folding mobile phone holder christmas gifts for him

Kikkerland Bobino Folding Mobile Phone Holder

Mainly designed for large keypad or touch screen mobile phone users of today, this foldable mobile phone holder is also one of the nicest boyfriend Christmas gift ideas.

It features sleek lines, and a non-slip and soft pad, which can hold smart phones securely. It offers excellent support to the phone while also storing its charging cord securely.

Constructed out of a combination of rubber and plastic, expect this gift to be long-lasting and showcase a strong grip.

21. Don’t have to get a new body wash, just squeeze some from home into this tube


GoToob Refillable Travel Tube

Made of soft, yet highly rugged silicone material, this bestselling travel bottle is an excellent gift, allowing him to squeeze it comfortably until the last drop.

It features a huge opening, making it easy to clean and fill. Its collar also features an ID-window, which can remind user about what he stores inside.

It is perfect to bring outdoors and when he is on travel. It is available in clear, blue and green, so choose one, which you think perfectly suits his personality.

22. This will keep all his belonging safe

safebox present for guys who love traveling

AquaVault Portable Outdoor Safe

AquaVault is a Christmas gift that he can use to secure his belongings when he is out on travel.

It is a portable safe, which is capable of attaching to fixed objects, like a boat rail, bike, stroller or beach chair, making it capable of securing his items even when he is enjoying the beach, waterpark or pool.

The good thing about this safe is that it has a flexible mount design, allowing it to suit the majority of furniture items in the beach. It also has a sleek design, and is guaranteed to be waterproof and impact resistant.

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23. Smart Body Analyser

Withings Smart Body Analyser

This amazing smart body analyzer is designed to read the statistics of a human body and detect the health level of one’s current living environment.

Giving it to him as a Christmas gift increases his chances of reaching his health goals. The scale works automatically when it comes to synching his heart rate, environmental data, fat composition and weight to his customized dashboard, which is accessible online.

It works automatically in uploading your accurate measurements via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

24. Sennheiser Headphones

Sennheiser Dynamic Headphones

This dynamic headphone from Sennheiser is his perfect partner when it comes to listening to his favorite sounds.

Its many high quality features will really let him love this Christmas gift. It is lightweight and features an ear cup frame with an innovative and ergonomic design, which is guaranteed to give him comfort.

It has durable, high quality and easy to maintain ear cushions made of microfiber material, which adds to his convenience and comfort.

25. Electric Skateboard


Boosted Board

If you are thinking about what to get guys for Christmas, especially those who love fun and excitement, then this electric skateboard will definitely work for him.

Each ride will be fully enjoyable for him. It features a 2,000-watt power, giving him an exciting riding experience.

It also makes use of highly advanced software, making it possible to adjust speed levels and power depending on his skill level.

It is perfect for skiers, surfers, kite boarders and snowboards. It is also made of durable material with high quality construction.

26. ikettle – boiling water the smart way


Made of stainless steel, this gift is guaranteed to last long. It works by allowing users to boil remotely through a smart device.

There is no need to get up just to flick the switch and turn it on. One of its amazing features is its variable temperature control.

It also has a keep warm feature, as well as a welcome home and wake up feature. It notifies users when empty, thereby prompting them when it’s time for refilling.

27. Clean up his room with this robotic vacuum

Neato Botvac Vacuum

This is usually included on the most ideal Christmas presents for boyfriend, especially if he has pets. With its smart, high-performance and powerful features, it can efficiently vacuum dust, pet hair, crumbs, and dirt regardless of the type of floor he has.

It can also reach various corners of his home. It also makes use of the LaserSmart mapping and navigation system, allowing it to map and scan the room for more efficient cleaning.

28. Control his electronics on a tip of his finger

Wemo Belkin Smart Plug

With this Christmas gift, you can give him complete control of all his small appliances and lamps. It provides him with several choices for both automation and scheduling. He can have complete control of such appliances with just his voice.

It performs its function without the need for any central hub or subscription. It is also capable of automatically syncing lights to sunset, sunrise and any other external situations.

29. Sing along in the shower with his favourite music

KOHLER Showerhead + Wireless Speaker

This amazing showerhead from KOHLER, which also features a wireless speaker, is capable of streaming music playlists, other forms of audio, as well as news even when the user is in the shower.

It is water resistant, so expect it to be easy to use. It is also compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled devices, provided they are around 32 feet away. It has polished chrome finish, allowing it to display an elegant look.

30. Now he can lock his door the smarter way

August Smart Lock

This Christmas gift will help keep him secure all the time. It is designed in such a way that he can conveniently lock and unlock his door, monitor who enters and goes out of it, and develop virtual keys designed for his guests just by using his smartphone.

It also offers a 24/7 activity log, making it really easier for him to monitor the foot traffic and activities of his space. It works perfectly in almost all types of standard deadbolts.

31. Nest thermostat

Nest Thermostat

This thermostat is designed in a way that it can program itself while also automatically saving energy even if the user is not at home.

He can also control it whether he is using a laptop, tablet or phone. It is compatible with almost all types of 24V cooling and heating systems, such as heat pump, electric and gas. It has a wireless function, making it more comfortable to use.

32. Never lost his key with this bluetooth tracker


Tile Bluetooth Tracker

With the aid of this Bluetooth tracker, finding his phone, keys and any other items that he tends to lose or forget will be easier.

For instance, if he often loses his key and forgets where he places it, then he can attach a tile to it, so he can easily locate it through sound.

Its compatibility with almost all devices also makes it one of the coolest man gifts for Christmas.

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33. Shoot a bear with this pocket shot

Pocket Shot

Pocket Shot is the more evolved or advanced version of a slingshot. It features a patented circular design, making it easier for him to load it and shoot various projectiles.

He can do so at twice or thrice the level usually linked to regular slingshots.

Due to its small size, he can easily carry it with him and store it in a tackle box, backpack or pocket. It also features a watertight cap, allowing him to store ammo within the unit itself.

34. Cut down small trees easily with this pocket chain saw

Pocket Chain Saw

It is considered to be the most durable and the toughest survival pocket chainsaw in the market today. It is tough enough that it can strip through thin branches and huge tree trunks within just a few seconds.

It also features heavy-duty, solid and rugged handles. This makes it a perfect addition to an emergency kit and a bug-out bag. It is lightweight, compact and flexible, adding up to its best qualities.

35. Start a fire with this waterproof matches

UCO Waterproof Matches

This gift can provide him with up to 25 waterproof and windproof matches. The kit has three strikers and one match case, capable of holding up to forty matches.

The matches included in the kit are quick and easy to light up. Expect them to light up within just fifteen seconds.

It also has a sturdy ABS plastic case, which is also waterproof, thereby allowing its contents to stay well-protected and dry.

36. Multi-function survival knife

knife birthday present ideas for menBliztec 5 in 1 Survival Pocket Folding Knife

This survival knife features a LED light, magnesium fire starter, glass breaker and seatbelt cutter.

It is considered as the most useful emergency tool, so giving it as a gift to someone who wants to be ready all the time will definitely make him appreciate you.

Some of the most functional features included when buying this gift are blade lock, pocket clip, window breaker and drop-point blade featuring a serrated saw.

It works well for him, especially if he loves outdoor activities like hunting and hiking.

37. This straw might save his life

Life Straw Water Filter

This water filter is light in weight, but is capable of delivering an excellent flow rate. It is among the great Christmas gifts for men, especially if you plan to give it to an ultralight backpacker, traveler, hiker, camper or hunter.

It also works well for emergencies. It is capable of getting rid of at least 99% waterborne bacteria from water. It is placed in a sealed bag, so storing it for emergencies will be easier.

38. This water bottle will save a lot of space

bottle birthday present ideas for men

Hydrapak Stash Water Bottle

This collapsible water bottle, which is also soft-walled, features an advanced molded bottom and top. This feature snaps together, making it easier to store and move.

It is user-friendly. He just needs to squeeze the water bottle to release the water. It has a 1-liter capacity, making it not only ideal for daily use but also for traveling, adventure and camping.

39. Bear Gryll Ultimate Survival Kit

survival kit christmas gifts for him

Bear Gryll Ultimate Survival Kit

This light, compact and small survival kit is his ultimate partner in his next travels and adventures. It has a wide collection of survival gears designed to help him deal with challenges when he is on the wild.

Stored in a rip-stop and lightweight bag made of nylon, expect the items stored therein to be safe and secure.

The items stored in the kit are also perfect for survival, hunting, military, industrial, tactical, as well as outdoor situations.

40. This will be useful for camping

camp stove christmas gifts for men

BioLite Wood Burning Camp Stove

This gift is capable of providing power to the majority of devices chargeable through USB, such as mobile phones.

Charging any device through this lets it generate a minimum of 60 minutes talk time. Aside from being a power charger, it also works as a lightweight backpacking stove designed to cook meals.

This gift is his best partner if he wants a more complete emergency preparedness kit or if he is planning to have an adventure somewhere outdoors.

41. Medical Kit

medical kit christmas gifts for him

SOL Medical Kit

This is usually included in the list of good Christmas gifts for men, especially those who are interested in more adventurous activities.

This contains several items designed to let him survive in various situations. It has several waterproof compartments designed to protect his valuables from harm.

Other features of this survival kit are LED light and whistle, compass, safety wire, fish hook, and combination knife. He will definitely realize the fact that it’s a good catch considering the many items stored in it.

42. Folding Shovel

folding shovel christmas gifts for him

Gerber Folding Shovel

This lightweight and compact folding shovel is known for its versatility. It features an integrated hammer, allowing users to drive down tent stakes while also digging up a bit of fire pit.

It also has a button slide mechanism, which is easy to push. Its ergonomic handle, constructed out of glass-filled nylon, as well as its rubberized grip also makes it more comfortable to use and hold.

43. Folding Bucket

folding water bucker christmas gifts for adventure

One Tigris Folding Bucket

This multifunctional folding, collapsing water bucket is guaranteed to be portable. It is a perfect gift because it is also versatile enough that he can use it in various means – vacation and travel, household, camping, picnic, fishing, etc.

It provides him with a space-saving, as well as a convenient solution designed to meet his bucket needs. It is easy to store since it does not take too much space.

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44. Walk his dog safely at night

led collar christ mast gifts for him

GoDoggy Glow LED Dog Collar

Designed to give optimum dog safety and visibility, this safety collar is one of the best Christmas gift ideas for boyfriend.

Because it is designed to improve dog visibility, expect him to prevent the risk of his dog experiencing potential collisions.

It also improves the safety of his dog since joggers, cyclists, motorists, runners, and walkers can easily see it even from a distance.

It features an innovative design, and is comfortable, fully adjustable and easy to use.

45. Monitor his dog’s health

mens birthday gifts for dog loverFit Bark – Dog Activity Monitor

With this gift, he can easily keep track of the activities of his dog 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With that said, setting the best health goals is easier for him.

He can also easily detect whether there are behavioral changes on his pet (for instance, changes on his play, rest and active time).

The fact that it is small and tiny also makes it easy to store. It is waterproof and features a rugged design.

46. Have a clean ride with his doggy

dog seat cover christ mas gifts for him

4knines Waterproof Non Slip Seat Cover

With the aid of this gift, he can efficiently protect the back seat of his truck, SUV or car. The good thing about this cover is that it is constructed out of heavy-duty, quilted, padded and waterproof material, making it capable of holding even the largest dog.

Its padded and quilted design also guarantees utmost comfort for his dog. Installing it is also easy with the quick-release clips that he can find in its reinforced headrest strap.

47. So…they won’t bite

dog duck muzzle christmas gifts for dog lover

Duck Billed Protective Muzzle

This adorable mouth cover for dogs is definitely one of the most unique Christmas gifts for men who are also dog lovers.

It has a small size, making it easier to put on his dog. It is made of lightweight, soft, and elastic advanced silicone material.

It does not also have any unwanted plastic smell, thereby offering protection to his dog and guaranteeing his comfort.

It features an elastic and adjustable strap. With this gift, he can prevent his dog from biting, licking wounds, barking and eating around.

48. For dog that eat too fast


Slo Bowl – Slow Feeder Bowl

This is an amazing Christmas gift for him because it can add fun to the experience of his dogs when eating.

With its nature-inspired designed, his dogs can be expected to eat his foods at a natural pace. It also comes with a slip-resistant base, designed to prevent the risk of food spillage and sliding.

It aids in prolonging his mealtime, thereby reducing the risk of bloating and obesity.

49. If you really don’t know what to get for him, go shop at Barkshop


Bark Shop

With Bark Shop, you can find the perfect gift this Christmas for a dog person. If you notice his love for dogs, then you can just give him a Bark Shop box, containing almost everything that his pet needs.

The gift box contains not just food treats and chews, but also toys, outerwear, accessories and leashes. He will definitely love the contents of the box.

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50. Star Wars Fans

storm trooper birthday gifts for him

Storm Trooper Ceramic Sculpted Mug

This unique sculpted mug is the perfect Christmas gift for a man who is a self-proclaimed Star Wars fan.

It is nicely crafted and custom-sculpted, making it unique and one of a kind. Constructed out of stoneware material, which is guaranteed to be not only solid, but also of top-notch quality, expect this gift to bring out a bright, yet bold design.

This is ideal for him, especially if he often collects unique items related to Star Wars.

51. For Star Wars fans who love toast for breakfast

darth vader birthday gifts for him

Darth Vader Toaster

This is another unique collectible for a Star Wars fan, making it one of the nicest Christmas gifts for guy friends who love the movie.

With this toaster, he can easily toast waffles, bread, muffins and other pastries. It has meticulous details and constructed out of durable black plastic, so adding it to his kitchen counter will make the area look even more striking.

It has a compact size and features an automatic manual switch-off function, as well as an adjustable thermostat.

52. This Batman is so sick

Square Enix Batman (Tetsuya Version)

This is undoubtedly the nicest and the coolest Batman version that you can offer him as a Christmas gift. If he is a collector, then you should definitely give this to him as a gift.

It has generous detail and articulation, and it also has plenty of hand, armor and claw pieces that he can use interchangeably. It also comes with a figure stand, making it truly unique.

53. This is the only desk for him


Atlantic Gaming Desk

With the aid of this gaming desk, organizing all his gears for his PC video and console games will be easier. It features a sleek carbon-fiber laminated desk, with a charcoal color, designed to provide enough room to organize his laptop, keyboard, monitor and cables.

An easy to use phone and tablet charging station can also be expected from this desk. He will definitely love this gift, especially once he realizes that it only requires minimal assembly and it is easy to clean.

54. There is so much time to kill in the toilet

sudoku toilet roll christmas gifts for men

Sudoku Toilet Roll

Who would have thought that a toilet paper also works as the best Christmas gift for husband, boyfriend or any other male loved one? This is ideal for him, especially if he seriously loves to play Sudoku.

This specially customized toilet roll will surely satisfy his love for the game. He just needs to pull down the roll, so he can start to fill in the puzzles. It makes a unique novelty gift.

55. Trust me, he will be a chopstick pro in no time

aber chopstick christmas gifts for him

Lightsaber Chopstick

This light and portable gift is one, which he can easily bring with him and fit in his pocket. It features convenient LEDs, capable of producing bright-colored lights through its user-friendly on/off push button.

Mainly constructed out of thick and clear plastic, expect the chopsticks to stack next to each other nicely.

The sticks have a Star Wars glow, which will definitely leave a good impression to any Star Wars fan.

56. Playing games on phone the easy way

phone controller gamers gifts

MOGA Gaming Mobile System

Through this gift, he can instantly transform his tablet or smartphone into an easy to use mobile gaming system.

It features a button and design layout, which resembles those of traditional console controllers. This offers excellent game control to users.

Being slim and portable, the controller can also pair with any of his mobile devices via Bluetooth. The good thing about this system is that it is compatible with more than a hundred games.

57. I think he will use this as coffee mug

dragon glass christmas gifts for him

VERDUGO Royal Dragon Goblet Cup

This nice Christmas gift is a great representation of the beautiful stories of kings and queens. It perfectly fits in any banquet table.

Its base is made of poly-resin base, and its cup is made out of stainless steel. It is also intricately detailed with its rich scrollwork, dragons’ head crest and sparkling gems.

The inner drinking cup is removable, which adds to the convenience of its users.

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58. He will definitely thank you for this

beard shaper

Beard Shaping Tool

This beard shaping tool is one of the most functional Christmas gift ideas for dad, husband, or boyfriend. He can use it to achieve perfect lines and symmetry for his beard.

If he wants to achieve a more accurate trim or crisper shave, then he can combine the tool with either a razor or clippers.

The tool also features several styling and shaping options. All it takes is to make adjustments on the leveling measurements and the curve angle.

59. This oil will leave him a smooth and healthy beard

birthday gifts for men with beard

Art Natural Organic Beard Oil

This Christmas gift is something that he can use to tame, groom, moisturize and condition his facial hair and beard.

It is made out of organic ingredients, mainly Moroccan argan and jojoba oils, designed to protect his hair and provide moisture.

It is easy to apply, plus it aids in getting rid of dandruff and dry skin linked to facial hair. It also helps in stimulating their healthy and full growth.

60. Let him trim his beard without a mess

beard catcher christmas gifts for him

Darwin Beard Catcher

With this gift, he can trim his beard within just a few minutes and without any mess. This means that he can use it if he is in a hurry.

The good thing about this gift is that it allows him to trim his beard without causing a lot of mess in the bathroom and sink.

All it takes is for him to attach its suction cups into the mirror, then push down the handle. It is available in a gift box, making it ready to be given to him this Christmas.

61. Trim his beard with this sleek shaver

shaver christmas gifts for men

TRYM II Rechargeable Beard Trimmer

This is one of the best hair clipper kits that you can ever give him. It is made of high quality parts, making it an effortless and safe solution when it comes to hair trimming.

It also features a modern, yet minimalistic design, which provides a more aesthetic and sleek look to his bathroom.

It is rechargeable and works perfectly for his hair, body, beard and mustache. It also features a powerful battery, extra attachments, as well as sharp blade.

62. Let’s decorate his beard like you decorate a Christmas tree

beard jewellery christmas gifts for men

Beardaments – Beard Ornament

This gift can make his beard more fun and exciting this Christmas. It is better than other beard ornaments or accessories in the market today because it features mini-clips designed to ensure that the accessories are securely attached to his facial hair.

It is versatile because it works not just for his beard, but also for any type of hair. He will definitely feel excited to wear the ornaments.

63. Shampoo is for beard too

birthday beard shampoo for him

Professor Edward J Fuzzworthy Beard Shampoo

This forms part of the nicest Christmas gifts for husband, boyfriends, fathers and bearded male friends. Being 100% natural, this shampoo is guaranteed to be safe for him.

It can make his beard look shinier and healthier. It does not also contain any synthetic chemicals and ingredients that are known to be harsh on the skin and beard. It also delivers a masculine woody scent.

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64. Probably the best camera bag ever designed for photographer

Peak Design Everyday Messenger Bag

This works as a great gift for him because it carries all his essentials. It works perfectly if he is a regular commuter or traveler, or if he is a photographer.

It has more functions than just being an innovative camera bag. It also features a weather-resistant shell, which either contracts or expands, based on the size of the items you intend to put in there.

It also has an internal padded seatbelt strap, which he can adjust, so he can use it either as a shoulder or messenger bag.

65. This boring but useful gift

external hard drive christmas gifts for him

Seagate 5TB External Hardrive

He will definitely love this external hard drive if you decide to offer this to him as a Christmas gift since it offers him additional storage for all his growing files.

It has a straightforward setup process, making it really convenient to use. Windows OS can also automatically recognize it, so he no longer needs to install or configure any software.

It can also quickly transfer files. With its 5TB capacity, he can definitely save tons of files in it.

66. Photographer took longer time cleaning his camera than cleaning their body

camera cleaning kit chirstmas gifts for him

Altura Professional Cleaning Kit

This cleaning kit consists of well-selected materials and tools designed to clean his camera, as well as his delicate optics efficiently and safely.

The kit features high quality lens brush, spray bottle, microfiber cleaning cloths, air blower cleaner and lens cleaning pen system. The kit also contains 50 sheets of tissues designed to clean the camera.

The ergonomic design of the spray bottle included in the kit also makes it more comfortable to spray glasses, LCD screens, and lenses.

67. Let him show off his work with this digital photo frame

gifts for photographer birthday

Nix Advance Digital Photo Frame

This is a Christmas gift that he will definitely love considering its ability to store all his precious memories in just one place.

The high resolution digital photo frame is capable of playing his HD pictures and videos within just the same slideshow.

It lets him view thousands of videos and photos from the USB stick or SD card he inserted in it because of its fast processing system.

68. Take professional photo with phone

phone camera lens birthday gifts for him

Camkix Universal Phone Camera Lens

This kit is a perfect gift for a man who loves to take pictures. It features macro and wide-angle lenses screwed together and designed to bring out his creativity.

It also has a universal design, making it not only easy to use but also suitable for various portable devices.

It works well with Android tablets, iPad, iPod, iPhone and smart phones. He will definitely love this gift since he can use it in capturing the best shots wherever he decides to go.

69. He can catch any angle with this tripod

camera tripod gifts for him


This highly versatile tripod is mainly designed for SLR cameras. It features zoom lenses. With the aid of this flexible tripod, capturing the best perspectives is possible. It securely holds his professional camera equipment.

It is also stable, which means that it can grip on any surface, enhancing stability even on hard terrains. It also has a portable design, allowing him to carry it with him with ease.

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70. Homemade shaving cream

Another gift that you can give a man this Christmas is a shaving cream that you made your own. It shows that you value him since you exerted an effort to make the cream for him.

For this specific shaving cream, you’ll just need all natural ingredients like solid coconut oil, sweet almond oil, Shea butter and tobacco bay leaf fragrance oil.

This shaving cream is one which he can use just by spreading a small amount of it on the skin before shaving.

71. Make a wallet for him


Follow This Tutorial

With this DIY wallet, he will definitely feel important this Christmas knowing that you made it for him using your two hands. One great thing about this DIY wallet is that it features a well-engineered design.

Provided you follow the instructions indicated on the site, you can provide him with a wallet with a modern yet clean look. It is mainly made of leather and high quality stitches, increasing its chances of lasting long.

72. I really like this mug

homemade presents for dad birthday

Follow this tutorial at Puppytalk

He will surely love this DIY watercolor mug if you offer this to him as a Christmas gift. One of its most striking qualities is its durability.

It also features a unique and modern look. You can use white ceramic mug, a nail polish and a disposable or an old container or bowl for this. Just follow the instructions on creating this wonderful mug, and you can design it in such a way that will surely impress him.

73. Make a cute hand warmer for your boyfriend on this cold weather

This cookie hand warmer is a gift that he will surely appreciate considering the effort you put in in making it. All that you need to make this gift are felt, rice, needle and thread, and a scissor.

Just a few stitches here and there, plus a few cuts to create circles and nice designs are what you need to make this DIY gift.

Use rice as filling for the hand warmer. The output will provide him with something to use, especially this cold holiday season.

74. He is definitely going to love this comfy socks

birthday presents for dad homemade

Follow this tutorial at Martha Stewart

Another Christmas gift that you can prepare for him is this pair of no sew slipper socks. He will definitely love the fact that you exerted some effort for him this Christmas.

The only things that you need for this DIY project are thick socks, scissor, pencil, a piece of cardboard, iron, fusible webbing, sewing pencil and suede fabric. It is easy and quick to make, yet the result is really charming.

75. Make drinking glass with this bottle Cutter

Kinkajou Bottle Cutter

This bottle cutter is a gift that he can use in most of his up-cycling projects. With this gift, he can easily turn bottles into customized lamps, candle holders, vases, glassware, or any other items he can think of.

This kit features a finishing kit, which also has additional sand paper designed to make it easier for him to smooth the edges of the items right after separating or cutting them. It only has one blade, but it is sharp enough to cut bottles around 43-102 millimeters.

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76. Yup, don’t let her “brother” catch a cold in this cold winter

willy funny gifts for him

The Ultimate Weener Kit

Are you looking for a gift that will definitely make him laugh this Christmas? Then this unique, yet funny gag gift will definitely make his day even more special.

This is a great gift, especially if you don’t know what to give him because he seems to have everything. With the knitting drawstring sock of this funny gift, he can protect his sensitive parts more efficiently.

77. Most effective stress release kit

smack a sack funny gifts for him

MySack Smack a Sack

He will appreciate this Christmas gift considering its effectiveness in providing him with an instant relief from frustration, stress and tension.

The sack is made of ultra-suede material, plus it has a Velcro closure, which encloses two squeeze balls made of relaxing foam. He just needs to grip on the top part of the sack to get rid of his frustration and stress.

78. This guy want to kiss him on the a**

donald trump toilet paper gifts for him

Donald Trump Toilet Paper

Do you want to hear his genuine burst of laughter upon seeing his Christmas gift from you? Then give him this tissue paper with the face of Donald Trump printed on it. This is one of the funniest gifts relevant to politics that you can give him.

Aside from being a funny gift, it is also useful. This is a 2-ply jumbo roll of tissue with up to 480 sheets. This is two times as big as the other tissue papers today.

79. Just tell his this is a cologne

liquid ass christmas gifts for him

Liquid Ass

This highly concentrated product produces a stinky and overwhelming yet funny smell that will surely get everyone laughing.

This is among the coolest Christmas gift ideas for co-workers. The smell of this fart spray is extremely horrible that everyone in a room will end up laughing.

It is around 30ml, which is enough to emit a foul smell in several rooms. Provide a fun twist to how your team celebrates Christmas with this prank gift.

80. For him who love to complain

bomb mug christmas gifts for him

Grenade Mug

This mug is perfect for him, especially if he is a real coffee drinker. It has some nice prints on it that will make everyone around him, especially in the workplace, realize that he means business.

It is capable of holding up to 16-ounce liquid, which is a good thing. It is also constructed out of sturdy ceramic material. Cleaning it up is also a breeze, so expect to receive a really genuine thanks from him right after he receives this gift.

81. This gift is both funny and useful

iarm christmas gifts for him

iArm – Forearm Mount

The iArm showcases a forearm mount, which can provide him with an additional arm. This fun and nice gift is light in weight (only around 4 pounds), and is guaranteed to be completely adjustable.

It allows him to bring his favorite devices and gadgets with him with ease. It also comes with an optional multi-mount feature, which is capable of securing three items simultaneously.

It is versatile enough that it can hold tablet, remote, e-readers, and other gadgets.

82. There is always a place for booger

boogger christmas gifts for men

Booger Bin

This is one of the most revolutionary Christmas gifts for men. It features two felt pads, as well as one hooked Velcro, which promotes ease in sticking the Booger Bin in any place he wants.

It also has a low-profile tin bin, which you can use to easily put it in your pocket. With this, disposing your boogers not only properly, but also discreetly is possible.

83. Annoy him with this yodelling pickle

yodeling christmas gifts for him

Yodelling Pickle

With the aid of this gift, he will enjoy several hours of entertainment. This gift already comes with its own batteries, so the recipient will be able to use it right after he gets a hold of it.

Through this gift, he will no longer have to deal with stubborn pickles. It yodels efficiently with just one press of a button.

84. Hillary can really crack a nut

nutcracker christmas gifts for him

Hillary Nutcracker

This Hillary nutcracker is one that you can depend on to become the life of a party. It means that you will definitely satisfy the recipient once you offer it to him as a gift. It is a standalone, collectible gift and showcases a 9-inch high replica.

It is made of high quality and premium parts, especially the legs, which is mainly constructed out steel. All it takes to make it work is to put a nut in between the legs. Squeeze it to crack the nuts.

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85. Beautiful terrarium cage

terrarium cage christmas gifts for himH – Potter Terrarium Container 

This terrarium is a nice Christmas gift for him, especially if he owns a small and limited space. It also works as one of the most ideal indoor planters.

The terrarium glass is around 3-mm thick. A solder, which is guaranteed to be lead-free, can also be expected, designed to protect him, as well as the environment.

It also has a base made of sturdy metal and features a dark gray powder-coated finish.

86. This book should help them out a lot

terarium book christmas gifts for men

Terrariums – Garden Under Glass

This book from Maria Colletti is a Christmas gift that he will definitely love reading, especially if he enjoys gardening.

This book allows him to get to know more about terrariums and how he can bring nature indoors. With all the information that he can gather, he can start creating terrariums, which is a good thing, especially if he wants to find a pleasant way to surround himself with relaxing greens in his apartment or office desk.

87. This can help them to create a small garden

gardening book christmas gifts for him

Gardening in Miniature

For a man who loves gardening, this book written by Janit Calvo, is also a great Christmas gift. With the aid of this book, he will know exactly how he can produce a garden in miniatures.

This book serves as a comprehensive guide for him when it comes to producing living, lush and small-scale gardens. This is a great way for him to continue his love for gardening and anything related to it.

88. Expert say this is the best gardening knife

hori hori knife christmas gifts for him

Hori Hori Gardening Knife

This is something that he can add to his gardening collection. It features an extra-sharp blade made of stainless steel. Its sheath is also made out of durable, thick and solid leather material.

This is a nice Christmas gift for him if he is a gardener. It is also packed in an elegant gift box. With its eco-friendly nature, you will definitely feel proud once you offer this to him as a gift.

89. He is going to need this to protect their knees

knee pad christmas gifts for him

InSassy Garden Kneeler

This kneeler pad can make him feel really comfortable when he is out gardening. Constructed out of high density foam, this pad is capable of protecting his knees against sharp or rough elements.

It can also make him feel comfortable. The foam used is non-toxic and non-recyclable. Its built-in handle slot promotes ease when he is carrying it around in his garden.

90. Shove the easy way

shovel christmas gifts for men

Radius Garden Stainless Steel Shovel

Constructed out of sturdy stainless steel, this ergonomically designed shovel is guaranteed to help him reduce the hassle associated to gardening.

It has an ergonomic design, plus an o-handle grip, which is guaranteed to lessen stress in his wrists and hands, while also promoting power and comfort. It guarantees a more secure grip.

With the help of this shovel, digging the ground for gardening will be a lot easier. It offers maximum leverage with its sharp, round-point blade made of stainless steel.

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91. Yes, yes, yes!

best birthday present for alcohol lover

Wyndham Dual Tank Beverage Dispenser

The large 74-liter capacity of this dispenser backpack truly makes it an amazing Christmas gift. Through this gift, he can easily and instantly quench his thirst.

It has two clear beverage containers, with each one having 3.7-quart capacity. Its shoulder straps are also padded comfortably, making it really easy to use.

This is one of the best dispenser backpacks that work well, especially for tailgating and outdoor parties.

92. Multi-function beer glass

beer glass christmas gifts for him

Circleware Boot Glass

This glassware is sturdy, stylish and high in quality. It works perfectly for all types of event. Aside from being useful in parties, it also works as a stylish decoration.

The good thing about this Christmas gift is that it is from Circleware, one of the most prominent names when it comes to providing glassware.

It is a trusted brand, so you have a hundred percent assurance that the recipient of this gift will be more than satisfied upon receiving it.

93. This decanter is mesmerizing

decanter christmas gifts for husband

Hand Blown Artisan Whiskey Decanter

This decanter is nicely handcrafted by skilled and expert artisans, so expect it to be filled with striking details. It is highly durable, and is guaranteed to be made of thick glass.

With the ground glass stopper of this decanter, the recipient of this Christmas gift can produce a seal guaranteed to last a lifetime.

This showcases a masculine and solid style, making it an awesome Christmas presents for boyfriend or any other important man in your life.

94. He is definitely going to love this glass

whiskey glass christmas gifts for him

Diamond Cut Whiskey Glass

Ideal as a Christmas gift, these whiskey glasses are among the most elegant styles that you can ever find in the market.

It is also packed beautifully, making you really feel proud when giving it as a gift. Its striking European design also adds to its appeal and top-notch quality.

Created out of high clarity diamond glass, it is appealing plus highly durable. These glasses are versatile because he can use these in various liquids like whiskey and other cocktail drinks.

95. Or this handmade glass with real bullet

bullet glass christmas gifts for men

Ben Shot – Shot Glass With Real Bullet

Expect to see his biggest smile if you give him this unique masterpiece as a Christmas present. It features a real bullet, making it look unique and masculine.

The shot glass is also hand-sculpted, giving it a unique look. It is perfect for him, especially if he is someone who loves to collect shot glasses.

It can hold drinks securely, so he can use it to enjoy his favorite drinks.

96. The fastest way to chill his drink


Cooper Cooler – Rapid Wine / Beverage Chiller

This beverage and wine chiller can rapidly chill drinks, at room temperature, so he can start enjoying refreshing and cold drinks. It is also easy to use.

He just needs to pour water and ice to the cooler then use the container setting for it to perform its intended functions.

The good thing about the cooling process used by this wine chiller is that it will never affect the composition and taste of the drink. Carbonated beverages won’t also fizz and explode once he opens it.

97. Opening a wine bottle with this electric bottle opener

electronic bottle opener christmas gifts for him

Oster Electric Bottle Opener

The electric wine bottle opener is a great gift for a man who loves wines. It can effortlessly open wine bottles, and it can perform such functions within just a few seconds. It is also versatile that it can fit traditional wine bottles.

Aside from being capable of performing its function of opening bottles efficiently, it also has a sleek and elegant presentation.

It is capable of opening up to thirty bottles within just one charge, and it can do so with just one push.

98. Pouring wine in a classy way

wine aerator christmas gift for men

Pro Wine Aerator

This gift is multifunctional, so expect him to really love this. With this gift, he can make his wines taste even better within just a few seconds.

It makes use of a 3-step aeration process. It completely aerates the glass of wine from the start down to the end within just a few seconds. Made of thick acrylic plastic, it can definitely last for a long time.

99. For him to waste his champagne

top birthday present ideas for alcohol lover

Champagne Gun

This is one of the most exciting Christmas gifts that you can give him. It’s a fully harmless party weapon that he can use anytime he wants.

He can reload it with any champagne bottle. It is flexible enough that you can expect it to function in bottles with a diffuser or service spout.

It is mainly made out of metal with plastic shell. It also showcases an elegant metal finish.

100. Make art with this bottle opener


Drop Catch Magnetic Bottle Opener

If he is a beer enthusiast, then this magnetic bottle opener and cap catcher will surely amaze him. This gift is crafted out of pure American walnut hardwood and features a polished opener made of solid stainless steel.

A lacquer finish, which is guaranteed to be water-resistant, also protects it. Its powerful magnet is capable of holding more than seventy cups. The magnet also makes the gift easier to use. He can easily operate it with just one hand.

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101. He should definitely try this coffee

Death Wish Coffee

Considered as the strongest coffee in the world today, Death Wish ground coffee will surely provide him with the energy that he needs to complete everything he needs to do every day.

This ground coffee is strong enough that it can help improve his mental clarity and focus. It has high manufacturing standards, so expect him to enjoy this bold and premium beans.

The taste is not bitter. In fact, it showcases a noticeable smooth taste, with some hints of chocolate and cherry.

102. Let him grind his own coffee

coffee grinder christmas gifts for men

Hario Canister Ceramic Coffee Mill

This ceramic coffee mill is the best solution to all his coffee grinding needs. This nice coffee grinder has two parts – one mason jar at its bottom part, and one top piece featuring a built-in grinding mill in it.

One good thing about this coffee grinder is its ability to seal its grind within the canister by putting a cork in the unit. This is an attractive and easy to use hand-held coffee grinder, making it a highly functional Christmas gift.

103. How about make a cup of espresso with this coffee maker?

siphon coffee maker christmas gifts for men

Nispira Belgium Luxury Royal Siphon Coffee Maker

This siphon coffee maker is a luxurious gift that will make him really appreciate you. It is designed for around three to five espresso cups.

Its body is made up of elegant gold chrome, while its base is made of dark red wood. The entire set is mainly constructed out of stainless steel.

A heat resistance glass, measuring cup and spoon and alcohol burner are also featured in this set.

104. This espresso cup is beautiful

espresso cup christmas gifts for him

Handmade Copper Turkish Coffee Espresso Set

He will definitely love this Christmas gift considering the elegant look of the entire set, as well as their other features.

It has crystals that sparkle like diamonds, making everyone who gets the chance to see this set think that it’s made of real diamonds.

The set comes with six Swarovski coffee cup and saucer, porcelain and cover coated with semi-precious crystal. It also has one piece each of bowl and plate coated with semi-precious crystal.

105. What a cup of cold drip coffee

cold drip coffee christmas gifts for husband

Yama Glass Cold Drip Coffee Maker

This cold drip maker is capable of producing acid-free coffee. It has a beautiful design, which makes it good to look at when placed on a table.

It can hold six to eight cups and features a permanent ceramic filter. It features a valve at the center, which regulates the dripping water.

It then steeps coffee. It only takes three hours for this gift to produce coffee with a unique and nice flavor.

106. Keep his coffee fresh with this container

coffee container christmas gifts for him

Coffee Storage Cannister

This coffee storage canister features an airtight container, which is capable of securing what he puts inside, thereby preserving their freshness.

It efficiently combines both durability and design. This innovative container is capable of removing substance eating air.

It has a valve, which forces out the air and securely locks the lid. It works well as a great storage container for brown sugar, tea, coffee, cookies and the like.

107. They say this is the king of coffee from Indonesia

kopi luwak christmas gifts for him

Luwak Star – Kopi Luwak

Luwak coffee comes from Indonesia. It is a rare gourmet coffee, which allows it to stand out among the many possible Christmas gifts for men. This brand of coffee allows you to give him a gift, which really comes from pure Luwak coffee beans.

It is made out of hand-picked, sun-dried, manually sorted and roasted coffee beans.

He will definitely love this coffee considering its smooth, sweet and earthy flavor, which also showcases some hints of chocolate and caramel.

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108. Premium tea that detox

premium tea christmas gifts for men

Zija Premium Moringa Miracle Tea

If he loves tea, then this miracle tea is a gift that you should opt to give him this Christmas.

This brand produces a nice and delicious blend of traditional Western and Eastern blends that are known to help in digestion.

It also works as a natural diuretic and laxative, and is capable of getting rid of toxins usually released from fat cells. It is a great gift, which allows him to keep himself calm and cleanse his body.

109. Variety of tea

tea forte christmas gift ideas for men

Tea Forte – Tea With Handcrafted Pyramid Tea Infuser

This gift box actually features festive and seasonal tea blends, making it one of the nicest gifts that a tea lover can receive this holiday season.

This can provide him with an elegant collection of delicious teas. Opening the lid of the box allows him to instantly feast on a set of pyramid and handcrafted tea infusers.

This gift also comes with a thorough tea menu, making it really easier for him to blend the drinks. It is packed in a classic and sophisticated box.

110. Green tea powder

green tea christmas gifts for him

Kenko Matcha Green Tea Powder

This is another great gift for him, which aids in relaxation. Kenko matcha powder has two grades – one is its subtle vegetal notes and grassy, sweet green tea taste, while the other is its long-lasting smooth finish.

It has more green tea flavor, making it more suitable for preparing Matcha lattes, juices, smoothies and some baked goods. It is made of 100% pure stone-ground green tea leaves from Japan.

It is also extremely rich in antioxidants. It can naturally increase your energy levels and retain it for four to six hours.

111. Premium Black Tea

black tea christmas gifts for him

Organic Assam Tea Leaf

This is one of the best brands of tea that you can give him this Christmas. It is well-textured yet complex while still delivering smooth top notes, and robust and sweet flavors.

Steeping time only takes around three minutes. It provides several benefits to those who consume it including better circulation and healthier immune system. It also aids in relieving stress and tension.

112. The only tea mug he ever need

tea cup christmas gifts for tea lover

Tea Forte Single Cup Tea Brewing Mug With Tea Infuser

This brewing system provides him with the easiest and simplest solution to brewing loose leaf tea through cups. It has a durable infuser basket made of stainless steel.

He will also enjoy the double-walled design of this gift since it works effectively in keeping the tea hot, while also making it easier and cozier to hold the tumbler.

Aside from the infuser basket, it also features an insulated ceramic cup, as well as a matching lid.

113. This beautiful tea cup is a killer

imperial teacup christmas gifts for men

Imperial Porcelain Teacup

This beautiful and elegant teacup is made of porcelain material. It has great details, making it one of the most decorative pieces that he can add to this collection.

The set actually contains one saucer and lid. He can use it to enjoy his tea. It can hold up to 250-ml liquid, making it one of the most useful gifts he will receive this Christmas.

114. Dragon teapot

dragon teapot christmas gifts for him

Chinese Dragon Teapot

This teapot will surely impress him considering its nice retro dragon pattern, plus its half-handmade purple clay material. The good thing about this material is that it works in preserving most of the flavor of the tea he puts in it.

It has a nice and elegant look, making it a great addition to his kitchen. It works efficiently in brewing black and green tea, scented tea, as well as for daily use and entertainment.

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115. This bacon jerky make my mouth drooling

homemade jerky christmas gifts for him

Made to Order Bacon Jerky Snack

If he loves bacon, then this bacon jerky is a Christmas gift he will definitely enjoy. One remarkable thing about this gift is that it is made to order, which means that it is guaranteed to be fresh since they will make it right after you send your order, then ship it to you the same day.

This will let you obtain a fresh and high quality bacon jerky, so you will definitely feel happy and proud when you give this to him. The fact that it is made of free-range pork belly also ensures that it has the best flavor.

116. Make his car smell like bacon

top birthday presents for bacon lover

Bacon Air Freshner

With this gift, he can bring the nice smell of bacon wherever he decides to go. It is a 4-inch air freshener, which can deliver the smell of bacon in any room.

He can also put it on his car. The scent it produces is really perfect. It can remind him instantly of fried bacon. This is a nice novelty gift for him if he loves bacon, and any other stuff related to it.

117. Bacon jam in the morning to jumpstart his day

bacon lover birthday present ideas

Bacon Jam

Another nice Christmas gift for a man who loves bacon, this bacon jam gift pack sampler incorporates brown sugar, bacon, onions and some stirring into the pack to produce the best product.

The pack features three varieties – all of which he can spread into crackers, appetizers and his other favorite dish. All varieties are made of real gourmet bacon. The pack also features a recipe guide, which he can use anytime he wants.

118. Bacon playing card

card birthday gift for bacon lover

Bacon Playing Card

This bacon playing cards from Aquarius is a gift that will definitely make him realize how irresistible bacon is.

It features a complete set of 52 playing cards with bacon images. It has a linen finish. It the most ideal gift for a bacon lover. He will definitely think of mouthwatering bacon recipes when he sees and plays with these cards.

119. I think this is an epic bacon gift for him

birthday gift for bacon lover

Bacon Adhesive Bandages

These adhesive bandages serve as practical and useful gifts as he can add these to his emergency kits.

He will love the bacon theme. It features fifteen practical, die-cut sterile strips. With this gift, he will definitely have something to use for minor scratches, scrapes and cuts. The bandages are also stored in a nice, metal container.

120. Learning about bacon the erotic way


Fifty Shades of Bacon

Written by Benjamin Myhre, this cookbook serves as a comprehensive guide for someone who wish to prepare bacon recipes on a regular basis. It makes a great Christmas present for a meat lover.

The book contains some naughty parts about bacon while also providing readers with plenty of bacon recipes. The recipes inside are also easy and fun to make.

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need a little inspiration for your Christmas dinner? I got you covered. Check out the video below.

121. Cheddar Bacon Ranch Burger Bowl

You can prepare him this cheddar bacon ranch burger bowl this Christmas as a means to surprise him.

The good news is that it is easy to make. All you need are easy to find ingredients like cheddar cheese, bacon, jalapeños, ground beef, lettuce, burger buns, salt and pepper.

You can also add his favorite toppings on it. Just follow all the instructions in the YouTube video, and you will surely impress him with your culinary skills.

122. Cheese Burger Onion Ring

This recipe makes around six to eight rings that he can munch on and enjoy this holiday season.

One remarkable thing about making this cheeseburger onion rings is that it can show him how you put in a lot of effort to make him smile this Christmas.

All that you need to prepare this great recipe are ground beef, garlic powder, salt and pepper, cheddar cheese, white onion, eggs, flour, breadcrumbs, ketchup and oil. It only takes around ten to fifteen minutes to make this gift.

123. Brownie Tiramisu

Give him this homemade sweet treat this Christmas and he will appreciate you even more. This recipe can produce up to four parfaits.

All you need to prepare the brownies are brownie mix, strong coffee or espresso, vegetable oil and egg.

For the filling, you need heavy cream, mascarpone cheese, powdered sugar, vanilla extract and espresso powder. You can prepare this recipe for twenty to twenty-five minutes, plus an hour of chilling.

124. Chocolate Pretzel Poke Cake

This recipe can make nine up to a dozen onion rings. He will love this gift since it contains several great ingredients like white onions, flour, mozzarella cheese, breadcrumbs, oil, and eggs.

Marinara sauce also serves as a nice dip for these flavorful onion rings. It does not take too long to prepare this recipe, yet the result will surely impress him.

125. Mozerella Stick Onion Rings

Show him how talented you are in the kitchen by preparing this delicious Swedish meatball pasta. You only need ground beef, seasoned breadcrumbs, onion, egg, salt, pepper, canola oil, milk, beef broth, Worcestershire sauce, parmesan cheese, egg noodles and parsley for this.

The recipe can produce 4 servings, enough to satisfy his cravings for a delicious dish this Christmas.

126. Swedish Meatball Pasta

Show him how talented you are in the kitchen by preparing this delicious Swedish meatball pasta.

You only need ground beef, seasoned breadcrumbs, onion, egg, salt, pepper, canola oil, milk, beef broth, Worcestershire sauce, parmesan cheese, egg noodles and parsley for this.

The recipe can produce 4 servings, enough to satisfy his cravings for a delicious dish this Christmas.

127. Doughnut Chips

Another way to showcase your culinary skills this holiday season is to prepare this doughnut chips recipe for him. The only things you need to prepare this sweet treat are 12 doughnuts with regular glaze, chocolate chips and sprinkles.

It only takes around 5-10 minutes to get this done. If he loves sweets, then he will surely appreciate this gift. Pack the chips in a nice container, and you will have a great Christmas gift for him.

128. Black and White Mille Crepe

Make your own black and white mille crepe and give him this as a Christmas gift. He will definitely love you even more considering the effort you put in for him.

To prepare this homemade recipe, you will just need eggs, whole milk, butter, water, sugar, flour, vanilla, chocolate powder, powdered sugar and whipped topping.

It only takes a few minutes of whisking and mixing then baking the mixture in your oven to produce this nice gift.

129. Honey BBQ Chicken Wings

If he loves chicken, then preparing this chicken recipe for him this Christmas is a nice move. Impress him with your culinary prowess with this honey barbecue chicken wings recipe.

All it takes to prepare this recipe is to gather the required ingredients that are guaranteed to be easy to find. These include flour, chili powder Kosher salt, black pepper, garlic powder, paprika, chicken wings and barbecue sauce.

What are you going to get for him?

Now that you have a long list of the best Christmas gifts for men, you can easily find which one fits him.

The good thing about this comprehensive list is that it is a mix of novelty and gag gifts, functional gifts plus DIY gifts and recipes, which means that you can still find great Christmas gifts for men who have everything.

Pick one, which you think is ideal for him, and you will definitely see him smiling from ear to ear upon opening it.

Share this gifts ideas with your friend so they can find the best Christmas gifts for men.

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