51 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Men in 2017 That You Must See Before Buying

Having a hard time looking for a Christmas gift ideas for men?

There are so many gifts ideas when you try to search online, thousands of them. But which one you should get for him?

I have handpicked 51 gifts that you can buy for your dad, boyfriend, graphic designer, music lover or your geeky boyfriend on this Christmas from a men’s perspective.

Let’s keep reading.

1. Get Your Geeky Boyfriend a Star Wars Millenium Falcon


Metal Millenium Falcon

This toy is metal made where you have to piece them together from the template.

I think it is a great gift where both of you can spend time assemble this awesome spaceship.

It is made from stainless steel so it will last for a long time.

2. Does he often hang out in the gym? This is an useful Christmas gift ideas for men who love working out



This protein shaker with an automatic stirrer is so much easy to mix his protein. Besides, it is easy to clean as well. Just pour in the water and switch it on.

3. Let the man do the cocktail


Mixologist Cocktail Bundle

Does he love making drinks? Then get him this professional cocktail shaker bundle up with all the recipes he needs. I think you will have a nice drink at his house next time you visit him.

4. Let him have his beer in a horn


Das Horn Drinking Vessel

This horn can hold 24Oz of water beer. It is not made from real animal horn so no animal was harm on making this drinking vessel. It can be a great display as well.

5. Let him play games effectively with this mouse


Utech Smart Venus Mouse

Are you buying a gift for a gamer? With 18 programmable buttons in one single mouse, I am sure he can pull the game off like a pro. Besides, the contour of the body will make him much more comfortable to play.

6. Sharpen his Shaver with this award-winning razor blade sharpener


Razor Pit Sharpener

Almost every men need to shave their beard. You can never get wrong with this gift. This razor pit is made from recyclable materials so it reduces the waste of disposable blades.

7. Does he travel a lot?


Landmass Scratch Map

Does he love travelling? He can scratch all the country that he had visited and this map is going to inspire him to travel more. The size of this map is pefect for framing.

8. You never know this is a pizza cutter if I didn’t tell you


Bicycle Pizza Cutter

Pizza lover is going to love this bicycle. Let’s ride on a pizza. Just be careful not going too fast.

9. For wine lover…


Wine Condom

You see that right, wine needs a condom to keep it fresh too. No joke. This wine condom is not made from the condom that you use at night, on the bed. It is safe for wine keeping purpose.

10. Have a nice day!


Funny Coffee Mug

Funny gifts for your best friend.

11. Get this for music lover


Symphonized Noise Isolating Earphone

Get this premium wood made noise isolating earphone for him to enjoy better music. They have throee sizes on the ear tips as well (S/M/L) so he can choose the right size for his ear.

12. Let him have a nice coffee in the morning


Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker

It is a nice gift for a coffee lover to bring home. A single brew can make up to 12 cups of coffee.

13. Get him a one of the best-selling book in the history


How to Win Friends & Influence People

You should get him this book if he is going to start a business or he is an entrepreneur. I have read this book and I think everyone should read this book too.

The tips n this book help you to get a better relationship with people.

14. Get him an 18 in 1 tool that fits in his wallet


Wallet Ninja

I think he is going to love this one if he loves outdoor activities. Even eyeglass screwdriver is built in here. This tool is made from 4X heat treated steel so it can last for a long time.

15. Get his helmet ready for this coming winter


Vega Full Face Helmet

Safety always comes first. Get a new helmet for him on this Christmas to snowmobiling safely. There are 9 different shield options available .

16. Get him to teach his dog


101 Dog Tricks

Does he have a lovely dog? I think dog lover is going to like this gift. Now get him to train his dog to make a hot coffee for this chilly Christmas. Just kidding.

17. Does he love listening to music?


Diskin Wireless Headphone

Why not get him a wireless headphone for him? This is definitely a great gift for a musician as they are are listening to music most of the time.

There is more color option as well.

18. What about a high bass earphone?


Billy High Bass Earphone

This high definition earphone is going to make him more enjoyable listening to music.

19. Looking for present for a male colleague?


Bamboo Charging Dock

I think this is a great secret Santa gift for your male colleague or your boss. This could free up a lot of space on his office table. It can hold 3 phones in the front and two tablets or laptop at the back.

20. So he loves to cook?


Solna 5 Piece Knife

This is a knife set with a magnetic block to him keep all his knife in place.

21. Great gifts for him who is an artist


Royal and Langnickel Art Set

Is he an artist, designer or he just love to draw? He is going to thank you for getting this 134 pieces art set. Now ask him to draw you a potrait of yourself as your Christmas gift.

22. The best Christmas gift for him


Old Spice Holiday Pack

Nothing beat old spice. This gift is for everyone including your boss, dad, boyfriend, colleague or even neighbour from the moon.

23. If you realllllyyy don’t know what you should get him


Oberto Jerky

Get him some bacon. Who doesn’t like bacon? This bacon is all natural and no artificial ingredients.

24. I don’t think one pack of Jerky is enough


Buffalo Bill’s Jerky

If this Christmas present is for me, I think it is going to finish it in a day.

25. Does he love hot sauce?


Zombie Hot Sauce

Garlic, cajun, jalapeno, cayenne pepper all in this zombie looking gift set. It is a great gift for a food lover. You will get one bottle of award winning Zombie Cajun Supernatural Hot Sauce made the way Creole chefs have made Louisana hot sauce for generations.

26. Let’s go hunting!


Barnett Crossbow

Do you have any friend who loves to hunt? or he just loves playing with a weapon? This is a seriously cool gift for him.

27. Get him a wifi coffee maker


Mr.Coffee Wifi Coffee Maker

He can just stay on bed click a few button and the coffee is ready by the time he finishes brushing his teeth.

There is other really cool stuff you can get him as well such as wifi slow cooker, wifi heater, wifi air purifier and much more.

28. This transformer looking plier


Gerber Multi-Plier

There is 12 integrated component in this plier. He can now fix anything with one plier.

29. Nobody loves a warm beer


Artican Can Cooler

This thing keeps his beer cold while he is doing barbecue, mows the lawn, fix his car, feed his baby, cut his nails, watching porn games or does anything that men does.

This invention keeps beer cold three times longer than their competitor.

30. Looking for Christmas present for your boyfriend?


Cafe Press Mug

If your boyfriend is a programmer? He will definitely got this sweet message on this mug. “you are the CSS to my HTML”

31. Get him an anti-static comb


Rocky Mountain Beard Comb

This anti static comb is better than the normal plastic comb where he can keep his baby hair in place. This comb is suitable for girls as well.

Have you heard of  research where they say women stuff is always much more expensive than men?

32. Let’s play some games on Christmas


Lighting Reaction Reloaded

The whole family is going to have a lot of fun with this toys. It gives a mild shock to your hand if you weren’t fast enough.

33. Let’s play a game or listen to music on this chair


X Rocker Wireless Gaming Chair

A subwoofer is built in this chair and it is a great gift for gaming or listening to music while eating nachos.

34. Let him take a beautiful video with a drone


Holy Stone Drone

A camera is built in this drone so he can take a beautiful view that you have never seen before. This drone is a great gift for a beginner as well.

35. Is sinus troubling him?


Cool Mist Humidifier

This portable humidifier will ease his sinus. Christmas weather can be dry so this might help him to get his skin rehydrate during sleep.

All you need is a glass and water. It is a great gift for both men and women.

36. Who doesn’t love bacon?


Presto Bacon Rack

It sounds funny but there is 272 customer review with 4.5 stars on this product. You will never go wrong with a gift related to bacon.

37. Terrarium



This is a great Christmas gift for your father or boyfriend. Get another one for yourself and both of you can grow this together. Besides, this plant is perfect for decoration as well.

38. Magnetic Bottle Opener


Magnetic Bottle Opener

It is Christmas and I am sure a bottle opener is a must-have around the house. I don’t know why it feels like a surreal artwork when all the bottle cap gets piled up.

39. Windproof Lighter


Windproof Lighter

Does he smoke? Then he is going to like this windproof lighter. It is always annoying trying to light up cigarettes when the wind is strong. One full charge can last 100 – 300 uses. It is safe and easy to use.

40. Bondic Plastic Welder


Bondic Plastic Welder

Yes, this innovation actually receive a lot of awards. The plastic is 100% non toxic so it is safe to use this to fix the kids broken toys. Please note that this is not a glue. It can fix almost anything and save you a lot of unnecessary spending.

41. Tactical Apron


Tactical Chef Apron

This is probably the coolest apron I’ve ever seen. Is your dad love to cook? Then get one of this for him. There are 2 large and 3 small pouches on this apron for your dad to hide something plus a lot of places you can hang your utensil just like the one shown above.

42. Samsung VR Headset


Samsung VR Headset

Virtual reality headset is probably the coolest gadget in 2016. It is so easy to use this headset, all you need to do is put in your Samsung phone on this headset and play your favourite movie.

43. The World Strongest Coffee


Death Wish Coffee

This coffee is going to wake him up in the morning for sure. The bold taste of this coffee is going to make him give up on other coffee. The caffeine is doubled than the normal coffee and this is going to make him stay laser focus on work throughout the day.

44. Bacon Bandages


Bacon Bandages

Why not? This bandage is a great gift for him who love bacon so much.

45. Demon Bell


Demon Bells

I think this is the coolest kettlebell you can get him. There are a  lot of full body workout can be done with the kettlebell that burns fat fast. This kettlebell is made from sand cast and high-tech powder coat that protect this kettlebell from getting rusty and chip resistance.

46. Cooper Cooler


Cooper Cooler

He got a surprise visit and the beer or wine is still warm? Then this cooler is a gift you might want to consider. It can cool a can in 1 minutes and wine bottle in 6 minutes with ice water.

47. Funny Gift For your Husband


Inflatable Toupee

Get this for your husband or dad and I am sure he will love to show off his new hairstyle.

48. Safe T Fire Extinguisher


Safe T Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguisher doesn’t have to be ugly. Now you can have a beautiful and functional fire extinguisher.

49. Glo GymBag

gifts for gym junkies

Glo Gym Bag

This gym bag is spacious and well organised. There is one reviewer who is 6ft tall said he could fit in his size 12 shoes in this bag along with all his sweat pants jacket, towel, and a t-shirt.

I think it is a great gift for him as a lot of people are trying to lose weight after the long holiday. Hopefully, this will motivate him to go to the gym.

50. Youphoria Sport Towel


Youphoria Sports Towel

This towel is made of 100% Micro-Fiber and dries up to 10 times faster than normal towels. It is a great gift to include this into a gift basket.

51. Thinnest on glasses


This is a great gift for your dad actually. This glasses is so thin that is just the thickness of a credit card.

The glass case fits perfectly at the back of the phone and he will never forget to bring out his glasses anymore.

I think it is very convenient for him. Watch the guy make a review on this glasses.

Do you have any friend who is looking for Christmas gift ideas for men on this coming Christmas?

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