16 Cheap Birthday Gifts For Him That Won’t Make You Broke

Cheap birthday gifts for him are sometimes hard to find, especially if you want to get him something that he will appreciate.

But that’s why we are here, to make shopping more interesting to you. Below you’ll find just the perfect gift for your special one so keep reading.

Below you’ll find just the perfect gift for your special one so keep reading.

1. Looking for cheap birthday gifts for him? Get him the world strongest coffee (watch these people from Buzzfeed try this coffee)

Death Wish Ground Coffee

If he struggles to wake up for work, we have a perfect gift for his birthday. There is no doubt that this coffee will wake him up the second he tries it due to its strong taste.

The best part is that the coffee is a gentle combination of cherry and chocolate so he will have the opportunity to try something new.

2. Verticle mouse for his comfort on the wrist

cheap birthday gifts for him verticle mouse

Wireless Ergonomic Verticle Mouse

If you’re wondering what would be the best cheap tech gift for him, we are here to give you the answer the optical mouse.

This gift is just perfect of he spends the whole day on the computer because the ergonomic design will give his arm a support so he can move the mouse easily.

3. This book is definitely going to help him in dangerous situation

cheap birthday present for him 100 deadly skills

100 Deadly Skills

This remarkable guide will turn every challenging situation into a real adventure. With 100 Deadly skills, your man will be ready for action in every moment.

One is for sure, you will be safe like never before. Being so practical, it isn’t a surprise why this guide is one of best cheap birthday gifts for boyfriend.

4. Does he need a water bottle that saves a lot of space while heading for an adventure?

cheap birthday gifts for him water bottle

Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle

This Water bottle is perfect for running, hiking or walking. The locking twist cap will keep water from leaking and spilling while the sturdy material provides durability.

5. This wolverine claw is a BBQ must have to make shredded pork

cheap birthday gifts for him meat claw

Man Cave Meat Claw

Does he spend a lot of time in the kitchen? If that’s the case, we have a great gift that will make carrying hot food easier and safer than ever before.

The high-quality shredder claws are just perfect for any kind of meat and he can use it in the slow cooker, smoker or grill.

The gift includes 25 recipes by professionals that he will love.

6. Guys just love this kind of stuff even he don’t go into the wilderness

cheap birthday gifts for him bushcraft 101

Bush Craft 101 : The Art of Wilderness Survival

Shopping for an adventurist? Then he will certainly appreciate this handy guide on how to survive in the wild.

He will learn how to choose the perfect items for his adventure, how to collect and prepare food, and most important, how to be safe when the environment isn’t so friendly towards humans.

He will read this guide with a smile on his face, eager to try out what he just learned.

7. The most creative bookend that I’ve ever seen

cheap birthday gifts for him bookend

Polished Agate Bookend

Looking for affordable birthday gifts for him that he will appreciate? This bookend is a just perfect addition to any bookworm’s collection.

Its wonderful design brings a life to any bookshelf. From teal to black, you can choose his favorite color and make his day. Just wrap it up and the gift is ready!

8. Never go wrong with a hot sauce

cheap birthday gifts for husband hot sauce

R&D Artisan All Natural Hot Sauce

Does he enjoy making dinner for you? Then this gift will definitely spice every meal he makes. The Hot Sauce is a remarkable combination of chilies, kombu, garlic, and oil that will wake up your sensations pretty fast.

The two of you are sure to enjoy this flavorful hot sauce. What makes this sauce stand out is the fact that it’s preservative-free and non-GMO.

9. This will be his best friend if he can’t places to shower when traveling on his birthday

cheap birthday gifts for him dude wipes

Quick Shower Body Wipes

Shopping for cheap and useful birthday gifts for him? You’re definitely at the right place because we have the perfect gift for your beloved.

Whenever he needs to feel clean and refreshed, whether he’s at work or on the road, these wipes will help him.

Thanks to Aloe Vera and vitamin E, his skin will look restful. Each wipe comes in a single packet so they are simple to use.

10. The best cell phone stand that he will ever received

cheap birthday gifts for him music amplifier

Jelly Comb Cell Phone Stand

It’s a real bother when we have to hold our phones while watching videos. We can’t do anything else, let alone be relaxed.

Luckily for us, someone came up with this terrific product. This Cell Phone Stand is just perfect for any table, to enable comfortable reading of his favorite book or watching his favorite TV show.

He can even drink coffee or eat chips because his hands will be free.

11. The lightest money clip that he will ever receive

cheap birthday gifts for men money clip

Carbon Fiber Money Clip

If he is always in a rush and he needs something that will make paying easier, so he doesn’t have to look for his wallet every time, we have a perfect gift.

The money clip that will keep his credit cards and money in one place and more important on safe, is a must-have for him.

Apart from the functionality, this money clip looks pretty stylish. What more can he ask for?

12. It is a handmade whiskey glass with real bullet on it

cheap birthday gifts for him bullet shot glass

Shot Glass With Real Bullet

Looking for a perfect gift for a guy that loves bourbon? This amazing glass will definitely make his birthday more special.

From now on, he can enjoy drinking bourbon with ice like never before. The best part is the real bullet in the glass that looks like a piece of art.

Since the glass is hand-sculpted we recommend hand washing it so it will last forever.

13. This hand painted skull is just too beautiful


Celtic Lion Hand Painted Skull Figurine

Shopping for a skull lover that just can’t get enough of Skull collectibles? This gift would be a fantastic addition to his collection.

Hand-painted with vivid colors, this beauty will take his breath away the second he sees it. It goes without saying that he will appreciate this gift.

14. Who can resist jerky?

cheap birthday gifts for boyfriend jerky

Jack Links Beef Jerky

If he likes hiking, this gift will make his day more enjoyable. The beef jerky is a flavorful way of keeping his body full of energy because it has a lot of protein curbs.

He can put it in his backpack and eat it whenever he wants to take a break. He will enjoy eating while surrounded by wonderful sceneries.

15. I think he will have a great laugh at this


Go Away Funny Glass Mug

Looking for a coffee mug that will make his morning more relaxed? This one is just perfect and he will have a good laugh each time he takes a sip, due to its funny message.

It can be used in the microwave. The best part is that it comes in a lovely gift box so nee need to wrap it up by yourself.

With its remarkable design, these coffee mugs make one of the best cheap birthday gifts for husband.

16. I think this will be a nice personalized decal for his garage

cheap birthday gifts for him decal

Personalized Man Cave Wall Decal

What better way to add some creativity to his man cave than with this wall decal? The matte finish will look just amazing on the wall and the best part is that is simple to use.

He just needs to peel and stick his new favorite wall decal.


Now that you have this useful list it’s time to choose the perfect inexpensive gift for the most important man in your life.

We believe that our article helped you a lot so feel free to share the above cheap birthday gifts for him with others who will also have a good use of it.

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