Top 11 Boyfriend Christmas Gifts That Don’t Suck

It is Christmas soon and shopping for your boyfriend Christmas gift is one of the top checklists.

So what to get your boyfriend on this coming Christmas?

Let me show you what you should get from a men’s perspective.

Let’s keep reading.

1. Heated mattress bedding as a boyfriend Christmas gifts shows that you care that he will catch a cold sleeping at night

best christmas gifts for your boyfriend

Sunbeam Heated Mattress Bedding

This is the best Christmas Gifts for your boyfriend on this coming holiday season. It is cold during Christmas, this thoughtful gift will keep your boyfriend warm during the night.

This is how it works, this controller comes with 10 heat settings so he can set the temperature that he prefers.

This also provides him soothing therapeutic heat that will ease his muscle ache so he can wake up rested.

This bedding is easy to clean as well, it is both machine washable and dryer safe. It comes with heated throws, heated blanket, heated mattress pad and heated comforters.

2. Tell him he is the best boyfriend ever with this t-shirt

best birthday gift for boyfriend awesome t shirt

Best Boyfriend Ever T-Shirt

I think he is not going to wear it but he is going to frame this t-shirt and hang it on the wall.

3. Adult Release Anger Coloring Book


Adult Coloring Book

Let him start his next year with less stress. This book contains a lot of swear words that will help him release his anger from the stress of working.

This book contains 40 classical swear words that will release his anger instantly. All the design are printed in black paper with beautiful design that compliments well with the swear words.

Less vulgar swear words including shit a brick, prick, crap, and bollocks. (I think I shouldn’t make too much of the list here)

4. Portable and Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

ideas to get your boyfriend for christmas

Portable and Waterproof Speaker

Does he love to listen to music during the shower? Or does he love outdoor activities? Then this is the best ideas to get your boyfriend  for Christmas.

This speaker is waterproof so he doesn’t have to worry about drowning the speaker.

The Bluetooth is built in this speaker so he can listen to his favorite music connect from his phone or laptop.

Besides, it is fast to charge things up in 3 hours and listen up to 12 hours of music.

He can use this speaker listen to music at the beach, poolside, or camping.

5. RFID Wallet

what to get for your boyfriend for christmas

RFID Leather Wallet

Do you know people can steal his credit card with a device in just one swipe on his wallet? That’s called electronic pick pocketing.

This often happens to people who travel especially Christmas time as most people gone for a holiday. He can lose his money without notice anything.

This wallet can help him prevent his card from getting steal.

I hate bulky wallet, however, this wallet provide a very slim design with a lot of space to keep his card.

One more this I like is the quality of this wallet, the outer wallet is made from leather that will last for years, and the RFID material is hidden beneath the leather.

6. Remodeez Shoes Deodoriser

what to buy your boyfriend for christmas

Remodeez Footwear Deodorizer

I think every man will need this. Our feet will sweat and this is one of the best Christmas gifts for your boyfriend to get rid of the weird smell.

Especially during winter time where his shoes can easily get wet.

Besides, he is going to need this if he plays winter sport or any sports as Remodeez can keep their sports shoes fresh.

This product is non-toxic so you don’t have to worry about the allergic reaction on his feet.

It contains activated charcoal derived from sustainable coconut husks, which eliminates odor and absorbs moisture, hindering mildew and bacteria growth.

7. GlowBowl

christmas gifts for couples


I think this is a nice Christmas gifts for couples, I mean for both of you if you are staying together. The light will prevent him from stumble around looking for toilet bowl in the middle of the night.

Also, he doesn’t have to switch on the main toilet light that woke him and you up in the middle of the night. Besides, they have 7 different colors for him to choose as well.

One feature I like the most on this is that it is activated by motion sensor. It means that it will light up when you come close to it and turn off when you walk away.

8. GO Outfitters Go Hammock

Get Go Hammock

Is he going for an adventure to escape the cold winter during this Christmas? This hammock is going to be the last hammock he ever needs.

The fabric made from this hammock allow to loosen the fabric and makes it comfortable.

Other than that, it is very lightweight as well so he doesn’t have to pack the extra weight to the airport. The length of this hammock is 11 ft so it fit most of us.

The curve on this hammock is also carefully considered to give him the most comfortable way of sleeping. Watch the video above for more details.

9. The Invisible Undershirt

The Invisible Shirt

Just like they mention in the video, indeed men’s undershirt need an upgrade. I think they created the best undershirt that you can ever find.

They have taken care the most important factors of an undershirt, fit, and comfort.

A lot of time you will find a baggy undershirt that will make him look sloppy.

Other than that, the cotton that they used is 2 times more breathable that cotton so it won’t trap heat and make him more comfortable to wear.

They have also taken can the length of the undershirt so it won’t pull out during the day.

They have also taken can the length of the undershirt so it won’t pull out during the day.

10. Funny Coffee Mug

christmas gifts for boyfriend

Go Away Glass

This is a great funny Christmas present you can get for him. Now he can tell everyone not to talk to him until he finishes his coffee or tea.

I am sure he will have a great laugh on this coming Christmas when he received this mug.

11. LED Signal Gloves

christmas presents for boyfriends

Zackees Signal Bike Gloves

This is a nice Christmas present for boyfriend who love to ride a bike to work or school. The LED signal lights on the glove will make him stay visible to the driver.

Besides, this glove is made from thermal fleece so it will keep his hand warm during winter.

Other than that, there is a shock absorbing foam on the palm are that will absorb the impact if he fell off the bike. I hope that doesn’t happen.

Do you have any friend who is looking for Christmas gifts for their boyfriend? Share this boyfriend Christmas gift ideas with them so they can find out what a man will like.

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