The Ultimate Birthday Printable Bundle That Will Make Him Love You More 

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This Awesome Birthday Printable Bundle Include :

  • 4 x Beautiful Birthday Printable
  • 64 x Useful Conversation Starter Printable
  • 24 x Naughty Love Coupon Printable
  • 2 x Awesome Birthday Cards Printable

Not too sure what to get for him on his coming birthday?

​Here is 3 main questions you will often ask yourself when buying a gift for a guy :

Is he going to like it?

Is he going to use this?

​What should I get for him? He got no specific interest!

What if I tell you this is a gift that every men will love?

3 Reason Why You Will Never Get Wrong With This Birthday Printable as a Gift

You Get To Know Him Better

This conversation starter printable will let you know more about each other that will bring your relationship one step deeper

A Gift That Both Of You Will Enjoy

The love coupon is going to fulfil his wildest fantasy that every men crave for

Tell Him How Much You Love Him

The birthday tag and birthday card is the best place to tell him how much you love him

Let's take a short trip to see what's inside!

printable birthday-gift ideas

64 x Conversation Starter That Make a Deeper Relationship With Him

Lack of conversation on a dining table? This conversation starter is definitely going to keep the conversation going between the two of you.

I have picked the best questions that will make both of you to know each other more to another level.

4 x Awesome Birthday Tags That is Too Beautiful To Throw Away

This birthday tag is too beautiful to pass. I have left empty at the back to you can write down a love message for him.

24 x Naughty Love Coupon That Both Of You is Going To Have Fun

This is a fun coupon that I am sure that both of you will have a great time. Because I am the dude who made this bundle so I know what a guy want from their girlfriend or husband.

Sometimes it’s weird to ask “hey honey, can you wake me up with a blowjob in the morning? Thanks”

This coupon is going to give him a smoother way to fulfill their wildest fantasy. (Threesome is not included in this bundle because is too naughty)

2 x Beautiful Birthday Card That Light Up His Birthday

Birthday present without a birthday card is like having a burger without cheese. This eye-catching and fun birthday card is definitely going to light up his birthday.

"My husband love it !"

"My husband love the conversation starter as it really help us to open up and talk about our point of view, future and previous funny moment that we went through together."

- Ashley William (Mother of two)

"My Boyfriend got naughty"

"My boyfriend love the love coupon. He actually scan the coupon and store it in his computer so he will have endless naughty night. I should have add an expired date"

- Nicole Glenn (Student)

This is What You’ll Get...

  • 4 x Beautiful Birthday Tags Printable
  • 64 x Useful Conversation Starter Printable
  • 24 x Naughty Love Coupon Printable
  • 2 x Awesome Birthday Card Printable

All for just:



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