18 Sweet Birthday Gifts for Dad From Daughter (#16 is Awww…)

Are you looking for the best birthday gift ideas for dad from daughter?

It is hard to pick one for your dad although there are so many birthday gift ideas on the internet otherwise you won’t be reading this.

I have handpicked 15 best gifts you can get for your dad from a men’s perspective and hopefully, you will find the right gift that suits him on his coming birthday.

Let’s see the first one.

1. ThinOptics – Your dad will never forget his reading glasses again. This is a great birthday gifts for dad from daughter. Watch this video on how it works


This reading glasses is the thinnest glasses you can get for your dad. The universal Pod case allowed your dad to stick behind his phone.

The good thing is the glass and case are so thin, just about the thickness of a credit card so he won’t have a big bulky pocket. Not

Not just phone, he can actually stick it on anything such as tablet, employee tag or car dashboard.

Besides, the glasses are shatter proof as well. The grip from the clip have the right strength to grip comfortably on the nose.

2. Let him have a great laugh with this t-shirt

what to give your dad for his birthday

World Best Farter T-shirt

Is he the world greatest farter? I think my father is both the greatest farter and father. I think he will laugh so hard when his daughter give him this t-shirt as a gift.

This t-shirt is available in white color as well. Besides, this gifts also comes with a “world best dad” certificate.

3. He will cry secretly for sure

gift idea for dad birthday

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I think this is a very thoughtful gift you can make for your dad. I am sure he will remember the days when you were still a baby, so small and adorable and now you are grown up as a sweet lady with this handmade gift.

It will make him drop a few tears if my daughter make this present for me.

4. Tell him he is the best dad ever

birthday gift ideas for dad best dad ever t shirt

Best Dad Ever T-Shirt

Tell your dad how awesome he is with this t-shirt. Your dad is going to be so proud of you with this t-shirt.

5. The Coolest Wine Box

gifts to get your dad for his birthday

Chateau Treasure Chest Wine Box

Does your father love wine? Then get a wine that he love and put in this wine box as a gift for him. This beautiful wine box is going to make a great decoration as well.

This wine box is made of wood so it will aged beautifully. There are other design and color as well such as world map texture and barrel design wine box.

6. He can make his favourite coffee anywhere with this portable coffee maker

birthday gifts for dad from daughter portable coffee maker

Staresso Coffee Maker

He can bring his favourite coffee from home and brew it in the office later with this portable coffee maker.

It is small enough to fit in any bag.

7. Your dad hair is thinning? Don’t worry, this thing will bring his hair back temporary like magic. (Check out the magic happen in the video below)

Topikk Hair Building Fibers

Now he can feel like a new man with this awesome gift.

8. Tell him how much you love him

birthday gifts for dad ideas

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This gift is so fun to make. It is suitable for any age of your father is celebrating. You might not want to come out with 70 reasons, maybe 45 on his 45th birthday or 50 on his 50th birthday?

Get help from your mother if you are stuck. I think this is a great way as a daughter to express your love to your father.

He will read this in teary eye and I am sure he will say “something just went in my eyes”

9. Keep his wallet safe from electronic pick pocketing

gift ideas for dads birthday from daughter

RFID Blocking Wallet

Get this for him if he is just about to retired and plan to travel around. Have you heard of electronic pick pocketing before?

People can actually steal a credit card information easily with just a swipe on his wallet using high tech method.

I never know there is such a high tech stealing method nowadays until I heard from news.

This wallet contain a RFID technology that will keep his credit card safe from electronic pick pocketing. He wil travel safely with this wallet.

10. Freshens the air in his room

unique birthday gifts for dad from daughter

Himalayan Salt Lamp

I think this is an unique gift you can get for him as a daughter. This salt lamp can purifier air like magic to give fresh air for your father. It can ease

It can ease cough, improve sleeping, reduce allergic, increase energy levels, improve mood and improve concentration.

Just switch on the light and let the salt lamp do all the work. Besides, it can be a great decoration as well.

Actually, this is a great gift for your mom too.

11. Drink coffee without spilling everywhere

good presents for dad birthday

Contigo Travel Mug

Some people love to drink coffee while travel to work. You don’t want to get burn by spilling coffee when people knock you over.

This travel mug is a great gift for your dad so he can drink his favourite coffee while driving and travel to work with his favourite coffee brew from home.

The double wall vacuum insulated on this mug can keep hot beverages for 6 hours and cold beverages for 12 hours.

12. A lighter with his name

birthday presents for dad ideas

Zippo Personalized Lighter

Get your father’s name on a zippo lighter. I think this is a beautiful personalized gift or your father who smoke. He will remember you everytime he use this lighter.

13. Date your father and know him better

Have you ever dated your father? I mean just you and him for a dinner.

Bring him to a movie, eat his favourite doughnut, fly a kite with him, fishing, travel with him, or just do anything that he like.

Trust me, you will know him better after this.

The quality time you spend with him is the best birthday present a daughter can give to her father.

14. Make pop corn eveyday

things to get dad for birthday

Presto Popcorn Maker

This seems like a fun gift for the whole family. This is a great gift for him if he love wathcing tv at home.

This pop corn maker can make pop corn faster than microwave and it can make 18 cups of gourmet corn in less than 2 1/2 minutes.

Besides, he can make pop corn without il with this machine. That is going to prevent him from getting unhealthy fat.

15. He will never feel sleepy again

Smooth, never bitter taste with subtle notes of cherry and chocolate

Death Wish Coffee

Does your father need a high caffeine coffee to wake him up? Then this coffee is a great present for him.

This world strongest coffee is going to make his tastebud a smooth, never bitter taste with subtle notes of cherry and chocolate. I really like that coffee name though.

16. Tell him what you love about him

birthday gifts ideas for dad

What I Love About Dad

I really like this book as you only need to fill in the blank to describe why your dad is the best.

I think this is an unique personal gift that he can keep for a long time and read it again and again whenever he miss you.

17. Never have a messy bar top anymore

presents for my dad

Beer Mat

This is the best gift for your dad who love to drink beer. This will help him to avoid spillage all over his bar top.

18. BBQ sauce to spice up the party!

birthday presents ideas for dad

Zombie Cajun Hot Sauce

Who doesn’t like hot sauce? It is a great present for your father who loves to dip everything in a hot sauce. This gift set includes a bottle of award winning cajun sauce.

It is a great sauce for barbecue as well. Your whole family is going to enjoy this hot sauce. This slow-simmered Louisiana hot sauces made the old-fashioned Creole way in Lake Providence, Louisiana.

I hope you find these gifts suggestion useful. Do you have any friend who is looking for birthday gifts for dad from daughter?

Share this gifts article with them so they can find the sweetest gifts for the best birthday gift ideas for dad from daughter.

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