13 Best Gift For An Architect That They Will Absolutely Love

Looking for best gifts for an architect?

People have different jobs and different passions in their lives, and presents that help keep them motivated and happy that come accordingly to their aforementioned careers.

This is all understandable and logical, but my question is, what to get an architect?

After thinking about this interesting puzzle for a while, I was finally able to come up with this list to help you show your support for his work

1. This is the best gift for an architect to fix his architecture model

best gift for an architect plastic welder

Bondic Plastic Welder

All architects build models of their building, and more often than not something breaks. Fixing what is broken usually ends up messier than expected.

With the Bondic pro kit, every mistake will be easy to erase, so to say.

This unique gifts for an architect may seem like an ordinary glue stick.

But don’t be fooled; it’s actually the world’s first liquid plastic welder. Fancy and handy, what more could you ask for?

2. Let him learn more about buildings

best gift for an architect story of buildings

The Story Of Buildings

All architects must have a theoretical background, and aside from college, what better way to acquire it than reading an enticing book about the history of buildings?

It’s illustrated and captures all the main and most important points of architecture.

This might be the gifts for an architect or a child aspiring to become one; the nature of the books makes it suitable for your young ones as well.

3. Lego that let his imagination go wild

best gift for an architect lego architecture

Lego Architecture Studio

Most of us have had childhood dreams of who and what we wanted to be when we grew up.

Same goes for architects, so wake up the child inside him and spark his imagination with this magnificent lego set designed specifically to break a strain he might be having and to motivate him to do better in his line of work.

It’s a suitable gift for those play pretending being architects as well, or for those looking into getting into this career.

4. It’s a nice blueprint mug

best gift for an architect mug

Architecture Mug

Make his mornings brighter with this unique gifts for architects.

Is there a better way of starting your day than with a coffee served from a mug whose only purpose of existence is to remind you of your worth as an architect? I think not.

The design of it is also very creative and ideal for any setting, may it be his office or home.

5. This is going to help him build an awesome building

best gift for an architect model builder


Building models of future buildings is an essential part of being an architect.

Here to help him with developing and maintaining his skills is this well thought out kit that contains more than 620 pieces.

With these, he can build what his heart desires, which brings this kit at the top of the list of great gifts for architects.

6. Learn how to make architecture from paper

best gift for an architect origami tutorial

The Paper Architect

Architecture is all about being creative, and I can’t think of a better way to show off his creativity than by making buildings out of different materials.

Called “The paper architect” this fold out the book is exactly what he needs to fill out an afternoon meant for relaxation without slacking off.

It allows him to make many famous buildings from all around the world in just a matter of minutes all with the help of one of the simplest materials- paper.

7. This paperweight…Just make sure he don’t throw the wrong paper

best gift for an architect paperweight

Architect Blueprint Paperweight

Unique gifts for architects might be hard to find but this paperweight in the shape of a crumpled blue print surely is one of the most elegant you could buy.

It’s a familiar fact that blue prints don’t always work out the way architects anticipated, and this is a fun reminder.

Plus, it’ pretty handy to have in his office to keep all the other, successful papers in place.

8. This leather blueprint holder let him carry his blueprint in style

best gift for an architect blueprint holder

Teski Pianta Executive Blueprint Holder

When his blueprints finally are finished and in order, it would be nice to keep them safe and organized which is why this leather holder has made the gift ideas for architects list.

It’s also a very professional and stylish item to have, especially if he’s a serious architect that goes to business meetings often.

9. Unleash his creativity with this 3D pen

best gift for an architect 3d pen

Lasso Lab 3D Pen

Make all of his drawings come to life with this irreplaceable 3D pen. His creativity will be his main attribute and advantage when using it.

Due to it being so easy to use, and due to its ability to make all of his thoughts become reality, this pen has been rated as the best gift for an architect.

10. Here is a little inspiration for him on what he can do with this pen

best gift for an architect 3d pen book

3Doodler : What Will You Create

There comes a time in every architect’s life where he wonders what to create next.

Now, you can help with this struggle by getting him this step by step book which guides him through different projects and styles.

He can use it to unwind or as an inspiration for his next big thing.

11. This Taj Mahal Lego Model is just awesome

best gift for an architect taj mahal lego model

Taj Mahal Lego Model

Who wouldn’t want to recreate one of the most beautiful buildings in the world?

Don’t be fooled and think it was a simple design suitable only for child play.

This building requires advanced building skills, which means it’s both challenging and rewarding.

This might even be a nice activity to do together!

12. Maybe both of you can build this wooden house together during free time?

best gift for an architect wooden model kit

Desktop Wooden Model Kit

A small yet functional wooden model that can serve as a nice decorative item on his desk.

It will also fill him with a sense of pride and joy as he is reminded of the time spent building it.

Perhaps it will remind you both of that time.

You can choose from various models if you don’t want to opt for a simple wooden house.

13. This lamp that with eye protection technology so he can comfortably work on a late night project

best gift for an architect lamp

Metal Architect LED Desk Lamp

Good lighting is important not only in order to protect eyesight, but also so he has a better view of what he’s drawing.

This lamp is a great gift for an architect because it’s highly adjustable which means that he can position it in any way he deems fit.

It’s also very eco-friendly and has a high energy saving rating.

Have you decided which gift to get for him?

Architects aren’t hard people to shop for if you know what you’re looking for.

And now that you do, hopefully, that special architect in your life is happy with their present.

Feel free to share this article with your friends who also might be looking for best gifts for an architect.

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