16 Best Christmas Gifts For Guys That He Will Find So Cool

Are you struggling to find the best Christmas gifts for guys?

Honey, despair not, for I am here to help you out.

Practical, cute, entertaining – below you’ll find just the present you need to make this Christmas magical for your loved one.

1. This levitating speaker is one of the best Christmas gifts for guys

best christmas gifts for guys levitating speaker

7 Arc Star Floating Bluetooth Speaker

Let him float on the notes of his favorite Christmas songs, with this one-of-a-kind speaker.

The way it spins above a magnetic base is just mesmerizing, so he will enjoy looking at the speaker.

He can place it on his desk or he can choose to carry it with him, wherever he goes.

Either way, he’ll love the sound and the unique design of this floating speaker.

2. Get him a new wireless headphones to listen to his favourite music

best christmas gifts for guys headphones

BOHM Wireless Headphones

If he loves isolating from outside noise and enjoying music on his own, then these quality headphones are perfect for him.

Due to superior stereo drivers, the sound distribution is even. Moreover, he’ll love the impeccable sound that these headphones offer.

An active noise cancellation feature allows for a total isolation from environmental sounds, so his favorite Christmas music and he will be alone.

3. Do you know this beautiful watch is an activity and sleep tracker?

best christmas gifts for guys withings watch

Withings Activity and Sleep Tracking Watch

Since we all eat too much for holidays, we need to stay active. And what better way to do that than with this amazing activity and sleep tracker?

No doubt that your boyfriend will be more aware of his lifestyle, when this little guy will track his steps and calories.

Thanks to sleep monitoring, he’ll wake up energized and ready to win the day.

4. Make him laugh on this coming Christmas with this funny t-shirt

best christmas gifts for guys funny t shirt

T-Rex No Like Push Ups T-Shirt

One of the Christmas gifts you definitely cannot go wrong with is this T-shirt.

He’ll definitely love the clever print that will make him laugh every time he wears the T-shirt.

Made of 100% cotton, this practical piece of clothes is very comfortable and light weight.

5. Does he love reading while commute to work or during his free time?

best christmas gifts for guys kindle

Kindle Paper White

If he cannot imagine his life without all those classic novels, then the Kindle would be one of the best Christmas gifts for your boyfriend.

He doesn’t have to carry those heavy books in his backpack when he’s got this little device.

There is a plenty of space for a lot of books, and all of them will be at his fingertips.

Thanks to a built-in light, he can adjust the brightness according to his needs.

6. I am sure he will love this curved monitor. Gaming, watching Netflix with you or working will be much more enjoyable with this monitor

best christmas gifts for guys monitor

Samsung 27 inch Curved Monitor

What better way to have a great family time than watching Christmas movies?

That’s why this curved monitor is the perfect gift for your husband.

Due to an 1800R curvature of the screen, you will enjoy movies like never before.

Moreover, AMD FreeSync will significantly decrease image tearing.

The speakers will provide a rich, crystal-clear sound. Make the most out of this Christmas!

7. Is he still using dental floss? Why not get this water floss for him? I am sure he will find useful

best christmas gifts for guys water floss

Waterpik Water Flosser

Let him start a New Year with the brightest smile you’ve ever seen. Thanks to this clever water flosser, his gums will be healthier and perfectly clean.

10 pressure settings give him the possibility to adjust the pressure the way his teeth love the most.

8. He can listen to his favourite vinyl, play music from his phone and tune in his favourite radio station with this turntable

best christmas gifts for guys turntable

Electrohome 3 in 1 Turntable

Make this Christmas sparkling and memorable with this old-fashioned turntable.

Just imagine that ideal, magical holiday atmosphere while the voice of iconic Frank Sinatra fills your home with love and joy.

The retro design goes hand in a hand with Frank, so you will definitely feel the spirit of old Christmas times.

9. Does he stand or walk a lot during work? Then he is going to love this foot massager

best christmas gifts for guys foot massager

Belmint Foot Massager With Heat

It’s time for your loved one to take a break from his work and enjoy the benefits of holidays. And what better way to do that than with this premium foot massager.

Two-foot chambers will massage bottom and sides of his feet, so he’ll feel like floating on a cloud.

Vibrating motions will help relieve the pressure on his feet at the same time improving the blood flow. His feet will be happy!

10. This Mouse that made for comfort

best christmas gifts for guys microsoft arc

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

This is an ideal gift if your loved one spends a better part of the day working on the computer.

A unique, curved design will keep his hand in a more natural position, so his wrist won’t hurt.

The BlueTrack Technology allows for precise tracking on any kind of surfaces (rough, soft, or glossy).

11. Oh really?

best christmas gifts for guys funny mug

Definitely Not Wine Mug

Let him enjoy Christmas (and every other) morning drinking coffee served from this funny mug.

Made of a quality ceramic the mug will last him for a long time. It will hold 11 ounces of his favorite beverage, enough to wake him up quickly.

12. He will find this travel pillow very useful during his holiday

best christmas gifts for guys travel pillow


Whether he travels by car, train or plane, this comfortable pillow will make his trips more relaxed.

Specifically designed to support his neck and chin, the pillow will give him a powerful nap.

13. Get him a new backpack for weekend travel

best christmas gifts for guys backpack

Herschel Supply Co. Little America Backpack

This handy backpack will be perfect for his clothes, and other necessities.

Made of quality polyester, the backpack is durable and reliable.

A buckle closure allows for a quick access, keeping his things on safe.

14. He can cook a lot of delicious dinner with this Himalayan grilling slab

best christmas gifts for guys

Himalayan Salt Slab

He’ll enjoy making dinner for Christmas, with this Himalayan salt plate. It will enhance the taste of every dish.

Moreover, he can serve the food on this block, adding a nice, pink touch to the dining table.

15. Does he love to listen to music in his room or backyard?

best christmas gifts for guys speaker

SONOS Play Wireless Home Speaker

He’ll love everything about this compact speaker.

Powerful sound, stylish design, and ease of use make this speaker a must-have in every home, especially for Christmas.

He can stream his favorite Christmas songs in a blink of an eye.

16. Let him make some shredded meat with this shredder

best christmas gifts for guys pork shredder

Meat Shredder Claws

If your loved one loves to cook and grill, then this is the best Christmas gift for your husband.

Thanks to a clever design, he will have control over meat, without the risk of burning his hand.

He’ll love trying each one of 25 professional recipes that are included.

Which Christmas gifts are you getting for him?

There you have it – an array of presents from which you can choose the perfect one for your significant other.

Don’t hesitate to share the Best Christmas gifts for guys with others who are also seeking for holidays magic.

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