7 Reason Why Himalaya Salt Lamp is The Best Birthday Gift For Husband

Are you looking for the best birthday gifts for husband? Let me tell you that Himalayan salt lamp is a great gifts ideas for him on his coming birthday.

There are many health benefits that can help him to live better which I will show you in this infographic.

This is a great gift for him even he is a husband who have everything.

One day, my girlfriend just bought a Himalayan Salt Lamp for me and it got me curious of why this salt lamp is so popular all over the world.

Surprisingly, I have found out Himalayan salt lamp have many health benefits for us.

Check out the infographic below.

Remember to scroll down a bit more and read the longer description of each benefit.


Have you decided to get one Himalayan Salt Lamp for your husband yet?

1. Clean and Deodorise the Air

It removes cigarette smoke, pollen, dust and other pollutants in the air. It seems unbelievable, I mean, how a chunk of salt with lightbulb inside can remove the pollutants in the air?

Actually, the light bulb and Himalaya salt play a very important part to do that. Salt have the ability to absorb and attract water molecule from the surrounding and trap them inside the Himalaya salt.

The heat from the light bulb then evaporate the trapped pollutants in the air giving him the clean and fresh air that he need.

2. Eases Coughing

Have you got this experience before where suddenly something just stuck in your throat and you just cough uncontrollably?

Yes, something really small just went straight from your throat to your lung. Remember how Himalayan salt lamp work that I mention to you from the above section? The salt lamp absorbs water and all the particle from the air and the heated salt evaporates clean water back to the air.

3. Reducing Electromagnetic Radiation

There are so many radiations around such as television, phones, tablets, computers. etc. This radiation can bring stress, headaches, chest pain, brain fog and much more.

Getting headaches is never a fun thing during working hours or weekend, it just ruined his day.

The one I hate the most is having brain fog in the morning. It felt worse than getting drunk. It’s like someone put a curse on you and the whole day you are going to act like a zombie.

Himalayan Salt Lamp can reduce the radiation with its ability to emit negative ion into the air so he can feel better all day long. It is a good idea for him to have one on his working desk.

4. Promote Better Sleep

Positive ion may be one of the culprits that rob your husband sleep. Positive ion can reduce blood and oxygen supply to the brain and cause him to have an irregular sleeping pattern.

As Himalayan Salt Lamp is a natural negative ion generator, this will help to solve that problem. Both of you can have a better sleep if you keep one of the Himalayan Salt Lamp in the room.

But what if you prefer to sleep in the dark? I would suggest to leave the lights on only when you are awake and let the salt do the dirty job.

Just make sure the alarm clock is on so both of you don’t oversleep and miss the train.

5. Improve Your Husband Mood

Remember the negative ion that I talk about just now? Studies actually found that it can benefit people that suffering seasonal depression.

This helps a lot for your husband that work in a stressful environment. Most men tend to have more stress at work as they get promoted. There are a lot of responsible that need to be taken when he move to higher rank position. I think Himalayan salt lamp is a great gift idea for your husband on his coming birthday.

6. Increase Energy Level

Positive ions love to sap our body energy and maybe that’s the reason why your husband feels tired even it’s been a relaxing day. This is the time you should put a Himalayan salt lamp on the place where he normally spends the most time in the house where the lamp will absorb the positive ion.

7. It is Beautiful for Your House

Flowers and small plants are a great decoration for the house as it “lights up” the environment. So does Himalayan salt lamp, each lamp comes in different shape so each lamp has their own characteristic. I think it is a beautiful decoration to fill the empty corner or even on your coffee table where your husband loves to have his coffee while reading newspaper.

Do you have any friends who is looking for birthday gift for their husband? Share this Himalayan Salt Lamp benefits with them so they get the best birthday gifts for their husband.

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