22 Weirdest Bacon Gifts For Him (especially #13?)

If you have a man in your life who simply loves everything about bacon, we have some bacon gifts for him.

Surprising him with a gift that will make him happy is always a good idea. That is why we chose this fantastic gifts for bacon lovers.

1. Bacon Favoured Toothpaste. This is such a weird bacon gifts for him


Accoutrement Bacon Toothpaste

If your friend is obsessed with brushing his teeth, we have a perfect gift for him. We bet he has never brushed his teeth with s bacon flavoured toothpaste, so this would be the perfect time to try that.

2. Cover up his wound with bacon shape bandages

birthday gift for bacon lover

Bacon Adhesive Bandages

If your brother is clumsy and he loves bacon, there is something that he absolutely needs and that is Bacon themed adhesive bandages. Not only that he will be thrilled with this gift but his wounds will be protected.

3. He will floss his teeth everyday now

birthday presents for bacon lover

Waxed Bacon Floss

This is definitely a very useful gift for the boys who don’t love to floss their teeth. From now on, they will enjoy doing that while their moms would be happy and satisfied.

4. Not sure how this would taste like…

birthday gifts for bacon lover

Bacon Flavoured Mints

Is there anything better than bacon and mint together? Actually, there isn’t. This is a really amazing gift for your husband who loves bacon and eats it all the time. Now he can even have these bacon flavored mints and he can take them anytime he wants to taste special bacon and mint flavor.

5. Bacon in every kiss

best birthday gifts for bacon lover

Delicious Bacon Lip Balm

We really dislike lip balms, but this one is perfect for us and every man should have it. So, get this as a gift for your boyfriend as soon as possible. Ladies, you will love kissing more than ever.

6. He will never forget to clean his teeth every meal

best birthday presents for bacon lover

Bacon Flavoured Toothpick

Does your husband always forget to clean his teeth after lunch and you are tired of reminding him every time? Well, we suggest buying him these bacon flavored toothpicks as a gift. He won’t forget to clean his teeth anymore. In fact, he will do that with an enthusiasm.

7. For the men who love bacon so much they want to smell like it

top birthday gifts for bacon lover

Bacon Soap

Some of best gifts for bacon lovers are definitely bacon soaps. If your friend just can’t get enough of bacon, this is the perfect gift for him. He will take shower five times a day because of this awesome soap. Although we must admit that there is a risk of not finding a girlfriend.

8. The only condiment he need on dining table


Bacon Hot Sauce

If your husband loves cooking, he certainly wants to add a unique sauce to his collection. So, it’s time to get him one. He will love this bacon flavored sauce gift and he will enjoy preparing meals even more.

9. He would have bacon theme dinner everyday


101 Things to do With Bacon by Eliza Cross

Among bacon lovers gifts you will find this amazing cookbook that offers many delicious recipes for salads, entrees, sandwiches, appetizers, and desserts. It’s time that your friend’s creativity for preparing all those meals with bacon, goes a little bit further.

10. His car is going to smell like bacon now

top birthday presents for bacon lover

Bacon Air Freshener

If you don’t know what to buy for your hubby that loves bacon we have a great gift that he will love. With this bacon air freshener, he can take his favorite bacon smell wherever he wants to his car, room or garage. One thing is for sure: your home will definitely have a special smell.

11. Everything is going to taste 10 times better


Bacon Salt

If your boyfriend is a cook we know how is important to him to try out all kinds of food. So, there is no doubt that he will love this unique bacon salt gift. He will invite you to a dinner right away and the two of you will enjoy the taste of bacon in your favorite meal.

12. What about bacon jam?

bacon lover birthday present ideas

Bacon Jam

If you need more bacon gift ideas, we have the perfect one: delicious bacon jam. It’s perfect for making sandwiches and burgers even tastier. Your whole family will like it, and you can have a great breakfast time together- eggs, cheese, tomatoes and bacon jam. What more can you ask for?

13. This wallet will keep his money safe


Deluxe Bacon Wallet

It’s time to get your brother a funny but functional gift-bacon wallet. Wherever he goes, he will grab all the attention, so he might meet his soul mate. Imagine the story of how the two of them had met. It would go like this: I met my wife in the café, she saw my bacon wallet and started laughing, and then we started a conversation. It surely was love at the first sight. That sounds interesting, huh?

14. Finest fully cooked bacon playing cards

card birthday gift for bacon lover

Bacon Playing Card

We know that bacon gifts for men are always good choices. So, if your friend often plays cards, why don’t you buy him unique playing cards? He and his friends will be thrilled to play cards with bacon motifs.

15. Don’t forget to wrap it with this wrapper

bacon wrap birthday gift for bacon lover

Bacon Gift Wrapper

If your friend’s birthday is getting closer and you’ve already bought him a present, then you should wrap it up with this extraordinary bacon gift wrap. We just want to warn you that he might love this wrap more than the present itself.

16. Let’s light up the bacon in his life

candle birthday gifts for bacon lover

Auntie Sadie’s Bacon Candle

If your boyfriend wants to make a romantic surprise, it would probably look like this: the two of you enjoy watching “The Notebook” in a dim-lighted and a bacon-scented room. We are quite sure that wouldn’t be a cliché. So, it’s time to consider buying him a bacon candle as a gift, and he will be inspired to make you happy.

17. He will wear this everyday without washing


Chemistry Funny bacon T-shirt

Funny bacon gifts are the favorite among bacon lovers, and we have one that they will love. This super t-shirt with a funny periodic table will be a perfect gift for your friend that loves bacon.

18. I think this popcorn is going to taste good

popcorn birthday present for bacon lover

Bacon Pop Corn

Watching a movie with your boyfriend just doesn’t seem right without popcorns. There isn’t much to say about this bacon flavored popcorn except that you really have to try it.

19. I want to grow my own food but I can’t find bacon seeds

towel birthday gifts for bacon lover

Primitives Bacon Seeds Towel

Every kitchen needs a tea towel. If you don’t know what to buy for your friend who loves bacon, this would be a perfect choice. He will definitely love this funny towel.

20. This erotic cookbook…


Fifty Shades of Bacon

Among bacon novelty gifts is this brilliant cookbook. It’s a perfect gift for bacon lovers since it has 50 recipes that will show them how to enjoy the bacon completely.

21. Let’s get some real mouth drooling bacon for him

food birthday gifts for bacon lover

Bacon Lover Feast

This bacon gift basket is a perfect gift if your friend wants a relaxing weekend, sitting on the porch, drinking a beer and enjoying this tasty mix of bacon.

22. Too much bacon is not good for health


Omron Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

Eating bacon everyday is bad for health. So, it’s important that he take care of himself and he can do that with this very accurate blood pressure monitor.

He will be able to track his health every day and to compare his readings to normal home blood pressure levels.

Now you have a very long list of gifts for bacon lovers so it’s time to get the best one for your friend. Whether you’ll get him a funny gift or a cookbook, we are sure that he will love it.

Share this gift ideas with your friend who is looking for bacon gifts for him.

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