18 Best Anniversary Gifts For Husband That He Will Definitely Love

Time flies and look, it is your anniversary coming soon. There are so many memorable anniversary gifts for husband you can get for him.

But which one you should get for a from a men’s perspective?

I will show you what they will like in this post.

Let’s see the first one.

1. This is a sweet anniversary gifts for husband

anniversary gifts for husband letter to her

Letters To My Love

Yes, write him a letter and post it to your house. Tell him “10 reasons that you love him” or write him a specific moment that you find memorable.

You know how surprise is made? It is when something unexpected happen.

While everyone is sending email and text messages telling the other part how much they love him, you just post an unexpected email.

Do this on each year anniversary, and you will find these letters are so precious when you grew older. Besides, it is way easier to keep a letter inside a chocolate box.

2. Bring him to watch his favourite sports team play

anniversary gifts for husband favourite sports

I saw this suggestion from mothersniche.com and I think this is a great suggestion. It is something he love and you can never get wrong with this.

3. Write down memory you have together for the next 5 years

anniversary gifts for husband one line a day

One Line A Day : 5 Year Memory Book

4. Take a day off and have a date

anniversary gifts for husband date

Yes, take a day off. Send your kids to the babysitter and do all the things you used to do together when you are dating.

Watching a movie, stargazing, eating or even knock on somebody door and run away.

Love need maintenance as well.

5. Travel to a town that you never been before


Just nearby, you don’t have to travel far. You might find a new secret place for hanging out. I really enjoyed this because there are so many foods and places that I never had before. And the best thing is the town is just nearby.

6. How about this high quality robe?

anniversary gifts for husband robe

Luxor Linens Egyptian Cotton Robe

7. Make him a DIY Photo Montage


This is where you dig out all the pictures that you have taken together before and make a photo montage.

Pick the one that is most memorable such as the prom night you spend together during the high school days, the first date, the first time he holds the kids, the time he grew a big weird moustache, the time he wore boot cut jeans like Elvis Presley.

The list is endless.

This tutorial can help you out create a big photo montage.

8. Sketch, write or make it as a photo album in this adventure book

anniversary gifts for husband adventure book

Our Adventure Book

9. Give him a lesson!


I don’t mean the type of lesson when you get angry. Get him to sign up the course that he like such as scuba diving, cooking classes, learn how to massage or how about skydiving? It is an awesome skill that both of you can learn together.

10. This is the sweetest gift basket he will ever received

anniversary gifts for husband gift basket

Anniversary Gift Basket For Men

11. Bring him to the shopping mall and don’t buy the stuff he wants to buy?

anniversary gifts for husband shopping

I mean don’t buy it on that day. Come out any excuse that you can come out with to prevent him from buying the stuff he like.

Then you sneak out the next day and buy that specific item that he like. After that give it to him on your anniversary day. He is going to get a surprise.

12. What about a personalize gift for him?

anniversary gifts for husband personalize gift

Personalized Engraved Wood Hammer

13. Buy him stuff that he will use every day


I know it sounds boring and unromantic but I have been using the shaver that my wife bought me for over 2 years now.

I will definitely keep the shaver in a box when it is broken. It is actually quite sweet to use the gift she bought for you every day.

You can get him anything from wallet, flask, shaver, belt, bag, cologne, tool,

14. Go to his Amazon wish list and get one of the items he wants


Most guys are very straight forward. They really mean it when they say they want that wallet. Nothing else, just that wallet that he just pointed to you.

So ask him what is on his Amazon wish list, then try to get a few things from there.

15. A weekend to his favourite concert


Did he love any singer out there? Beyonce? Red Hot Chili Peppers? Coldplay? Get him and yourself a ticket and enjoy the weekend.

Who doesn’t like to meet his favourite singer live?

16. Get him a food basket

anniversary gifts for husband jerky basket

Buffalo Bills Jerky Basket

Bacon, jerky, beer, peanuts, everything!

Who doesn’t like food? Trust me, you will never get wrong with food.

17. Have dinner with him

anniversary gifts for husband dinner

Just you and him. Go out and have some fine dinner.

I am a guy and I like this idea the most. The reason being is I can spend time with her and I get to eat. The two most important thing in my life.

If a fine dinner is too much for your wallet, just bring to his favourite Indian restaurant.

18. Buy him sexy clothes

Get a sexy lingerie for you to wear for him. Do you get it?

Wrap it nicely in a box for him. When he unwrap it, get naked and wear that in front of him.

Okay, let’s not go too much detail in this. You know what to do.

It is not the clothes, it is the enjoyment on that night.

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