11 Sweet Anniversary Gifts For Boyfriend That Will Make Him Love You Even More

Are you looking for anniversary gifts for your boyfriend? What to get your boyfriend on your one year anniversary?

Try search around the internet and you will find a lot of anniversary gift ideas.

I have handpicked 11 anniversary gifts ideas from men’s perspective that he will definitely feel the love from you.

Let’s carry on with the first one.

1. Remind him why you love him again on your 1st year anniversary gifts for boyfriend


Why I Love You

This is your first year you have been together with your boyfriend. There are so many things you still need to learn about him and vice versa.

This love journal can help him to get know more about you. There are plenty of space on this journal to put in photos or even drawing if you know how to draw, It is a big plus. 

Not sure what to write? That’s not a problem. This journal contains questions that will guide you to show him your love towards him.

2. 2nd Year Anniversary Gift For Boyfriend – Dirty Coupon


It gets more fun when you’ve been together for the second year. You started to get comfortable with him and he gets to know more about your cheeky little habits.

This time, you can make a “dirty coupon” on your anniversary. You can make one yourself and let your imagination go wild or get one from Etsy.

This is a great idea to maintain a fun and long lasting relationship. You can even make this after married.

3. 3rd Year Anniversary Gift Ideas For Boyfriend – Cook For Him


Gordon Ramsay’s Home Cooking

I think food is the best gift for men in any situation. I am a guy and I like food. Homemade cook is the best anniversary gift as both of you can spend time together and have some fun preparing meals.

You don’t have to make complicated food, Gordon Ramsay recipes from his book are simple enough for anyone to make at home.

If you don’t have the time to cook, then go to a restaurant that both of you love. A fancy fine dinner maybe?

4. 4th Year Anniversary Ideas For Boyfriend – Nostalgic Visit


If you have made it so far, congratulations! I am sure both of you have gone through a lot of up and down in 4 years of dating.

Why don’t date him today, and visit the place that you used to go when both of you started to fall in love? The place where both of you have the fist kiss, a restaurant where they serve great food, beaches where his swimming trunks get taken away by strong wave or the place where the first time you saw him.

I am sure there are a lot of nostalgic places both of you can visit. Tell him something that he never knew during the visit. There is once where a tomato skin stuck in between my girlfriend’s teeth but it is just too awkward to let her know during that moment. Something like that.

5. 5th-Year Anniversary Gift For Boyfriend – Travel Together


Travel together is like a final test for your love life to decide if he is the one you want to spend the rest of your life together.

Some people even do this on the first or second anniversary so they know him better earlier. It is the best thing to do to know him deeper. You can see how he handle the travel stress.

6. Best Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend – Tickets to His Favourite Team or Concert


Get a couple of tickets for you and him to his favourite sports or concert. Do you know how excited we are when we can watch or favourite team play live?

Or watch or favourite band perform in front of us? I totally lost it when I watch my favourite football team playing live.

I only saw then on television, and now they are scoring goals in front of me. The vibe watching live vs watching on television is a totally different experience. He will love you even more for this.

7. Creative Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend


Take a picture of both of you with last year picture. You will be amazed after 10 or 40 years. You can track since when the wrinkle started to appear.

8. Handmade gifts for boyfriend on anniversary – “I Love You Because” Jar


There are so many gifts you can handmade for him and I think this is the best handmade gifts you can make for him.

It is simple, thoughtful, fun and he can keep it for a long time. If both of you have the chance to get married and have kids, let them keep this jar and teach them how to love the other significant part.

9. Cute Anniversary gifts for Boyfriend



This is probably the cutest gift you can get for your boyfriend. It is a handmade gift you can get from Etsy. They can customise the colour and hairstyle option for the princess. It would be cute and funny anniversary gifts for you and your boyfriend.

10. Personalized gifts for boyfriend anniversary



Get a personalised wallet for both of you. This wallet is made from Full Grain American leathers and they hand pick their leather hides from a local tannery for a rustic look and feel.

Their leather may contain barbed wire, bug bites, wrinkles, branding marks, scars. They will use it as long as it is a good leather, They don’t discriminate. This is an awesome gift that lasts a lifetime.

11. Still Not Sure What To Get For Your Boyfriend Anniversary? Make Him This One


Go to google map and find out the place that you first met and kiss. Print it out and frame it like the one above. This is the sweetest memory that reminds both of you where you fall in love with each other.

Do you have any friends who are looking for an anniversary gift for their boyfriend? Share this gifts ideas with them so they can find the best anniversary gift for him from a men’s perspective.

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