11 Best Alcohol Gifts For Him That Will Make Them Drunk

Looking for alcohol gifts for him?

You can get creative to amp up the guy’s drinking pleasure with these creative and useful gifts invented for the alcohol lovers out there.

1. Nipyata filled with booze – This is an unique alcohol gifts for him

top birthday present for alcohol lover


Who said adults cannot play a traditional children’s game when celebrating a birthday? Definitely not the Nipyata! company which has brought the fun of beating a piñata with a stick to a whole new level.

As the piñata breaks, yes, candies will fall out but also plastic bottles of liquor, and adults will certainly scramble for these bottles of fun which include vodka, whiskey and tequila.

The little donkey piñata you can buy from the company may look innocuous but inside it are alcoholic drinks that really give a kick.

2. This game is simple and easy to play


Barbuzzo Spin the Shot

The recipient of Barbuzzo Spin-the-Shot gift can have fun bringing unpredictability to a party.

As the makers of the shot glass believe that life is too short to be serious, partygoers can forget the tired way of doing shots and instead use the unique shot glass to spin the arrow that points to a random participant. This will make it faster for friends to get drunk and start exposing secret that you told him last week.

This will make it faster for friends to get drunk and start exposing the secret that you told him last week.

With the Barbuzzo’s shot glass, participants can play the Truth or Dare game or create their own.

3. Party game for you and your stupid friend

birthday present ideas for alcohol lover

Drunk Stoned or Stupid

If there is a lull in a party, the birthday boy can bring out the Drunk Stoned or Stupid card game which reveals people’s personality traits; from the quirky, such as watching a science documentary for five hours, to the downright embarrassing, like actively preparing for apocalypse.

The basic rules of the game are simple: a player nominated as a judge draws a card and reads a personality trait, and each player makes a case as to who among the players has that trait. The game also has rules for playing with people who have just met at a party.

The game also has rules for playing with people who have just met at a party.

4. Serving champagne is never the same again

top birthday present ideas for alcohol lover

Champagne Gun

When celebrating the guy’s birthday, why make champagne pop out of the bottle, when guests can squirt it with a gun? The Champagne Gun is an awesome gift to someone who want to celebrate excessively from time to time.

With enough champagne guns, friends can indulge in a champagne gun fight and bathe in all its liquid glory. The Champagne Gun can also serve as a wine stand in a beach party or picnic, and, believe it or not, it is also useful for pouring the wine into a flute.

5. This will help him prevent to injured his head when he is drunk

birthday present for alcohol lover

Beer Helmet

With the Beer Helmet holding beer cans for the birthday celebrant, it leaves his hands free to grab more cans of beer for refill. The funny-looking helmet, which can hold a beverage on each side, is an eye-catching accessory at a beach or house party.

It is very useful to someone whose main goal is to drink as much beer as the body can possibly allow. The helmet is also useful when watching tv to leave the hands free to grab potato chips or hold the remote.

6. For him who always get drunk

birthday gift for alcohol lover

Hungoevr Cookbook by Milton Crawford

Worthy is a man who can force himself to cook after binge drinking, but you know that eating an apple is not enough to cure a hangover, so The Hungoevr Coobkook comes in handy after a night of wild partying.

The compact guide by Milton Crawford not only offers recovery recipes for hangover but also a multiple choice quiz to assess the severity of the after effects and suggests the right menu of remedy.

The menu choices can come as a simple smoothie, a chic croissant with chocolate or a full hangover breakfast. I suggest

I suggest you to hand over this recipe to his girlfriend or wife as it is never easy to cook while having hungover.

7. This is the best beer innovation for him

best birthday present for alcohol lover

Wyndham Dual Tank Beverage Dispenser

There are 2 ways he will use this.

  • Serve his guest
  • Go straight to his mouth

Whether he is partying until the next morning or just going for a walk, you can keep him beer-hydrated with the Wyndham House Beverage Dispenser Backpack. The backpack includes dual tanks, with each tank having a capacity of 3.7 quarts.

Back panel and padded shoulder straps are also part of the product for comfortable transport of the good stuff.

As the dispenser backpack has an attached straw, the man can easily consume the beer, but if he intends to share the booze with partygoers, the backpack also comes with a mesh cup pocket for easy access to cups.

8. Personalized oak barrel


Personalized Oak Aging Barrel 

A guy who loves to drink has probably thought of aging his own liquor, so The Personalized American Oak Aging Barrel will be a well-appreciated gift.

The guy can easily become a liquor aficionado with the gift. The two-litter barrel made of oak can age spirits quickly due to its small size which allows increased surface to volume ratio.

The recipient of the gift only has to fill the barrel with his preferred spirit, age it to his taste preference, and pour himself homemade wine from the barrel’s functional spigot.

9. Smartphone Breathalyzer just to double confirm when he say “I am not drunk”

best birthday present ideas for alcohol lover

BACtrack Breathalyzer

Even a high functioning alcoholic must never drink and drive. This gifts will save the man from getting into trouble with the cops by giving him the BACtrack Breathalyzer.

The breathalyzer features the Xtend Fuel Cell Sensor Technology which is trusted by law enforcement, hospitals and clinics. To view the result of the test, just wirelessly connect the device to the iPhone or Android device via Bluetooth.

Other cool features of the breathalyzer include the Companion App which keeps a record of results gathered over time, along with drink logs, pictures and notes.

10. Nice alcohol is meant to share together


Wingman Shot Glass

With the Wingman Shot Glass, two people can have the same blood alcohol content after a drinking spree. The ingenious gift has two shot glasses attached to each other by a hollow strip, any of the two cannot say “Pass!” even when vision gets a little blurry.

As the strip connecting the two shot glasses can be filled with liquid, each person drinking from the Wingman Shot Glass can drink up to 2.75 ounces of liquor.

The gift item is made of transparent double acrylic which allows one to clearly see all the liquid it contains. The product can be pulled apart, so cleaning it is easy breezy.

11. The most beautiful decanter I have ever seen

birthday present for beer lover

Hand-Blown Artisan Decanter

As the aging liquor process is an art form, it is only fair to keep the painstakingly made liquor in a well-crafted decanter.

The recipient of the gift will appreciate the sight of the Hand-Blown Artisan Decanter created by skilled artisans. The glass decanter is made of durable glass that is free of lead, while its wooden base is crafted with stability and style in mind.

The liquor stored in the decanter will not evaporate because of the ground glass stopper that seals the decanter tightly. This way, not a drop of liquor will go to waste. The stunning decanter can give a party a classy vibe.

There are many ways to enjoy a night of drinking spree, and the list of gift items can make it more enjoyable for a guy who loves alcohol.

Pick one from the list and give it as a birthday gift, and expect his gratitude every time you meet at happy hour.

I hope you can find the above gifts ideas can help you out.

Do you have any friend who is looking for alcohol gifts? Share this gifts ideas with them so they can find the unique alcohol gifts for him.

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