20 Interesting And Affordable Gifts For Him That Won’t Break Your Bank

Are you looking for affordable gifts for him?

The most expensive gifts aren’t always the best ones. Moreover, I’d say that if you want to give him a gift that he’ll love, the price doesn’t matter at all.

Let me show you that you actually can find the perfect gift for him at a great price. Below you’ll find unique and affordable gifts for him, that are perfect for any occasion.

1. Let him enjoy whiskey without diluting the taste with this affordable gifts for him

affordable gifts for him whiskey stone

BarMe Bullet Shape Whiskey Stone

Let him enjoy the perfect, cool taste of his favorite drink. These ice cubes will chill his drink without diluting it.

No need to worry if these will be safe to use, because they’re made from stainless steel. That means, they have antibacterial properties and they won’t rust over the time.

The bullet shape is definitely attention-grabbing so it isn’t surprising that these cubes are a great conversation piece.

2. This bullet shape personalized bottle opener is also a keychain

affordable gifts for him bullet shape bottle opener

Personalized .308 Caliber Bullet Keychain Bottle Opener

Why buy him an ordinary keychain, when he can have the one made from a real bullet? You can even personalize it and make this gift really significant to him.

Carefully choose the words, because there isn’t much space for text. But, when you have the right words to say, the length isn’t important.

What is really important is that those words will make him smile every time he reads them.

3. Get a t-shirt for him to have a good laugh

affordable gifts for him funny t shirt

Funny Men’s T-Shirt

If he needs something to make him laugh, this is just the perfect gag gift for him. The funny print will definitely make his every day hilarious.

This print may look awful to you, but there is no doubt that he’ll adore it. Moreover, he’ll wear this T-shirt everywhere he goes, due to its comfort and softness.

Hand wash is recommended, so he can enjoy the gentle feel on his skin for as long as possible.

4. Looking for unique shot glass?

affordable gifts for him shot glass

Handmade Shot Glass With Original Bullet

This shot glass is just perfect for making toasts. Made from high-quality glass, it is sturdy and durable.

The real bullet definitely makes this glass a worthwhile part of any home bar. He’ll be more than happy to serve the Scotch with this stunning glass.

You can even buy him four of these and make a set. His guests will be impressed!

5. Looking for a nice, affordable and beautiful fountain pen?

affordable gifts for him muji fountain pen

MUJI Aluminium Fountain Pen

If he loves an old-fashioned way of writing, this would be a great affordable birthday gift for him. With the set of five fountain

With the set of five fountain pens he can write day and night, without worrying that his fountain pen will run out of ink.

He will love how accurately and smoothly the pen writes. Simple, yet sophisticated design is just perfect for any type of men.

6. Keep his table organise with this bear shape organiser

affordable gifts for him bear organiser

Kikkerland Bear Organiser

With this bear organizer he can organize bills, documents and newspapers in a blink of an eye. Due to its practical design, he can mount it to the wall or place it on the desk.

Either way, he’ll finally have an ordered and spotless living space. No more piles of paper all over the house!

7. This beautiful elephant plastic holder has many functions

affordable gifts for him elephant holder

Elephant Holder

This gift is an ideal one for your elephant-loving boyfriend. It’s versatile so he can use it for whatever he likes.

He can use it for the kitchen, as it’ll give a nice touch to it. Moreover, it’s perfect for a bathroom because he can use it for his toothbrush and other items.

Due to a clever trunk, water will drain into the sink, so there won’t be scale inside the cup.

8. Let him get to know more how to survive in the wild

affordable gifts for him bush craft 101

Bush Craft 101

A Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival is a perfect gift for an adventurist.

Here he’ll find valuable information on how to protect himself from the elements, how to collect food, and what supplies he might need.

Thanks to this guide, he’ll be completely ready to step into the beauty of wilderness.

9. This is a great gift for him who love to cook

affordable gifts for him spatula

Gamago T-Bone Spatula

This is a perfect gag gift for your favorite cook. Not only will he love its funny look but he’ll also appreciate the quality of this spatula. Although it’s sturdy, it isn’t heavy.

Moreover, it will fit perfectly in his hand. He can use it on the stove and on the grill. Either way, he’ll be thrilled to have this funny kitchen utensil.

10. This coloring book featuring animals and sweary words. Perfect gift for him to release stress

affordable gifts for him adult coloring book

Swear Word Coloring Book

Did you know that stress and anger can actually be transformed into something really positive? Swear Word Coloring Book is an ideal way for turning stress into art.

Due to various designs and patterns, he’ll surely find those that resonate with him. With this coloring book he’ll realize that nothing in his life is worth stressing out.

Thus, he’ll learn to relax and enjoy every moment.

11. I think this coffee is strong enough to wake him up every morning

affordable gifts for him death wish coffee

Death Wish Ground Coffee

If he loves drinking coffee, it’s time for him to try the strongest coffee in the world. Made of first-class bold beans, it will keep him up all night.

He’ll love the unique combination of bitterness and sweetness because the coffee has gentle notes of chocolate and cherry. He will never again drink an ordinary coffee!

12. He is definitely going to enjoy his whiskey with this ice ball maker

cheap gift for him ice ball maker

Chillz Ice Ball Maker

What better way to cool his favorite beverage than with perfectly round ice balls? The ice ball maker is flexible so no need to worry if it will break.

Moreover, it’s very practical due to its easy-to-fill design. From now on, his Bourbon will look elegant, because these ice balls will add a nice touch to the glass.

13. Get him 10 packs of Oreo cookie and make it a gift basket

affordable gifts for him oreo cookies

Oreo Chocolate Cookies

If you’re looking to buy cheap Christmas gifts for him, I have the perfect idea for you. With Oreo Cookies you just can’t go wrong.

I mean, who doesn’t love this yummy sandwich with a rich filling? You can make him a basket gift, full of Oreo cookies.

I think there is no better way to spend the Christmas than enjoying the rich taste of this remarkable cookie.

14. And don’t forget this Oreo spoon for dipping

affordable gifts for him oreo dipping spoon

Oreo Dipping Spoon

This cookie spoon will match perfectly with the Oreo cookies that you’re going to buy him for Christmas. From now on, he doesn’t have to leave

From now on, he doesn’t have to leave mess all over the table. The spoon will hold the cookie so he can easily dip it in milk, without any crumbling.

15. Get this cocktail kit for him to craft his own cocktail on the flight

affordable gifts for him cocktail kit

Carry On Cocktail Kit

Forget about ordinary gifts and give him this one. Its originality will definitely sweep him off his feet.

From now on, his flight will be entertaining and soothing. With this cocktail kit, he can make 2-3 small drinks, just enough to keep him calm during the turbulence.

16. This key magnet is a great gift for him to keep his key organize at home

affordable gifts for him magnet key organiser

Jumbo Key Magnet

With this clever and practical magnet, his keys will always be in one place, so he won’t have to look for them all over the house anymore.

He can mount it to the wall in his living room. That way, he will always have a quick access to the keys.

17. Get him this gift set that he will use everyday

affordable gifts for him burt bees

Burt’s Bees Gift Set in Giftable Tin

Looking for cheap gift ideas for men? How about this one? This gift set is an ideal gift for any man who cautiously takes care of his skin.

Due to the ingredients, his skin will look rested and soft. The set includes everything his skin needs, from aftershave to hand salve.

18. If he got a goatee to keep, this tool will help his beard stay in perfect shape

affordable gifts for him beard shaping tool

The Goatee Shaving Template

This template will enable him to finally have a beard that he’s always dreamed of. Thanks to adjustability of the template, he’ll easily and quickly from his goatee.

His beard will look perfect every single day.

19. If he got a different kind of beard

affordable gifts for him the beard bro

The Beard Bro

Tools for shaping beard are known as ‘cool cheap gifts for guys’. That means, you just can’t go wrong with this one.

Shaping neckline can sometimes be a daunting task, but with this tool it’ll be a piece of cake. Thanks to its practical design, he’ll shape his beard quickly and effortlessly.

20. He is never going to have a healthy beard without beard oil

affordable gifts for him beard oil

Art Naturals Beard Oil

With this amazing Beard oil, he’ll enjoy the beard grooming routine. Due to nurturing ingredients such as argan oil and jojoba oil, his beard will look healthy.

He doesn’t have to worry about those split ends anymore because these ingredients prevent splitting.

Which one are you getting for him?

Affordable gifts for him that you just read about, are perfect for situations when you want to surprise him and your budget is tight.

So, choose the perfect one for your man and make his day. Don’t hesitate to share this article with your friends.

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