7 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men

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With Valentine’s Day almost here, any doting partner is sure to feel the pressure to pick out the perfect the gift.

Valentine’s Day presents a certain amount of challenges for partners to pick out for the special man in their life.

For example, on his birthday, you can get him something you know he’ll love, like a collector’s vinyl record from his favorite band, a copy of his favorite book, or some other personalized treat. During the holiday season, it’s typically easy enough to buy cute winter-themed or holiday-themed items.

Valentine’s Day might have you wondering what you can get the special man in your life to show him that you truly love him. Here’s a short guide for some gift ideas you can purchase and to give to him that will help him remember how much you care!


It’s common enough for women to be gifted flowers on special occasions, not to mention a dozen red roses for Valentine’s Day.

If you asked some of the men you know if a special woman has ever given them a rose before, they’ll probably say no!

A bouquet of roses (paired with some chocolates and even some fine wine) just for him would be the perfect addition to another, more personalized gift or product.

Whether you place an order from an online delivery service or purchase a bouquet in person from a market, this timeless, sensitive, thoughtful gesture could be just the thing he needs to remember that you love him.

2. Cologne

Splurging on a high-quality gift for him is probably one of the most obvious ways you can express your love and devotion to your partner, and cologne is a classic gift for him that women have been giving to their partners for years.

Typically (though there are exceptions), men don’t pay as much attention to the way they look or smell as women do, so some great-smelling cologne is bound to help him feel a little fancy and more confident in his appearance, even if it’s subconscious. Of course, this is something of a gift for you too!

3. A good watch

Similar to the cologne, a durable or designer wristwatch is a classic male accessory to help him look more put-together.

You don’t need to drop thousands of dollars on a good watch, but you should keep your eye out for some good deals, especially if you know your partner has a favorite designer or brand.

Make a guess at the size and color he’ll like based on his taste, or start with something more generic if you’re unsure. He’s sure to appreciate it either way.

4. Gift of grub

We’ve all hear the way to man’s heart is through his stomach; there’s some truth to this. For this reason, we’re going to have to recommend a box of Choice steaks.

The best way to do this it to order Omaha Steaks and have them shipped to his work.

Not only will he know you put a good deal of thought into this but all his co-workers will know what an awesome woman you are. Pair those steaks with a unique BBQ accessory he can enjoy while he’s grilling those juicy steaks.

5. Pajamas, underwear, and socks

These are necessities that everyone needs, but picking out items with specific Valentine’s Day themed patterns will help your special guy remember that even though the holiday is kind of corny and commercialized, you’re still keeping his best interests at heart.

Plus, like we said before, unless your man is especially fashion-forward, most guys don’t really care when their essential clothing items like pajama pants or t-shirts start wearing out.

Bonus points if you get yourself a matching pair so the two of you can have a good old-fashioned pajama party!

6. Band, book, or movie merch

Nothing says “I love you and I care about your interests even if I don’t share them” quite like giving your partner that new CD, band t-shirt or sweatshirt, or even a coffee mug related to his favorite writer or movie.

A gift like this will remind him that you know him well and even if he can’t geek out with you about all of the same hobbies, you still support him and want him to be able to express himself.

Celebrating your differences is an important part of any relationship, but of course, it’s convenient and fun when you’re both fans of the same groups. Plus, with the wonders of the Internet, you’re sure to find the perfect gift for him after just a few clicks.

7. A monogrammed wallet

You might be noticing a theme surrounding sensible accessories – they’re a go-to thoughtful and practical gift with the bonus that it comes from someone he cares about!

A personalized wallet could be a great gift for the messy or disorganized man in your life who has been carrying around the same tattered old wallet for years.

A new wallet with lots of card slots, a subtle engraving of his initials, and even a zippered pocket for spare change doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, either!

Any of these gifts are sure to bring a smile to his face. From unique out-of-the-box to traditional ideas, he’ll know you spent the time to discover the perfect gift.

Share this unique list with your friends. While it truly is the thought that counts, a desirable gift is always good too.