13 Best 60th Birthday Gift Ideas For Dad (especially #13)

Are you looking for 60th birthday gift ideas for dad? You don’t want to buy your father the same boring gifts like you always do?

Well, it’s about time to give him something that he will be proud of.

Whether you want to buy him a unique or an unusual gift, below you will find some ideas on what he might like.

1. Vintage Radio – This is an awesome 60th birthday gift ideas for dad

vintage radio 60th-birthday-gifts-for-husband

Crosley Vintage Radio

This vintage AM/FM radio is perfect as a 60th birthday gift for dad. It’s exactly what your father needs, something to remind him of good old times and something that isn’t complicated to use.

It’s exactly what your father needs, something to remind him of good old times and something that isn’t complicated to use.

The sound of this radio is really good and it can get really loud which is convenient for old people whose hearing isn’t as great as before.

2. Let him have some brain workout

60th birthday gift ideas

Fun 60th Birthday Game

In case your father is throwing a 60th birthday party and you need some gift ideas for him, this gift is a must-have for that occasion.

It will certainly bring a lot of fun and laugh because this game is suitable for everyone. It will be a birthday party worth remembering.

3. Personalized Cutting Board

60th birthday gifts

Personalised Engraved Cutting Board

Among the best 60th birthday gifts for dads is definitely this engraved cutting board. Your father will appreciate it very much and he will be proud of this unique gift.

Although it’s a cutting board, he can hang it on a wall in order to add a more personal tone to his home.

4. This vintage phone is not for decoration

vintage telephone 60th birthday gifts for him

Retro Telephone Imitation

I wanted to share more 60th birthday gift ideas for men so I chose this old fashioned telephone which is ideal for adding retro shine to homes and even offices.

Apart from its amazing look, it works great so there is no doubt that your father will love it.

5. A nice outing to his favourite restaurant

60th-birthday-gift-ideas food

Your father’s birthday is getting closer and you still aren’t sure what would be the best 60th birthday gift for him?

Well, have you considered a nice outing to his favorite restaurant? It would be a great family time where you will have the chance to talk about all those wonderful memories.

6. Whisky with his name on


Personalised Whisky Malt With Gift Box

Although buying drinks are most common gifts for 60-year-old man, this whiskey isn’t just an ordinary one.

Moreover, it’s a personalized gift and who doesn’t want a personalized whiskey? After buying this gift, your father will definitely make a toast to you.

7. Steam train experience to remember the old days


Steam Train Experience For Two

I only have to say: wow. Just imagine how fascinating this experience would be for your father.

He will be thrilled with bringing back to life some memories on those wonderful times when he used to travel through the countryside and enjoyed sceneries.

8. Spend a day on his favorite theater play

60th birthday gifts for dad theater

If you ran out of 60th birthday gift ideas for men, I have one for you. Instead of buying your father same classic gifts such as a bottle of wine, why don’t you take him to his favorite theater?

It’s a great way to have some fun and I am sure that both of you will enjoy being at the theater.

9. If he still keeps a few of his favorite vinyl then this one is for him

50th birthday gifts for dad

Electrohome Vinyl Player

If you’re looking for useful 60th birthday gifts for your dad, this record player would be a great choice.

This gift is perfect for all those records that your father hadn’t used for years. He will be happy because now he can use them again and enjoy remembering the old days.

10. Let him take off his boots easily


Upright Folding Boot jack

If you want to buy an unusual gift for your father this is exactly what you need. He will be delighted when he tries it out.

This upright folding boot jack is made from solid oak and thanks to long handles provides an easy way for taking off the boots.

11. Let him shave smoothly


Taylor of Old Bond Shaving Cream

If you need more gift ideas for a 60-year-old man, consider buying this peppermint shave cream.

We really love it because it leaves a refreshing and cool feeling on our skin. The practical part of this gift is that even a small amount of cream is enough for safe shaving.

12. Let him have a stronger bone to go travel


New Chapter Supplement

Although we know that taking vitamins is beneficial for us in every way, we don’t quite take them until we discover some serious health issues.

In order to avoid that situation, you should buy this calcium supplement to your father. And don’t forget to check up on him, because he might not take them.

13. Adopt a puppy

60th birthday gifts for dad puppy

For your dad’s 60th birthday present you have to be creative in order to really surprise him. And what is more creative than bringing him an adorable puppy?

He will be eager to go for a walk with his pet every day, which is a great way to keep a healthy lifestyle for both of them.

14. Incredible shot glass with bullet

bullet glass christmas gifts for men

Handmade Shot Glass With Real Bullet

Is there anything more authentic than a hand-sculpted gift? With this amazing shot glass (and it has a real bullet) you can’t be mistaken. Your father will be so amazed at this creative gift that he will show it off to his friends.

Your father will be so amazed at this creative gift that he will show it off to his friends.


So, whether you want to take your father to his favorite place or to buy him a remarkable gift, the list above has all the ideas you need. You just have to pick out what he will love the most and then buy that for his 60

You just have to pick out what he will love the most and then buy that for his 60th birthday.

Share this gifts ideas with your friends who is looking for 60th birthday gift ideas for dad.

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