14 Best 50th Birthday Gift Ideas For Men (especially the last one!)

In case you don’t have a lot of time and you really need some 50th birthday gift ideas for men, I got you covered.

It’s time to buy a marvelous gift for your man and I made this list so you can easily pick the best gift.

1. This is agreat 50th birthday gift ideas for men that let him play his favourite vinyl

50th birthday gifts for dad

Electrohome Vinyl Player

The most memorable 50th birthday present for dad would be a record player because it’s always good to have one at home.

This amazing 4-in-1 retro vinyl turntable will give your dad all he needs out of a record player. He can finally listen to his favorite vinyl or he can turn the radio on and relax.

The player has a mahogany finish which will fit perfectly in the living room. If your dad loves listening music all alone, he can easily connect headphones to it.

2. Hand hammered Tibetan singing bowl set

tibetan bowl set 50th birthday gifts for husband

Tibetan Meditation Bowl

Finding gifts for men turning 50 is a quite interesting task. So, if your dad loves doing yoga and he is really into the the-spirit-body-mind thing we have a perfect gift for him.

The Tibetan singing bowl will definitely heal all his chakras and lift up his positive energy because it creates a relaxing sound perfect for meditation. He will be thankful for this gift.

3. I don’t think he see this wine rack before

50th birthday gifts for husband

Gear and Wheels Wine Rack

Gears and wheels wine rack are simply a must have. If your dad has a collection of best wines, this would be the perfect gift for his birthday.

He can organize his 6 favorite bottles in it and place it wherever he wants. It would be easy for him to take the bottle out when he wants to make a toast.

4. Best dad ever

t shirt 50th birthday for dad

Best Dad Ever T-Shirt

We have to admit that we always need t-shirts. That’s why one of the 50th birthday gift ideas for dad is definitely this amazing t-shirt.

There is nothing better for a dad than his daughter showing him love. He will wear it with a pride and he will enjoy showing it to his friends to make them envious.

5. You can never go wrong with this food basket, everyone love food

50th birthday gifts for father

Classic Gourmet Food and Snacks

If you don’t know what to buy for your dad’s birthday and you are frustrated because of that, relax. We have a perfect gift for your dad.

You can never go wrong with buying gift basket that looks so perfect that your dad would be sorry to touch it. But, even if that’s the case, he can put it in the kitchen and simply admire it.

6. Shot glass chess set

shot glas chess set 50th birthday for husband

MAXAM Shot Glass Chess Set

If you are looking for 50th birthday gifts for men who have everything, you can stop looking right away.

This 3-in-1 glass chess set will bring lots of fun on your dad’s birthday party. His friends and he can play drinking chess, checkers or cards, whatever they love most.

7. Let him learn to cook something interesting


Molecular R-Evolution Kit

If your husband loves cooking and experimenting with new recipes, you can buy him for a birthday this amazing molecular gastronomy set.

It is easier to use than you can imagine so don’t worry about it. It comes with a DVD where you will find 50 recipes. The two of you will enjoy creating food.

8. Let him have his favourite cheese on this board


Decodyne Cheese Set

If your husband is a cheese lover, you can get him this jaw-dropping cheese board set. The wood cutting board will look amazing in your kitchen and it’s really easy to slice cheese with these cute knives.

The set also includes four stainless steel forks and a porcelain dish for serving.

9. Keep him warm with this beautiful vintage copper fire pit


CobroCo Vintage Firepit

Among unique 50th birthday gift ideas for a husband is this beautiful fire pit. It has extra deep tub for longer lasting fire and the metal construction is very stable.

Moreover, it looks charming and it will fit perfectly in your backyard. Your husband will love it.

10. Enjoy his favourite wine with this beautiful wine bucket


Galvanized Wine Bucket

If you’re still looking for 50th birthday gifts for men, we can suggest buying him Party bucket. It comes with a stand and a tray so your man can move it wherever he wants.

What we love about this bucket is that it doesn’t take a lot of space. It has compact storage which means that both wine rack and tray fit inside the tub.

11. Just make sure he doesn’t have heart attack


Zombie Survival Experience

A perfect present for the 50-year-old man who enjoys the feeling when adrenalin flows through his body is, without a doubt, Zombie experience.

This experience will challenge his limits in a memorable way. We assure you that this would be his best birthday gift ever.

12. Get everything ready for picnic in this bag


Insulated Picnic Basket

The picnic baskets are gifts for a 50-year-old man that will never be outdated. So, feel free to get your hubby one of these. What is great about this Insulated picnic basket is that comes with wine bottle opener and cheese knife.

Thanks to the isolated lining, the basket will keep up the right temperature, so you can relax and enjoy the family time in the park.

13. Feed the bird with this transparent bird feeder


Round Window Bird Feeder

We want to share with you an excellent idea on birthday gifts for 50-year-old man, so you can get your dad really lovable gift.

Here we have Bird feeder that old men love so much. Your dad will enjoy watching closely wild birds while they enjoy eating.

It’s easy to fill and clean, so there will be no mess. It’s great that he can watch birds from his living room so he can fully enjoy the feeling.

14. Decanter

decanter christmas gifts for husband

Handcrafted Whisky / Bourbon Decanter

If you want to buy to your dad a piece of art that he will admire, we’ve found this lovely decanter among 50th birthday presents for him.

It is handcrafted and the ship on the inside looks quite impressive. The decanter is solid and more durable comparing to others on the market.

We don’t have anything else to add because it is really breathtaking. You dad will enjoy drinking his favorite bourbon from it.


We believe that this list just saved your time and nerves.

So, now you only need to make a choice so your dad or hubby will get the amazing birthday gift.

Whichever gift you choose, it will show to your man how much you love him.

Share this gifts ideas with your friend who is looking for 50th birthday gift ideas for men.

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