14 Best 1st Anniversary Gift For Husband From Men’s Perspective

1st-anniversary gift for husband is hard to find and I did my best to make this remarkable list of most romantic gifts for him.

Giving love is a pretty important part when comes to keeping the passion between you and it is time to give your best to find him a perfect gift that will undoubtedly show him how you feel.

1. This will help both of you jot down a 5 year journal. This is a thoughtful 1st anniversary gift for husband


Q & A : 5 Year Journal

Is he interested in finding answers on various topics in life and he simply enjoys writing down his thoughts? Then we have a perfect gift for him- A journal that allows tracking his answers and thoughts for five years.

With questions that go from provocative to very interesting ones, he will certainly have a lot of fun. The best part is that he can read his answers over and over again and see the change in the way he perceives a life.

2. Get this beautiful decor for him

1st anniversary gift for husband paper mache

White Faux Deer Head Wall Decor

In case you’re looking for things to bring life to the living room, you’re at the right place. With this beautifully crafted Deer Head, your living room will never look the same again.

Because of its classic color, it will add a nice, elegant touch so everyone can admire it. There is no doubt that this is an awesome 1st-anniversary gift for a husband because who doesn’t love decorations?

3. Tell him how much you love him with this illustration

1st anniversary gift for husband me without you

Me Without You

Here we have a romantic 1st-anniversary gift for husband, that will mean the world to him. In case you don’t like saying those two words and you rather want to show love, this gift is the right thing for you.

With its unique illustrations that present a wonderful way of having someone by your side, this gift will touch his heart and soul.

4. This will help you to tell what you love about him

1st anniversary gift for husband what I love about you

What I Love About You

What better way to show him how much he means to you than to write it down? That way, he can read it over and over again, each time enjoying those lovely words that you wrote.

This Fill-In Love Journal is just what you need to express the affection for your special guy. He will be amazed at how romantic you are.

5. Just for him getting ready for your future kids

1st anniversary gifts for husband parenting book

How To Talk So Kids Will Listen

Is it finally time for a bundle of joy to make your marriage even more beautiful? If that’s the case, your man will need all the help he can get in order to be the best dad in the world.

With powerful insights and suggestions on communication between a parent and a child, it’s no wonder why this is the best useful 1st-anniversary gift for husband.

6. This book will change how he date

1st anniversary gift for husband uncommon dates

52 Uncommon Dates

On our best 1st-anniversary-gift-for-husband, this one will definitely change your classic dates into most interesting ones. Why not have a water date or a photography date?

It’s important to keep the passion that you have for each other and with this Adventure Guide, you’ll get some insights on how to take your relationship to the next level.

7. Fill this book and he will love you even more

1st anniversary gift for him why I love you

Why I Love You

Are you ready to show him how much you love him? Moreover, are you ready to go through the reasons why you’ve conquered his heart?

Here we have a remarkable Journal that the two of you should fill in and then give to each other. Take a glass of wine and enjoy answering these challenging questions about your beloved one.

8. Never run out of date ideas with this paper gift

1st anniversary gifts for him romantic date night ideas

Romantic Date Night Ideas

Do you remember your first kiss? If not, it’s time to bring that memory to life and enjoy every second with him. Here we have a perfect gift that will help you in keeping the spark.

The gift offers over 150 romantic date night ideas and a lot more on how to bring love and passion to the fullest and make your relationship stronger.

9. I think this is a great gift for both of you

1st anniversary gift for him love language

The 5 Love Languages

It’s not a secret that falling in love is easy, but the secret definitely lies in the question how to stay in love. Always looking for new ways to show him how you feel can be quite challenging.

However, this book will help you in transforming your relationship and reveal to you secret to love.

10. Both of you will never run out of conversation

paper anniversary gifts for him conversation starter

Conversation Starters For Husbands & Wives

Running out on interesting topics that you can discuss with him? Then these Conversation Starters are a perfect gift for him.

It’s time to change your daily routine and to have fun, and what a better way than to talk about something new and different?

11. He is going to have a good laugh at this

1st anniversary gifts for husband toilet paper

Happy 1st Anniversary Toilet Paper

In case you want to do something really crazy that will take his breath away, we have a perfect idea for you. The night before your Anniversary, replace the toilet paper with this hilarious one.

Without a doubt, the next time he goes to the bathroom, he will have a lot of fun. This gift makes a just perfect meaningful 1st-anniversary gift for husband.

12. What about write him a love letter?

letter gifts for boyfriend birthday

Letter to My Love

If you’re looking for a sentimental 1st-anniversary gift for husband, stop searching right away. We have a stunning gift that will definitely contribute to your relationship.

Handwritten letters can never be outdated because they are simply too romantic for that. Write him lovely letters and then treasure them so he can read them whenever he wants to feel the old spark.

13. The naughtiest card both of you that will ever play

1st anniversary gift for husband naughty card

Guard Against Insanity

Are you ready for a naughty game? Here we have a perfect gift that will definitely bring a lot of fun and shame.

I mean, who doesn’t like being exposed and learning new things about your partner? Let’s see if you bite off more than you can chew!

14. Love is about both of you

1st anniversary gift for husband about us

What I Love About Us

Stop beating around the bush and show him once and for all why you chose him to be your lifetime companion.

This Fill in Love Journal makes a perfect gift for being as sappy or frisky as you want. Fill it in and give him to make this special day even more special.


Now that you have all the best gifts for your first anniversary, it’s time to choose your favorite and to make him happy.

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