7 Simple Gifts for Men That Never Gets Old From a Men’s Perspective

There are a lot of gifts for men that you can get for his birthday, Christmas, easter, anniversary or even retirement.

Most men are pretty straightforward when it comes to buying gifts for them. You will be surprised that some men love boring stuff that you can never expect.

I’ve read a thread from Reddit where there is one housewife mention that her husband has been talking about energy saving light bulb for almost an hour while both of them went for shopping in Walmart.

She then got the idea to buy a lightbulb for her husband’s birthday that year and the next thing his husband did is change all the old lightbulb in the house and start talking about lightbulb again.

You see, an energy-saving lightbulb as a gift!

As for me, I love useful stuff. My girlfriend would get me something useful that I will use every day for my birthday, valentines day, Christmas and Anniversary.

I still using the mug she bought me 4 years ago.

But what gifts you should get for him if he has everything in his life?

It is actually not that hard to buy gifts for him. I will show you the 7 best gifts you can easily get for him from a men’s perspective that never gets old.

Let’s keep reading.

1. Great Food is the Best

Who doesn’t like food? Homemade cook is the best gift for every man out there. If you can ask your husband or boyfriend to join them, that is a quality time that both of you spend together.

It is fun to make food together where he can customise his pizza as big as he wants, with lots of cheese and pepperoni as topping.

I once get greedy and make a baseball size Chinese dumpling (which is about 10x bigger than the normal Chinese dumpling) with lots of flour as the dumpling skin and mince pork.

That dumpling is so big that I can’t even finish half of it. That is the funniest birthday dinner story that we will never forget.

See how that little details can create long last memories for both of you?

There is one more story I wanted to share with you. We did a small party in one of my friend’s house to celebrate my birthday.

We did all the cooking and you know things happen when five 17 years old teenager cooking in the kitchen. My friend’s house nearly explode.

Food brings people together. It is okay if the food doesn’t taste good enough, it is the process that counts.

2. Travel with him to know him better


This is the best gifts for your boyfriend, husband or friends.

You can invite a bunch of his friends to go travel with him as a gift.

My girlfriend once bring me to a random trip while we were studying in the UK and I had a great time over there.

We have no plan at all. We just hop on the bus and drop off on a random city. We had a great time exploring the non-tourist city.

We though we come to the wrong city to travel and to our surprise, we had a relaxing trip over there where the scenery is awesome.

We went to the fallen castle, found out a really old train station, get a haircut from a 70 years old grandpa and meet the locals and make new friends.

3. Tickets to His Favourite Sports or Concert


Image By Incase

Now close your eyes and think one of your favourite sports team or your favourite singer.

You really want to watch them live this year but all the tickets have been sold out and to your surprise, your friend, boyfriend or husband just bought you the ticket to watch them perform live as your birthday gifts.

Do you know that feeling when you get this kind of surprise? Yea, you want to give them millions of kisses.

My friends get such a surprise and couldn’t even close his mouth when his girlfriend manage to get him a ticket to Adele concert.

He is like looking at his girlfriend, stare at the tickets, and look at his girlfriend again with his mouth wide open without saying words.

You know what is the first word he blurts out after that? “Holy Shit!”

It is always fun to see your favourite sports or singer perform live.

4. DIY


I am still using the handmade pillow every night that my girlfriend made for me on valentines day. It is a nice little gift that I appreciate so much and I am still using it although it is worn out.

The time she spends to hand sewn this bit by bit for months makes me appreciate this gift so much.

Men love to receive handmade gift. To me, it shows that you are willing to pour your precious time, effort and love. It makes my heart melt like an ice cream when I receive that pillow.

That’s even better if you can DIY something that he will use every day such as beanie, socks, blanket, beard oil, wallet and much more.

5. A Simple Gift That Hard to Get


I love it when my friend throw me a simple birthday dinner where all my close buddies would join. I wouldn’t expect any birthday present from them at this dinner and I told them the time we spend together is the best present I can ever receive.

One of my friends brought his girlfriend to my birthday dinner. It is the first time I met her. I am surprised that she actually bought me a present and carefully bring it all the way from her country and I really appreciate that.

Even his boyfriend never expect that he bought me a gift.

She only knows that she will be joining my birthday dinner one day before her flight. She felt awkward to go to my birthday dinner empty handed so she decided to get a gift for me as soon as possible.

It is a rush. She hops on her motorbike to avoid all the traffic and finally get her hands on the gifts after a long, hot, sunny, and sweaty ride.

It is a gift that made from ceramic so she has to carefully wrap it with newspaper and bring it all the way from Vietnam to Malaysia.

The effort of getting me the gifts on a hot sunny day with a bike that makes me appreciate the gift even it is a simple gift.

How can you do that for him?

You can travel for hours just to get a doughnut for him that he really like, get a Bob Marley vinyl record for him on a flea market that is hard to find or queue up for 3 hours to get the pizza that he really like.

It sounds silly but I am sure they will never forget what you did just to get a gift for him that makes him happy.

The process of how you get the gifts actually can make a simple gift much more unique.

6. Try new experience


My dad is a car lover. I remember my mom once told me my dad couldn’t sleep all night when his car accidently gets a small scratch on the side.

The first thing he wakes up in the morning is to fix the car.

So I have decided to bring him to experience what he have never done before. Rent a Lamborghini for him to get a few spin on the track. I can see he had a lot of fun with the machine.

I can see he had a lot of fun with the machine.

You can find out what he like and let him learn or get him a new experience.

  • Does he just retire? Maybe you can get him a diving license.
  • Does he love wine? Sign him up for a wine tasting lesson.
  • Does he love gardening? Sign him up a gardening lesson where he can learn how to grow like a pro
  • Does he love fashion? Get a ticket to his favourite fashion designer fashion show.

7. The Art of Giving


Have you heard of this quote?

“Giving is better than receiving”

There is one day I had a long day at work and it was a mess in the office. To clear out my mind a bit I’ve decided to join a group of people to give out free food for the homeless during the weekend.

This makes me understand the true meaning of giving is better than receiving. I felt happier after that day.

There is an experiment done by social psychologist Liz Dunn and her colleagues that published in Journal Science. Dunn and her colleagues gave the students at the University of British Columbia an envelope that contains money that they can spend it on themselves or spend it on others. They find out people spend on others are happier than the one that spends on themselves.

Dunn and her colleagues gave the students at the University of British Columbia an envelope that contains money that they can spend it on themselves or spend it on others. They find out people spend on others are happier than the one that spends on themselves.

They find out people spend on others are happier than the one that spends on themselves.

You can do the same on his birthday, make him spend on other people. Give him the money that you plan to buy him a gift and ask them to spend it on others.

You can buy a hot drink for the local street artist that have been singing for hours, get a pizza for the homeless, pay someone their groceries and get a haircut for the homeless, buy flowers to random old people to light up their day and many more.

I really hope these tips help you to get the perfect gift for him that he will love.

You can also try this gift finder to find a unique gift for your loved one.

Do you have any friend who is looking for gifts for men? You might want to share the above gift ideas with them so they can find the perfect gifts for their men.