15 Romantic Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend That Make Him Cry For The First Time

Are you looking for romantic birthday gifts for boyfriend?

If that is your thought, I think he will receive the sweetest gifts that he will ever receive on his coming birthday.

But, you are not sure what you should get him otherwise you won’t be reading this page. I am going to show you

Don’t worry.

I am going to show you 10 romantic gifts ideas that will make him secretly cry behind the door.

Let’s get started with the first one.

1. Let Him Remember The Sweet and Bitter Moment. This is a romantic birthday gifts for boyfriend

romantic gifts for him

Antique Monogram Journal

This gift required you to start around 6 months to a year before you want to make it as a gift for him. If time is too tight for you,  you can always start a journal now for his next year birthday.

Write down the journey of what you have been throughout the time you spend with him. You can include the photo, scribble, draw, write down the sweet things that he said and many more.

There are up and down in a relationship, I think you can also include a few moment that makes both of you upset. This journal is a great gift that takes communication deeper to a whole new level.

2. I think he will feel like received an achievement award when he received this t-shirt

romantic gifts for boyfriend t shirt

Best Boyfriend Ever T-Shirt

This t-shirt just state the fact, isn’t it? Now get one for him already!

3. Tell Him How Much You Love Him

romantic gifts for men

A Journal of Us

This journal contains a lot of sweet questions that help you create a love story in your own words.

It is a romantic gift for him to get to know you better. By the way, there are a lot of spaces for photos as well.

The content including the facts of life, it had to be you, we go together,  just the two of us, through the test of time, how we roll, can you imagine?

Get this journal for him.

4. Write letter for him that he will keep forever

letter gifts for boyfriend birthday

Letters To My Lover : Write Now, Read Later, Treasure Forever

I think this is a sweet gift that you can get for him on his birthday. Ask him to only read one leter each month so he can have a monthly surprise.

5. Never run out of topic with this gifts

birthday gifts for couple


I think this is a great gift for you to start a conversation with him. There are a lot of interesting questions that will help you get a deeper relationship.

This is a great gift for both of you to have a deeper understanding on each other.

6. Get this lovely free printables for him!

sentimental gifts for him free printable

Free Birthday Printable Bundle

He is going to have so much fun with the love coupon. This free printable include…

  • 10 free funny printable notes for your friends, husband, or boyfriend birthday
  • 4 free beautiful printable birthday tags
  • 12 free printable love coupon for his coming birthday + 12 empty template for you to add on yourself

Get it now here for free and I am sure he will love it.

7. One line a day

sweet birthday gifts for him

One Line A Day : A Five Year Memory book

It is hard to remember what happen every single day. This is a great journal that helps you to jot down the happy moment you’ve been through together for 5 years.

8. Let’s Travel and Relax With Him

romantic gift ideas for him

Go to the beach, have a massage, relax and enjoy the sunshine. Just the two of you and nobody else. Leave your phone in the hotel and ask him to do the same as well.

It is a great time to relax and communicate with him.

Have you heard before where people say travelling is the best way to get to know more about a person? Who know he might be your future husband.

9. Let’s Go For A Date Where You First Time Met Him

romantic gift ideas for boyfriend

Go to the restaurant where you had the first dinner together with him. That must be so nostalgic and I am sure both of you had a lot of conversation to catch up.

When my girlfriend and I is a just friend in the college, we often have lunch together in a nearby Thai food restaurant.

They serve really good food and it is pretty cheap as well.

A few years after we went back to the same restaurant to celebrate my birthday and I had a lot of fun remembering all the crazy stuff happened in the college.

10. Make a DIY Gifts For Him


I am still using the pillow my girlfriend made for me 4 years ago. I really appreciate the effort and time she spends to make that pillow.

Make something he will use every day such as scarves, beanie, sharpie mug with cheeky quote, hand warmers, pillow, leather wallet and many more.

I have a list of DIY gift for you do for him on this post : Ultimate List Of DIY Gifts For Boyfriend From Around The Web in One Place

11. Read This Book Together

romantic gift for boyfriend

Me Without You

This book contains a lot of interesting illustration that sums up the scenario that is incomplete without both of you.

It is sweet and romantic that should be read by both of you.

This New York Times bestselling book is a great gift as a reminder to him that you care about him.

I have read some of the reviews, one couple had a fight and she bought this for her boyfriend. Since then they realise the mistake and start appreciate each other.

This book really illustrate the small things that both of you to each other did without realising it. It is a cute little book that both of you will treasure together.

12. Naughty Coupon

romantic birthday gifts for him

Image Credit

This is a fun gift that is easy to make. Here is what I think he will like from a men’s perspective.

  • Feed me dessert completely naked
  • Have sex in the car
  • Lap dance wearing with lingerie of my choice
  • I help you to pick the new lingerie
  • Wake me up with blowjob tomorrow morning
  • Quickie
  • Massage
  • Striptease
  • Let me pick
  • Get naked and cook for me

And many more! Should you include an expiry date? It depends on you.

In fact, I have designed a cute printable coupon just for free. You can get it here.

13. Memory Jar

romantic gift for him

Image Credit

I am pretty sure both of you had a lot of sweet memories together. Why don’t write it down and put in a jar and only allow him to reach one each day? I am sure he will fell nostalgic about it.

You can write down the first time you kiss him, the moment you find him so funny, the time you fell in love with him, why you love him, his small little action that touched you, the restaurant where you had the first dinner with him as his girlfriend, your thought on the first time he approach you for phone number, the first time both of your travel together, the time both of you almost got caught having sex in the car, the time he help you through a tough time and there are so much more.

14. Make a Video to Surprise Him

romantic birthday gifts for men

Here is what you can do. Make a short video and tell him why you love him.

Tag him on Facebook, wish him a happy birthday and see his reaction by the time he found out this.

This is a very romantic and surprise gifts that you can get for your boyfriend birthday.

You can always set it to be view by him only if you are too shy to show it to other people.

15. Write Him A Letter and Post To Him

romantic birthday gift ideas for him

You can still post to him even both of you are staying together. That’s what I did for my girlfriend. She is so surprised when she received it.

Sending a letter might be outdated, but this gifts never gets old. Tell him why you love him, or “10 just because”.

Make sure he can read your handwriting though.

You know what’s her first reaction when she received the letter?

“She said who’s handwriting is this? It’s a mess”

And she almost cried when she found out I wrote that letter. Both of us laugh so hard after that.

Now it is your turn

I hope it helps you out to find ideas on what romantic gifts you should get for your boyfriend.

Do you have any friend who is looking for romantic gifts for their boyfriend? Share this gift ideas with them so they can find a gift that makes his boyfriend cry.

Share this gift ideas with them so they can find a romantic birthday gifts for boyfriend that makes his boyfriend cry.

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