Top 10 Personalized Gifts for Boyfriend That Will Amaze Him

Are you looking for personalized gifts for boyfriend?

You can easily found lots of personalized gifts for him if you try to search online.

But which one you should get for him?

In this article, I am going to recommend you 10 best personalized gifts for him from a men’s perspective.

Let’s carry on reading.

1. This is a great personalized gifts for boyfriend where you can engrave a message at the back of the keyboard


This keyboard is not just for decoration purpose. It is a functional wireless keyboard that actually works.

You can customize it with poems or any message you want to write for your boyfriend at the back of the keyword.

Each product is carefully made with the finest material they can find. Watch the guy from Unbox Therapy from the video above. It is an amazing present for your boyfriend.

2. Spreadshirt – Create Your Own T-Shirt

personalized gift for boyfriend


If you are looking for a personalized t-shirt, check out Spread Shirt to make your own t-shirt design.

Not only a t-shirt, you can also design your own tank top, hoodies, mug, cap or phone case for him.

Don’t worry if you don’t have design knowledge, they have a lot of ready-made design for you to get started. Besides, you can even upload a picture to make it as a t-shirt.

3. A Gifts in a Crates

personalized christmas gifts for boyfriend


These guys from Mancrates will send you a bunch of gift for your boyfriend in a crates (crowbar included) or ammo box.

It is a very interesting gift to get for him. You can choose from outdoor tools, food, drink and grilling stuff to include in the crate.

Besides, they provide personalized gifts as well where you can put his name on the product. It can be a great Christmas gifts as well.

4. Personalized Wallet

personalized boyfriend gifts


What I really like on this is that not only you can put initial on the wallet, you can choose if you want to include RFID as well.

For those who don’t know, RFID is actually a technology that prevent electronic pickpocketing from happening. Besides, there are a lot of wallet design you can choose to customize.

5. Bobblehead That Look Like Him or You…

personalized gift ideas for boyfriend

Personalized Bobblehead

Do you want him to have a good laugh? I think this gift will do that to him. Get a really nice of you and make a bobblehead of yourself.

He will definitely think of you whenever he saw “you” on the desk.

This bobblehead is made from clay which is great non-toxic material. This is one-of-a-kind personalized gift that he will definitely love.

6. Embossed Whisky Glass

personalized birthday gifts boyfriend

Handmade Whisky Glass

You can personalize three area on this whisky glass, one at the top, one towards the bottom of the design and the other one at the bottom of the glass.

Notice this glass is not etched, it is actually carved by the skilled artisan. That’s why you will see the design is raised from the glass surface.

I really like the design on this glass, it is so details and beautiful and I am sure your boyfriend will love this personalization gift as well.

7. Copper Foil Printed Poster

personalized gifts boyfriend

Peppa Penny Prints

This poster is actually made with real copper foil print. There are many background color to choose from as well.

I would suggest you to go for black background to make the copper foil stand out even more. You can customize any message that you prefer on the poster.

This is a great anniversary gifts for your boyfriend as well.

8. Personalized Cutting Board

boyfriend personalized gifts


I think this is the most creative personalized gift I have ever seen. I never thought of cutting board can be personalized.

Look how beautiful this cutting board is. You should definitely get this cutting board for your boyfriend if he loves to cook.

This cutting board is made from maple wood and carefully hand cut, hand sanded and hand oiled boards.

9. Custom Phone Case


My Custom Case

I found this company and I think they have done a great job on custom made phone case. They have a very easy navigation to make a personalized phone case.

There are a lot of beautiful design to choose from which is awesome. They have both Samsung and iPhone case for you to choose from.

10. Custom Controller

personalized gifts for boyfriends

The Controller Shop

Is your boyfriend love playing games? Then this controller will not disappoint him. There is a section will help you out with the design.

There are a lot of customisation can be made on the controller. You can even put his name on the controller.

A lot of graphics are so cool, I think there are people who collect this just like people collection shoes.

I hope I give you some ideas on what should you get for your boyfriend.

So you have any friend who is looking for personalized gifts for their boyfriend? Share this article with them so they know what to get for their boyfriend.

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