10 Best Handmade Present For Boyfriend That is Easy To Make

Handmade present for a boyfriend that I’ve come across is great if you’re feeling artistic and you want to make something as unique as your loved one.

Don’t worry if you haven’t done DIY projects before because here you’ll find something convenient for you. Well, ladies, let’s see how handy you are!

1. This handmade present for boyfriend that won’t burn his hand while enjoying his favorite coffee

handmade present for boyfriend

Leather Mug Jacket

What better way to keep his hands on safe than with this leather mug jacket. Buy material and start making this quite handy gift.

You can decorate it the way you want, so don’t be shy when comes to expressing your creativity.

Thanks to this leather jacket, he’ll enjoy the hot chocolate without burning his hands.

He’ll love seeing his favorite drinking jar dressed in this cool looking jacket.

2. Make this beautiful pendant light to light up his room

handmade present for boyfriend pendant lights


Wanna turn his home into romantic and delightful space? Then you’ll love this marvelous jar lighting project.

Although the project is simple, the result is absolutely stunning. The unique and warm design of these lights will forever change his home.

The lights will bring calmness and love into his home. The magic will be everywhere around him!

3. Are both of you living together? Then this board is an awesome gift for both of you

handmade present for boyfriend home organiser

Man Made

If the two of you are living together, this is just the perfect project to do as a team. Not only will you have a lot of fun making this home organizer, but you’ll also appreciate the versatility of this gift.

It literally has all you need to make your home neat and perfectly ordered. To do lists, bills, important messages – everything will be in one place so both of you can have access to that what you need.

4. This leather card holder that he can use everyday

handmade present for boyfriend card holder

Caila Made

Why not make him something that he can use every day? This project is simple and it won’t take you a lot of time.

The stylish leather holder will be an ideal place to keep his credit cards and cash on safe.

Due to its convenient size, he can place it in the pocket of his jacket, or even in the pocket of his jeans. Either way, he won’t even notice it’s there.

5. It will be really sweet if both of you can grow a plant together

handmade present for boyfriend book planter

Green Wedding Shoes

If you’re feeling really creative today, and you want to make him a romantic gift, this is just the perfect project for you.

I bet you’ve never heard of book planter and let alone make one, but it’s never too late to try something new.

Made from an old book, this gift is a charming and subtle way to show him your love.

6. Make this awesome no-sew leather case for him

handmade present for boyfriend leather case

Man Made

If you always wanted to surprise him with a leather tool holder, but you didn’t have time for hand sewing, I have great news for you!

This project doesn’t require any sewing, so you can finally make him a tool holder.

Made of leather, this holder is very durable. While the folding design is very appealing and practical, the protective package will keep the tools safe and sound.

He’ll love the fact that his tools are perfectly organized (Thank God!).

7. Make this crate for him and make sure to include his favorite bourbon

handmade present for boyfriend whiskey crate

Man Made

So, Christmas is getting close and you still haven’t found a worthwhile gift for your guy? How about this one?

For a guy who appreciates vintage inspired gifts. Make an authentic, old-fashioned crate where he can keep a bottle of his favorite Scotch.

That this gift is more than just a practical item, proves its attention-grabbing design. It will definitely add an elegant touch to his room.

8. This beautiful wood grain flask is so easy to make and he will love it for sure

handmade present for boyfriend flask

Almost Makes Perfect

What will keep him warm during these freezing days, when you aren’t around? His favorite Scotch served from this personalized flask, of course.

This project is super easy to make so you don’t have to be very skillful to do it properly.

He’ll carry the flask with pride, and who wouldn’t?

9. Tie clip that he will use everyday

handmade present for boyfriend tie clip

Man Made

One of most popular handmade Christmas gifts for boyfriends is definitely this personalized tie clip.

The project is a breeze to make, and he’ll certainly love the fact that you alone made him a gift.

This charming clip will certainly add a nice, sophisticated touch to his tie.

This gift proves that elegance lies in simplicity!

10. Leather tool roll

handmade present for boyfriend leather tool roll

Caila Made

If you want more handmade gift ideas for your boyfriend, I have something for you. Like every other man, he also needs some help when comes to organizing his tools.

You can make him a couple of these leather tool rolls so that every item can have its own place.

Just don’t forget to mark them or to use different colors, so he can easily differentiate them.

Which one of the above are you getting for him?

So, there you have it. A list of cute handmade gifts for your boyfriend that are just the perfect excuse to surprise him.

Hopefully, you’ll have a lot of fun doing these projects. Don’t hesitate to share this article with others.

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