5 Simple Gifts For The Man Who Has Everything and Wants Nothing

Are you looking for gifts for the man who has everything and wants nothing?

As I grew older, I am on my way to become that guy too.

Don’t worry, he might not “want” anything on his birthday, christmas or valentines day.

But he can never ignore the human “need”. Something that he cannot live without.

What are those things that he can’t live without?

Keep on reading.

1. Artisan Beer is a great gifts for man who has everything and wants nothing


You can buy him a dozen of normal beer and if you have a little more budget, go get some artisan beer.

Here is list of beer you can get him online :

  • Craft Beer Kings – They have lots of craft beer for you to choose
  • Craft Beer Online – Craft beer from New Zealand
  • Eebria – You can get a keg for him in Eeberia if you want him to get drunk everyday
  • Craft Shack – You can find premium craft beer in Craft Shack
  • Honest Brew – Get 6 sample from Honest Brew, create his flavour profile then they will tailor 12 different craft beer for him monthly
  • Beer Hawk – Too much selection and Not sure which beer to buy for him? Then you should definitely check out Beer Hawk

2. Jerky – Who doesn’t like jerky?


Who doesn’t like jerky? If he is a gym freak then he might hate this one.

But it’s jerky! Who resist that?

You can throw him a jerky theme party on his birthday. Thats going to be so cool.

Here are a list of jerky you can get online :

  • Climax Jerky – They have properly categorised each jerky for your from buffalo to gluten free jerky
  • Gary West – Their beef jerky, elk jerky and buffalo jerky are produced by hand and they have done it since 1966
  • Meat Snacks Shop – You can find any jerky here delivered all over the EU.
  • Jeronimo Jerky – Online Jerky store delivered in the Australia

3. Tickets to His Favourite Sports Team or Concert


It is always fun to watch their favourite sports on television. It could be better if he can watch it live.

He love Beyonce? or Adele? Bring him to their concert.

Try this, you could never go wrong.

4. Experience


Get him to learn something new or let him try something he never experience before.

  • Roller Coaster
  • Rent a Ferrari for him to drive around
  • Go for a scuba diving
  • Travel to the place he never been before
  • Splurge him and yourself to go to a fine dinner
  • Throw a party and invite all his friends

Some of the gifts doesn’t even cost a fortune.

5. Giving – Do something nice to do society


Give him the money that you plan to buy him a present then ask him to use that money to buy a coffee to the homeless.

Have you heard of giving is happier than receiving? It is true.

I once bought a cup of coffee for a street artist. In return he sing a song for me and gave me a big hug.

That’s really made my gloomy day lighten up.

Or maybe you can help him donate on his behalf. There are a lot of organisation out there doing awesome work.

Unicef – Helping children who need help

Charity Water – They provided safe water for the people in need. You can help him start a fund raising on their website and ask his friends to donate the money they plan to buy gifts for him on his birthday. He got everything anyway.

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust – You can foster baby rhino and elephant in Sheldrick Trust.

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