16 Best Gifts For Music Lovers That He Secretly Want on His Birthday

Are you looking for a gift for music lovers that his birthday is coming soon?

I know it is not an easy task because you won’t be clicking into this article if it is easy. I know your frustration.

But not worry.

Let me show you 15 music gifts ideas you can buy for him.

Keep on reading.

1. This high fidelity earplug is an awesome gifts for music lovers that love going to concert

vibes earplug for music lover

Vibes High Fidelity Earplugs

Does he love going to concert? Then this earplug is definitely a great gift for him to enjoy the live music.

This earplug is designed to reduce noise and make his experience more enjoyable while listening to music.

2. Vinyl Player


Electrohome Wellington Wood Vinyl Player

He can listen to his favourite vinyl and tune into his favourite radio AM/FM. There is a USB port in this vinyl player as well so he can listen to any songs that he like through his phone and tablet.

He can also record any vinyl into his USB drive without connecting to his computer.

There is a “Diamond tipped” ceramic needle provide a better audio performance with a warm and natural tone.

I am going to share this on facebook and cheekily ask my friend to tag my girlfriend. It is a beautiful present for music lover.

3. Beatles Vinyl


Abbey Road

What better way to feel the music than with this remarkable Abbey Road Vinyl? It makes a perfect gift for him because he will have the sensational experience listening to this amazing piece of art. It’s time to have a glass of wine, play this vinyl and simply drift off to the world of Beatles.

4. Vinyl Case


Crosley Record Carrier Case

Does he have a remarkable collection of only the best albums? Then this gift would be just what he needs to keep his albums in one place.

No need to worry if they will be safe, because there is a chrome snap closure and corner guards. Moreover, the handle is sturdy and carrying around will be easy.

5. Wireless Sennheiser Headphone


Sennheiser Wireless Headphone

This wireless headphone looks ugly but with over 9000++ good reviews in Amazon??

Now he can listen to his favorite porn music with a clear quality sound. Perfect gifts for men who love music.

Okay, I am not going to wait for my my girlfriend to buy this on my birthday, I am going to get it for myself now.

6. Gold Capo


Guitar Capo Deluxe For Guitar

Does he enjoy playing guitar to you? Well, we have a perfect gift that will make playing more interesting. With this Guitar Capo, he will be able to release and reposition with just one hand and all that without disturbing tuning. Instructions are included. It’s time for him to play your favorite songs.

7. Beautiful Sennheiser Headphone


Sennheiser Overhead Earphones

Does he like spending the evenings listening to his favorite music? Then we have something that will make his eyes glisten with joy- Over-Ear Headphones.

Thanks to its lightweight and luxurious earpads, he can enjoy the music as long as he wants, because the ears won’t feel fatigue. Headphones are compatible with every audio device.

8. Cassette USB Stick

Mixtape 1GB Memory Stick

I got an idea, why don’t put all his favourite songs in this USB?

He is going to love this sweet little surprise when he find out whats inside.

9. Amazon Echo


Amazon Echo

He can listen to spotify or itunes with this. He can even set up alarm with this thing.

There are a lot of function in this cylinder shape thing.

Head over to Amazon in this button below and find out more.

10. Seagate External Hardrive


Seagate Portable External Hardrive

I believe he got a lot of music, live concert and pictures of him with his favourite musicians.

11. Beats Solo Wireless Headphone


Beats Wireless Headphone

If he likes running and he needs wireless headphones so he can completely enjoy the breeze on his face, we have a perfect solution for him.

These Wireless Headphones will enable him to enjoy both running and listening to music, due to its Fine-tuned acoustics that brings balance and clarity. Moreover, the battery is long-lasting and it will hold up to 12 hours.

12. Subwoofer

gifts for music lovers subwoofer

Polk Audio 10 Inch Subwoofer

Is he throwing a birthday party and you’re looking for a gift that will make that day even more special? Then stop searching right now, because here you have the right thing for that wonderful day.

This Subwoofer will bring that party to another level and everyone will feel the beat. The sound will be spectacular due to the Laser-based Klipper Measurement Technology. Without a doubt, that party will be something that people will talk about for a very long time.

13. Vintage Microphone


Capsule Condenser Microphone

Does he enjoy singing and he always gives you a magical performance in the style of Michael Jackson? Here we have a remarkable Microphone that will make him as famous as his role model.

He will be motivated to sing like never before and he will practice day and night so you will be proud of him. It’s time to dominate the lane and to show the talent to others.

14. Hola Ukelele


Hola Deluxe Tanor Ukulele

Does he enjoy trying out new things? This Ukulele will definitely be a challenge for him and it will keep him up all night until he learns how to play it.

After that, he will give you a small concert to show you how much you mean to him. This gift is just perfect for any music lover.

15. CD Storage


Atlantic Rotating Cube Storage Tower

I don’t think music lover will ever have enough of storage to store his CD. This 4 tier rotating cube should be enough for his music collection.

16. Acoustic Guitar Case


Gearlux Hardshell Guitar Case

Just like a guy who own 50 pairs of sneakers. One case is never enough for a guy who loves guitar.

These are just a suggestion. You don’t have to buy the exact gift I have shown here. Maybe you can buy him a trumpet case if he doesn’t have a guitar?

Share these awesome gift ideas with your friends so they can find the best gift for music lover.

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