11 Best Gifts For Airplane Lovers That They Will Definitely Love

Looking for gifts for airplane lovers?

Don’t you just love airplanes? I’ve always been fascinated by their beauty and size.

They are so perfect and fearless.

If your friend, father or spouse feels the same about airplanes or he’s a pilot, this article is for you.

These gifts below that you’re about to read are a perfect way to make his day special.

1. I think he never fly a paper plane with his smartphone before. This is an unique gifts for airplane lovers

gifts for airplane lovers paper airplane

Power Up Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane

One of the best gifts for airplane enthusiasts that you’ll find is this smartphone-controlled paper airplane.

If he has never had the opportunity to control paper airplane by his smartphone, now is the perfect time for that.

He’ll definitely have a lot of fun learning how to maneuver his little toy.

2. He is going to learn to fold all kinds of airplane now

gifts for airplane lovers airplane fold book

The New World Champion Paper Airplane Book

If he loves making paper airplanes, this gift is just perfect for his birthday.

Why be satisfied with average paper airplanes, when he can learn how to make the best paper airplanes?

There is no limitation, so he can let his creativity lead him to greatest heights.

This remarkable collection of designs and theories will definitely take his skills at a whole another level.

3. This aviator sunglasses that looks good on almost everyone

gifts for airplane lovers aviator sunglasses

Rayban Aviator Sunglasses

Looking for cool airplane gifts for your boyfriend?

Then this one is just the thing you need to make his day. The Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses will make him feel like a pilot.

Their unique look will add a nice touch to his outfit while their eyes will be safe because there is a UV protection coating. He’ll see the world from a different perspective!

4. This beautiful wall decor that hangs his leather jacket

gifts for airplane lovers propeller decor

Vintage Hand Sculpted 6ft Flight Propeller

There may be a number of airplane gifts for pilots, but only a few are as unique as this one.

Vintage Flight Propeller is a perfect gift for your favorite pilot that will remind him of gorgeous old models.

He will be more than happy to have this hand-made piece of art in his room so he can admire it day and night.

5. This coaster that made from nickel

gifts for airplane lovers coaster

Godinger Silver Art Airplane Coaster

Since Christmas is getting close, you’re probably wondering what to buy for your dearest pilot? Well, these coasters of course!

Not only him but also his table will be thankful for this gift.

The set of 4 airplane coasters will keep his table tidy so no more irritating stains that wet glasses leave.

These coasters make a perfect stocking stuffer.

6. I think it would be so cool to have this engine in his house

gifts for airplane lovers engine model

V-8 Engine Plastic Model Kit

When you’re a pilot all you can think about are airplanes and their parts.

If your loved one is one of those passionate pilots, this engine model kit will be a perfect gift for him.

Since he probably wants to know everything about airplanes, he’ll enjoy assembling this engine.

He can place it on his desk or on a bookshelf. Either way, it will look terrific and everyone would love it. Instructions are included.

7. This wall clock is definitely going to compliment his room decor

gifts for airplane lovers wall clock

Trintec Altimeter Wall Clock

Want more airplane gifts for a dad? How about something practical? This wall clock is inspired by cockpit instrument thus it’s perfect for any airplane lover.

Because of its black color and unique design, it will complement the look of his living room, adding a nice, simple touch.

He just needs to put 1 AA battery and enjoy the ticking sound.

8. This vintage tin sign

gifts for airplane lovers tin sign

Airplanes Ride Tin Sign

Finding unique airplane gifts for your favorite pilot can be exhausting, but I’m here to help you out.

Whether you’re looking a birthday or Christmas gift, with this authentic airplane rides metal sign you just can’t be mistaken.

The fine quality graphics and vivid colors make this gift perfect for any setting.

No need to worry if he can hang it on the wall, because there are pre-drilled holes.

9. Aviation watch

gifts for airplane lovers aviation watch

Garmin D2 Pilot Watch

Flying from a place to place every day, certainly isn’t as interesting as you might think it is.

He must have caught himself wondering has he switched fuel tanks or what time zone it is.

Buy him this pilot’s watch so he can never think about that anymore! With this watch, he can set a reminder so he doesn’t forget about switching fuel tanks, and thanks to multiple time zones, he’ll always know what time is it.

10. Playing video games will never be the same again

gifts for airplane lovers game controller

Saitek Flight Control System

One of most popular airplane gifts for him is this flight control system, perfect for any avid airplane lover.

This joystick will fit his hands perfectly since he can move the lower shelf up and down.

Although he can adjust the power on the throttle stick, the best part is that X52 can be customized in both software and hardware.

He’ll love the accuracy and smoothness of his flights.

11. Let’s see how far this can fly

gifts for airplane lovers fly plane

Be Amazing : “Push Prop” Plane

What a better gift for your dearest airplane lover, than this model kit? He’ll enjoy assembling this airplane, but what’s he’ll enjoy even more is the first flight.

With lots of details, great propellors, and great drive mechanism, this gift will is just irreplaceable.

So which gifts are you getting for airplane lovers?

Now that you have these ideas, why not choose the best one? Whether your favorite airplane lover is your dad, spouse or a friend, you’ll surely find a suitable gift for them.

Buy him a perfect gift and watch his eyes glisten with joy.

It feels so good when you make another person happy, doesn’t it?

Feel free to share these ideas with those who also need help with buying gifts for airplane lovers.

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